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  1. I’ve thought the same for a while. Not so much the fitness, but maybe brain fog? His decision making seems way off pace for me.
  2. The Nelly is still going last time I was there. The Drummond had gone and the Malt and Hops has too, or is for sale now.
  3. And drinking in The Nelson in Hythe and getting the ferry over to the game!
  4. If I was Ralf, I’d have said to the ref at half time, that after the game he’s going to complain and highlight his performance to the governing body. Criminal a ref can be so biased. May have made him re-think about the second half. Wishful thinking I know.
  5. Definitely said 4-2-2-2-2 on the pitch side. Recorded it 😂. Last post of the day so.......Come on you Saints!!!!!
  6. I could be wrong and be MLG’d but I think he meant we haven’t won away to Arsenal in the Premier League?
  7. And a pundit at the stadium just said we’re playing a 4-2-2-2-2 formation. Sounds good to me!
  8. Keeping the fans away from the players warming up? Seeing players running to the fans after scoring and being so close whilst shouting/cheering at high volume seems a bit silly too?! Especially as many weren’t wearing their masks properly.
  9. So close. I had 7 minutes 41 seconds in my sweepstake.
  10. Think the amount is due to social distancing. Doubt you could keep 2000 fans at Eastleigh all 2 metres apart?
  11. It’s not about the looks. It keeps our pubes trimmed 😂
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