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  1. I actually thought he had a good game today, barring that 1 on 1 miss.
  2. I was behind Ralph before today but his team selection and subs were unforgivable to be honest. He won't get sacked but if we start poorly next season then who knows.
  3. We need to bin him off immediately. He's abolutely dross.
  4. McCarthy; KWP, Stephens, Vestergaard, Salisu; JWP, Armstrong; Djenepo, Tella; Adams, Ings. Subs: Forster, Bednarek, Ferry, Diallo, Romeu, Minamino, Redmond, Walcott, Obafemi.
  5. Yeah I'd imagine this is the case
  6. Very solid display today. Armstrong, JWP, KWP & Adams stood out and I thought the defence was ok, especially Stephens. Minamino and Redmond don't offer anywhere near enough for me. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Tella next season though. He looks like a real talent.
  7. Forster; KWP, Stephens, Vestergaard, Salisu; JWP, Armstrong; Tella, Redmond; Adams, Ings. Subs: McCarthy, Ramsay, Ferry, Jankewitz, Diallo, Minamino, Djenepo, Walcott, Obafemi.
  8. Would definitely like to see Salisu replace Bednarek for the last few games.
  9. I agree. Obviously we would have to do our best to replace Ings with someone else who is a better finisher than Adams.
  10. Terrible today. Send him back.
  11. Thought Adams was quality tonight. Looks a lot better when Ings is playing.
  12. Forster; KWP, Salisu, Vestergaard, Stephens; JWP, Jankewitz; Armstrong, Tella; Ings, Obafemi. Subs: McCarthy, Bednarek, Ramsay, Ferry, Diallo, Djenepo, Minamino, Redmond, Adams.
  13. I'd agree with this. Ralph clearly has his faults and he seems to have lost the plot a little but if we're being honest the squad is very average.
  14. Forster; KWP, Vestergaard, Salisu, Bertrand; Jankewitz, JWP, Tella, Armstrong; Adams, Ings. Subs: McCarthy, Bednarek, Stephens, Ferry, Diallo, Djenepo, Minamino, Walcott, Redmond. Bednarek needs a game or two away from the starting 11 and Diallo has been very poor lately. I'd also bring Adams back in for Redmond who has reverted back to his usual self.
  15. Just a pathetic performance really. I'd rather we'd just gone for it and lost 2 or 3-1. It's a one off game FFS. Go for the win. Seems like we were scared to lose.
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