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  1. Mine too. Going by the performances without him and our emerging talent, I’m more than happy about that too.
  2. Neither have really stood out for me so far. Both have shown glimpses of good play. So I can only go by my gut feeling at this moment. And that would be Adams. I would like to see him play after scoring a goal and being released from that hampering mindset. Long term though, I think both, could, if they keep applying and pushing themselves, become high quality players.
  3. Would welcome Maya back so we can give him the round of applause of appreciation his respect and attitude deserve. All the best for the future Maya.
  4. I found a decent stream. Well, decent as in the quality of the stream, not the quality of our football!
  5. Does anyone have a Now TV code they don't want/need please?
  6. If anybody has a code that doesn't need it, feel free to message me the code. Got Now TV but no code! That would be really appreciated.
  7. Are we playing rush goalie for this one?! 😂🤣😂
  8. What a great man. Didn't need to do this, and include former clubs, but class shows. All the best for the future.
  9. Really like the new site. Looks good and easy to use with some great features. Thank you for your hard work!
  10. I was just airing my thoughts. So that would be two nations then in a multi nation competition. Kind of backs up my thoughts. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
  11. The only outcome of trying to finish this season would be that the champions of the league would be confirmed. As the leagues below have stopped, and probably will be cancelled, there would be no promotion into the Premier League. With that being the case, the ‘relegated’ teams from this year probably wouldn’t actually be related to the Championship. Having to play the rest of the game in sterile, neutral grounds, would still probably mean lots of lawsuits as it wouldn’t be the product advertised in the way the contract would expect. As most of the European leagues have cancelled this season, I expect that when the new season starts, it would be stipulated that the teams playing in European competitions would be the same teams as this year, for the above reason that most European leagues were cancelled. So we would still have lawsuits, no relegation or promotion, the European competitions would start afresh with this seasons teams playing again and potentially players/staff could get infected and pass it onto to someone who consequently falls very ill or worse, all so this league can finish to, probably, award Liverpool the title. Not worth it. Cancel it like Europe. Start at the same time when we can with the other leagues in Europe. Same fixture list. Same teams in Europe.
  12. My thoughts to you and your family and affected people you all know. Will raise a glass to you all and others that are suffering right now.
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