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  1. From what I've read there are plenty of cheap tickets available: £5 tickets on sale in the student's union type thing. But it's a big ground and people only have so much time and money. Plus there's plenty of wary older supporters there as well.
  2. FFS don't tell him that McBurnie cost Sheffield something like £20m (editor, please check!) and that he played in the top division last season. You'll give Lyanco a fit of the giggles and then he'll be useless..
  3. You mean they are still in the closet? 🙂 I find a limited and judicious use of the ignore function is beneficial..
  4. Hmm, interesting.. "While the first-team have gone 357 minutes without finding the back of the net, this fixture also finished goalless." No prizes for guessing who wrote it.
  5. Old arguments or old trolls.. some of them are really obsessed about certain subjects, as you can see here. 🙂
  6. Bearsy, who allowed _you_ back?!? Did you know there have been sequels to Fifty Shades..? No, I don't why know either.
  7. Aaargh! I've got cramp. Toe-curling cramp. There is a place for AI after all, or maybe a single monkey with a typewriter..
  8. I read that another club with ownership issues, Newcastle, have been giving out tickets to local clubs and schools. Maybe we'll resort to that? As Saint Garrett said there are probably a number of reasons but I reckon pricing, performances and habit in that order, with Covid for the older cohort. I'm a pensioner too and will continue to go but may avoid crowded pre-match pubs as winter draws in..
  9. I see the usual suspects are responsible for the flurry of complaints above about women's football coverage. If they were really 'meh' about it they'd not think it worth saying anything about it, but they do, gawd, they do. Anyway, I only came on here to wonder whether Jankewitz will get any minutes for Young Boys against Manchester United tonight? 😉
  10. I'm fine with no vaccine passports: my issue is with people who won't take the vaccine (can't is another issue). My mum has just come out of hospital and for most of the time she was in isolation and getting very down, having probably been in contact with someone in A&E where it's more difficult to control. The hospital were obviously taking the issue seriously even if a lot of other people now aren't, and the numbers still don't look good.
  11. I'd prefer it if Pep gave him a kick in the shins before the game: or at least a lesson on shooting and not coming inside..
  12. What about being tested: would you agree to that? Or do you not want to do anything about other people's health and their concerns? It's not surprising there were gaps yesterday if people consider others a risk. As it happens I didn't think the atmosphere too bad, and the whole ground was singing at times. The couple next to me visiting from Norn Ireland were certainly making a decent noise too. Given the moans about our defence recently, and the way we have been bullied by West Ham in the recent past I thought the approach was valid, and we certainly had the better chances: Redmond
  13. I'm not sure if Turkish works hard to be the poster he is or maybe it just comes naturally. Best if you don't quote him though..😉 As with all stats they can be interpreted in different ways, but this is interesting and if nothing else is a useful pub conversation topic! Thanks..
  14. Nothing I can really disagree with here regarding the goalkeeping situation, although smaller goals wouldn't be a solution for many practical reasons. I've played in goal, reserve keeper for one team as I was tall, and even had specific coaching from a specialised coach, but that was in another country and is unusual at our level. It's often the case in the bottom of the pyramid where I play that it is really difficult to get keepers, and you can tell sometimes that the regular keeper is not available! Finding someone who _wants_ to play in goal is a challenge, and yep, they are often qui
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