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  1. Anyone managed to log in successfully? Saints have sent me a password but the BT FAQs say you need a username and password. I’m having trouble guessing what the username might be - just been locked out.
  2. I agree that any players taking a huge wage cut and being furloughed are probably entitled to a free transfer. That rules out most of the players - but perhaps not all, given our ‘excellent’ transfer record in recent years....
  3. An observation - seems like a disproportionately high number on English players.
  4. If he did last two and a half seasons I think that would make him just about the Longest serving manager since Chris Nichol!
  5. From memory (“you are the ref” and similar) an indirect free kick from inside the six yard box is taken from the six yard line.
  6. Travelling upon the saints coach with my son. Only done this twice before: Man Utd 0 Saints 1 Swansea 0 Saints 1
  7. And the 40 year assessment period plucked from thin air happens to just exclude an actual cup win.
  8. The cup is as good as ours.
  9. Does anyone know - if I buy tickets for friends and family (spurs away) will their tickets get posted to me or them? Thanks
  10. Pretty sure it was the season before this one that we went 20 games without a win. But, to be fair to Chris, we were also top of the league early in on that previous season and finished strongly. The season with the Swindon win was one of our best ever I think. You’re right that the next one wasn’t as good. In retrospect Nichol was a really good manager whose main problem was following on from an all time great.
  11. The bend on that free kick from MLT - must be one of (even) his best. What a find!
  12. Brilliant - thanks for posting. I did try to find highlights before posting the OP. I wasn’t even sure it was on TV.
  13. League cup Southampton 0 Swindon 2 HT Bruise Brothers Shearer and Ruddock subbed on Southampton 2 Swindon 2 FT Southampton 4 Swindon 2 AET Great night.
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