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  1. I'm always an optimistic fan but don't let's get to silly !!! 😏😉.
  2. So in reply to the header...where's our next clean sheet going to come from.... certainly answered today against West Ham. Defence looked solid , Salisu and Stephens good partnership, McCarthy looked decent, its goals we need.
  3. I was there in the 60s when Dennis Hollywood taught George Best how to hurdle !!!! Nostalgia eh !!
  4. I was there for 6-3 win, Oct 96 but it was the previous April the grey shirt fiasco and that was a 3-1 win for us. Won many a bet with people getting the 2 games mixed up. Never thought a Saints supporter on our own forum would make that mistake though
  5. Having trouble getting my oap discount. Got charged the full whack for tickets, didn't notice until the confirmation email came through. Two seasons ago no problem , it was automatic. They obviously think I've got younger .Will give the ticket office a buzz Monday and get a tenner back, hopefully. Any other old timers had a problem ?
  6. The disappointing home defeats you completely obliterate then ?
  7. Thanks nta, was starting to get a bit worried about proof of history if asked
  8. Just logged on to the official site and I notice my previous purchase history has disappeared. Previously you could trace it back years all tickets that had been bought. Some of the early games in the season occasionally require proof of purchase history from previous seasons. Anyone else noticed strange things with their IT club account set up.
  9. Really, what game you watching then
  10. Well, I didn't think Liverpool team looked that bad but hopefully you're right , 3-0 to Saints.
  11. No brainer, get him on a free, we know all about him, he loves Southampton, no real risk unlike one or two of our signings in the past, wouldn't think he will want silly money . 2 year contract at the most though and he finishes his career where he started. His pace still unsettles opposition defence even if his final ball can be a bit iffy at times. I imagine he would also be a great asset in the changing room giving young lads advice , he seems the type.
  12. You could be right, I'm still reminiscing from 1976
  13. Hopefully 10 years from now we will have a thread on here reminiscing about the day we beat Man City at Wembley to win the FA Cup, what were we doing that day, where did we watch it with all the restrictions, ........or am I getting carried away a bit ?
  14. That's what we need more of, positivity 🙄😏
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