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  1. Well it was, considering Valery was the only cover.
  2. Truth is, without Stuart Armstrong we create little to nothing. Redmond, Elyounoussi and Djenepo are not good enough for this level. The former two slow the game down too much and the latter has no end product once he skips past a man. As a collective unit we lack belief in front of our own fans and wouldn't surprise me at all if we ended up with more points on the road than at home because our style (whatever it actually is) seems to suit it much more. Added in that our set-pieces have been terrible for ages now and it's little wonder we aren't much of a goal threat. Ruling next w
  3. It's hilarious how insecure you are.
  4. How on earth can that fat fuck Jon Moss think that’s not a penalty after looking at it again? Another one that shouldn’t be anywhere near a Premier League game.
  5. One game at a time. We’re capable of beating anyone in the league on our day (which we’ve proven several times now) but also capable of losing to anyone in embarrassingly bad fashion. Let’s get through the cup game in midweek and then go from there because, let’s be honest, we’ve our best strength in depth for years now to actually make a decent run a cup competition so shouldn’t dismiss that.
  6. Needs to improve his forward passing but he looks a top player. Composed, good in the air/one on one battles for the ball and a real calming influence. Had Antonio in his pocket all game, until he switched over to be on Stephens’ side who equally dealt with him well. Yellow card at the end was nonsense - he won the ball. Will only get better.
  7. We actually gave one of the worst players I’ve ever seen in a Saints shirt a contract to help ‘mentor’ the youngsters. We really don’t help ourselves sometimes!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tguvObwKp7Y 20 seconds in. But please, do go on....
  9. Too erratic, too much of a headless chicken and too much diving. Good at pressing which is probably why he gets so much undeserved game time under Ralph but ultimately, he's not good enough or ever likely to be.
  10. Not unless he can play in goal too.
  11. I would start KWP at right-back for this one. Saint-Maximin plays on the left of the front two and I'd prefer his experience over Tino in that one-on-one duel.
  12. Mike Dean's on VAR so put your mortgage on a Newcastle penalty or a Saints red card.
  13. I think you mean the EFL Cup @SuperSAINT. The EFL Trophy is that competition shite teams in League One and below like Pompey enter
  14. Calf niggle according to Solent. Credit where it's due, thought we were good today. Sure, the odd lapse of concentration and sloppiness in possession but no more so than United in the second half who I thought were pretty awful. Soft goal to concede and looked all over the shop from defensive set-pieces in the first half but Bednarek helped us with that in the second 45. What I liked most was how forceful we were in the tackle and we made some tactical fouls when we needed to (Djenepo first half and Salisu second half, both v Pogba) to stop breakaways, which we've not been clever/c
  15. Let's be honest what will happen on Sunday - the queues will be horrendous building up to kick-off and the checks will just be abandoned to get everyone in for kick-off.
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