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  1. Sorry mate I just thinks it too early after one game to be too negative. I didn’t think we were that bad today. But, as you say, it’s all about opinions 😉
  2. Yep, first game of the season, let’s all wet the bed
  3. We weren’t utterly dreadful for fucks sake
  4. HedgeEnder


    Since when has driving to test your eyesight ever been ok? Surely the last thing you’d want to do is drive a car with dodgy eyes, particularly with a young child in the back.
  5. HedgeEnder


    We all had slightly different symptoms. I was the only one to lose both taste and smell, my partner lost taste only. Two of my other mates didn’t get much of a temperature but had a cough and felt wiped out for two weeks. My other half is still ill and has just been sent home from work today after feeling shivery and weak. She also has a headache above one of her eyes which I’ve read is another symptom.
  6. HedgeEnder


    We were in Les Gets, my mate has an apartment there.
  7. HedgeEnder


    Sorry Shurlock wanted to send you a PM but couldn’t work out how to. Thanks for asking after my well-being, really appreciated.
  8. HedgeEnder


    Developed a cough but wasn’t a dry cough as has been reported but a chesty cough. Got a fever after day 2 which came and went for about 7-8 days. There were 4 of us on the skiing trip (the weekend France locked down) and we all became ill within 24 hours of getting home. All of our partners then became ill and my mates wife was taken to hospital on Friday because she was so ill and tested positive for Covid 19. My parter is still weak and short of breath after 14 days. Believe me people this is a very strange disease unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Stay safe.
  9. HedgeEnder


    My symptoms lasted for 12 days. Temperature up and down and lost sense of taste and smell for 5 days. Felt completely wiped out and even now still short of breath. Caught it on skiing holiday in France.
  10. Okay Baz no worries. If anyone has a spare (u18 or adult) I’m still interested. Contact hedgeender1976@outlook.com
  11. And a dual carriageway is 2 lanes not 3 so there are a lot less vehicles on the road.
  12. HedgeEnder


    I did the same - still waiting for a reply
  13. Is it something I can put in my mouth?
  14. Same here, nice looking ground but utterly soulless and terrible atmosphere. Tuesday night at Fratton Park was a proper way day.
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