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  1. Nah, I normally agree with your analyses, but on that bit I disagree: he got his head to a few vital balls and I thought at the time that he was better than Cedric in that respect. He might not be the be all and end all, but in the last few games he's certainly looked a lot better and may be worth keeping. I didn't think that earlier in the season.
  2. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to see Southampton win ...at home?!! I think my heart rate is slowly going back to normal after that second half..
  3. I see no mention of large private yachts: it's not happening..
  4. What _is_ the penalty for sexual assault? I'm only following the game on a MBM, but what is the prognosis for Citeh's performance against us on Sunday? On a short high, on the beach?
  5. Is that because he doesn't take our penalties or we just haven't had any?! I don't recall the last one we got this season. Having said that, if he is in line for the GB perhaps he'll take them IF we manage to get any in the last few games.
  6. Fair enough, but I think the issue is that there aren't any "sterile" areas with our defence. There's a palpable lack of confidence and rather than do anything they just shift the responsibility to somebody else who is probably in a worse position. Decision making seems to be delayed and/or telegraphed as well leading to the sort of incidents you shouldn't see from highly paid professionals. As for PEH, I'm sure he's not trying to put other teams off or even trying to reduce Saint's asking price, (and I remember you, Andy Townsend, back in the day..) but I don't think he is as good as his own opinion of himself. His inability to turn and offer another way out of awkward situations other than a back pass hasn't just been observed by Saints fans!
  7. The number of times we've effed up back passes. it's the one area where your average Sunday football keeper doesn't make mistakes, and the fact that a highly paid professional pats a five yard pass like that defies belief.
  8. Sure, she was parked on a hard surface but in the shade. The point being that she's never seen 40 displayed before and thought it worthy of note.
  9. My friend has just sent me a photograph of the temperature on her van display: 41! Where are you working at themoment, I asked? Southampton..
  10. I suspect most would prefer the dild* brothers to go down?
  11. Having a brief look at the training pics for clues, is it just me or does Boufal look to have a bit of excess stomach on him?
  12. Did Rallyboy make it across, we've been missing his er.. perspective recently?
  13. I've just had a glass of wine with my Sunday dinner, so in a spirit of relaxed flippancy, and with the idea stimulated by reading the MBM report on tonights game, what sound effects should we have at St Marys for this game? Our most impressive feature is when we get the whole ground singing OWTS, so surely they must have a recording of that to hear once or twice?
  14. i believe RH was telling him to look up more, and if you look at our third goal that is exactly what he does and picks out Redmond. We should all remember he's not the finished article but signs like that are promising and that he's learning.
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