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  1. Hopefully they wait until Liverpool are one win away from the title and then cancel the season. Unlikely, but would be bloody hilarious.
  2. I don't think the players seem to take the no handshake rule very seriously. Before the game they seem to but after the final whistle on Saturday they were shaking hands, hugging each other, swapping shirts like no tomorrow.
  3. Why's everyone worried about Carroll? Unsurprisingly, he's out injured for at least another two weeks.
  4. To be fair, we'd probably get more atmosphere from the half dozen ball boys behind the goal than we normally do from the Chapel.
  5. Good Saints performances but lots of chances missed. I think we all know which way this is going...
  6. ------------------McCarthy------------------- -JWP-----Stephens------Yoshi----Bertrand- -Armstrong---PEH---Romeu------Djenepo- --------------Ings----Adams--------------- If they go full strength I think they'll have too much for us as it's their biggest chance of success. 2-1 Spurs, sadly.
  7. McCarthy - Competent Gunn - Sh*te Cedric - Sh*te Valery - Sh*te this season but don't want to dismiss him yet as he's still young. Will be 1st choice RB when we go down Yoshida - Sh*te Vestergaard - Sh*te Stephens - Sh*te Bednarek - A little bit less sh*te than the others but still sh*te Danso - N/A, hasn't played in his actual position yet to be able to judge Bertrand - Competent Romeu - Competent Hojbjerg - Competent JWP - Competent Armstrong - Sh*te Djenepo - Good Boufal - Good Redmond - Good Ings - Good Adams - Not good enough for the Prem so sh*te I guess Long - Sh*te Obafemi - Sh*te
  8. Hopefully the Everton that played the last 2 seasons at St Mary's turn up. Probably 2 of the worst performances (the first in particular) you're ever likely to see from an away side. I suspect it'll be: --------------------McCarthy---------------- --Valery--Bednarek--JV--Stephens--Hoj-- --------- Romeu---Armstrong--JWP---- -----------Redmond-----Ings----------- Would prefer Djenepo to start over JWP/Armstrong but can't see us sacrificing a midfield man considering how weak we are at full-back. Entertaining game, 2-1 Saints or 2-2.
  9. Yeah, you don't get it. Plus, he's literally said he's going full strength. We went strong in the last round v Fulham which is a clear indication we're going to take the cup games seriously so why we would suddenly make loads of changes for the first game against our biggest rivals for 7 years?
  10. Get Boufal/Djenepo on Diego Rico. Guy is a liability and about their 4th choice left-back. Expect a high scoring affair again as I can't see us keeping Wilson and Fraser quiet but we should have enough to damage their backline with all the injuries they have. Just hoping for no new injuries and a positive performance to take into the big one next Tuesday.
  11. He's saving his first goal for those dirty skate b@stards. Oh how sweet it will be....
  12. Track the man with the ball. LW v RB - so James was his man. If someone else makes a decoy run, then that's whoever should be tracking back's responsibility. I'm not taking away anything from the finish, but Cedric has to get much tighter and let the manager blast whoever should have been picking up the decoy (Mata?).
  13. Drop us an email mate - jlambden@hotmail.co.uk
  14. Not sure how to PM but I am interested.
  15. Reading 4th? I don't like them being from round those parts but above Spurs and the bin dippers?!
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