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  1. Vokins almost had a very good assist when Adams should have scored.
  2. Impressed me much more than Chauke tbh.
  3. Forster, Valery, Stephens, Bednarek, Vokins, Diallo/JWP, Chauke, Ferry, Walcott/Armstrong, Adams, N'Lundulu.
  4. After tonight I'd go with.. Forster; Valery, Bednarek, Tchaptchet, Vokins, Chauke, Diallo, Armstrong, Walcott, Adams, N'Lundulu. We can't risk anymore injuries to key players yet we need to put a team out that can win the game. I'd rather Armstrong didn't play but I can't really see an alternative.
  5. Maybe I was slightly harsh and had the second half fresh in my mind. Yes first half we we played well - Theo and Adams linked up well in particular. At the end of the day Leicester are a top 4 team now and we are behind them in that respect, so today's result isn't exactly surprising, especially given our limited options.
  6. Stephens and KWP were awful tonight. The rest weren't much better. Although I did think Bertrand had a decent game. Long shouldn't even be in consideration for Tuesday night, even League 1 is above his level.
  7. It's not fake news as I'm not talking about the premier league - I know full well they have different rules to everyone else. I presume Shrewsbury are following the rules that the Government use - the rules that I outlined above. As I said, as long as you are not showing signs of illness then you're unlikely to be contagious after 10 days, hence why you are allowed to come out of isolation without a negative test. The Premier League only do this because they have to be ultra safe and have enough resources to give multiple tests. It is very confusing when there is one rule for
  8. As long as the 10 day isolation period has been completed and there is no fever present then there is no need to get another test other than for peace of mind. The chances of being contagious after this period are extremely low and it seems like this is where false positives are being picked up. Hence why the originally positive Shrewsbury players do not have to receive a negative test before they are cleared to play.
  9. He hasn't looked like scoring but correct me if I'm wrong, he's come on as a sub against Man City and Liverpool this season. Not exactly the easiest of games to make a goal scoring impression. He actually held it up quite well when he came on against Liverpool - more than can be said of Shane Long against Fulham where the ball just wouldn't stick. Might as well blood a youngster rather than persist with someone who turns in poor performances every time he's given a chance. Sounds like Redmond has a hamstring injury caused by an ongoing problem with his Hips.
  10. I'd start N'Lundulu up top with Adams - He impressed me when he came on against Liverpool. I'd also keep Walcott out wide to offer a bit of pace as I think we'd be a bit one dimensional if we had Diallo and Armstrong in those positions.
  11. Can only see us having to sell a couple of key players in the summer. I think it'll most likely be Ings and Vestergaard. Providing JV keeps up his good form, I'd like to think we could get £50 million for the two. The fact the owner contributes absolutely nothing and the wages are so high compared to our revenue, this was always going to happen - especially when you're in the midst of a pandemic.
  12. The wages to turnover ratio is 90% so no wonder we're strugglong to meet Danny's wage demands.
  13. Do Shrewsbury have a competitive reserve or youth team?
  14. McCarthy, KWP, Bednarek, Stephens, Bertrand, Diallo, JWP, Armstrong, Walcott, Adams, Ings. Subs: Forster, Salisu, Valery, Vokins, Romeu, Smallbone, Tella, N'Lundulu, Long. Obviously McCarthy, Romeu and Salisu's inclusions are dependent on whether they've recovered in time. Presume Vestergaard and Redmond will still be out.
  15. Looking at the fixture list, there's no way they could fit this in before the start of the 4th round.
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