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  1. I think most of us are probably quite pleased that Ings and JWP weren't associated with yesterday's disjointed c**p and are getting a bit of much needed R&R. Plus a bit of a confidence boost for Adams (although his finishing still needs work). It's not that either would have made any difference, but you sit there thinking they couldn't do worse, and the free kicks would at least beat the first man..
  2. But Gordon Banks was better than both of them.. Naughty Cat, you know how easy it is to get CB going!
  3. So he did.. He made a valid point about his finishing, but really?
  4. I went to watch this game round aged mum - that wan't really an option for me, unfortunately.
  5. He'd be better of gauging the reaction of the prospective managers before making their names public! It's all highly amusing though and takes our mind off our own desperate signing attempts.
  6. I like a bit of fresh Mack rill.. cheers! Seems highly plausible.. 🙂
  7. According to The News: "Pompey have today completed the landmark purchase of the Roko training facility. The Blues have acquired the freehold for the Hilsea facility and its surrounding land - which is believed means they will own their own training facility for the first time." One of the comments below says "Great news, can’t wait to see the negative spins on this one……". OK, I'll start. Why didn't they get it when they had Premier money? Is it because this is a different club?
  8. I agree with The Cat's point. Sims and Hesketh had the skills but not the physicality. He'll make a career in the game but not at the top level.
  9. Could people not quote Turkish please. There is a reason I have him (and only him) blocked on here. He's a nasty piece of work.
  10. In my women's team in training I tell the shorter defenders you can still stop runs and jumpers if you get close and awkward. Cedric never seemed to whereas KWP does much better! As to our high defensive line, I used to cringe too but, as you say, it was actually very successful.
  11. We sold cakes at one of the clubs I played for. Nobody fancied my flapjacks though.. 😞
  12. Actually that's not as good a clue as you think given Manchester Utd and Liverpool were leveraged buyouts too and major investments like that are often with borrowed money. That said, no I don't reckon he's got much money either..
  13. Is that wise where Southgate is concerned? Anyway, TAA is now definitely out so we'll soon see..
  14. Fortunately I only read him when somebody quotes him or I forget to sign in. I've never seen so many likes as on your post!
  15. Tabloid world. See also 'war chest'. Never seen in any other context..
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