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  1. Really? I thought they'd be blaming Redmond. Two scapegoats perhaps - a surfeit of choices which will confuse some of them. All we need is for Jankewitz to be sent off again! :-)
  2. So did I, but I'm pretty certain I was under the East Stand.. My memory of John McGrath, apart from his ability to clear the ball over the stands was wondering whether he modeled himself on Desperate Dan, or vice versa..
  3. That was a hard watch, and not just the dodgy stream.. After they'd equalised I steeled myself for Chelsea getting a winner so pleased with the one. Salisu occasionally looks a bit casual but he's going to be an asset. Djenepo my MoM, both for effort and for results. Good goal from us, lovely through ball by Redmond and excellent finish, although some of Minamino's passing didn't look up to scratch. As somebody else commented, off 29 points at last..
  4. LOL. We understand, we're Saints fans too. That bench is looking a lot stronger now. I suspect Redmond keeps his place as he's such a confidence player and there were a few signs in the last game of better positional play - he just needs to improve his finishing.
  5. Personal question Chez... are you old enough..? I've reached the age where I'm surprised that in 1976 many people posting here weren't born!
  6. Ooo. I've been MLG'd by Trousers.! But like Sheaf Saint I'm feeling more positive, not to say a little bit tipsy, so I can magnanimously* wave a hand and say 'whateves'. * did I really spell that correctly without checking? I deserve another beer, time for a Proper Job, I feel..
  7. This board keeps on posting little series of duplicate posts - most odd. For a debut I thought Salisu did very well particularly when he's been out so long and never even played in this league before. A few dodgy moments, which is hardly surprising but isn't it great to have a CB with some pace?! Have to disagree with you there Vectis. Nobody had a bad game, Armstrong was my MoM, but it was also good to see Tella's coolness for his assist. To save me going off on an internet search, when is the next round?
  8. It worked! Hic.. Plus the added advantage of being a bit more zen throughout the game..
  9. Yes, I agree, but once the bandwagon rolls on here he'd have to score a double hat-trick to convince the doubters. FWIW I think he's been better today, trying to drive forward and make things happen, which was the criticism last time. He's kept the ball OK too, when he's been in tight corners. As to that chance, it was almost behind him. I think he could do a whole lot better, but if Adams comes on we'll be moaning about his lack of a left foot. I don't mind criticism and I can groan with the best of them at a bad play, but I try and give credit where it's due.
  10. Well, I've started! A quaffing Moretti to start but ales to follow.. Salisu!! Trousers will be pleased. 🙂 Let's hope Redmond brings his confidence along..
  11. The last few games watched on dodgy streams I've promised myself a drink at the end but then been too bleh and all desire had passed. Tonight I'm thinking of changing my approach and starting the game half cut, a bit like my normal pre-match pub anaesthesia when going to St. Marys. Wonder if it will work...
  12. Well, at least I've had one laugh today!
  13. And I'd make stronger tackles! You have to if you play 5-a-side against Rallyboy!
  14. I was just skimming the posts and for a very brief moment I went 'sh*t' in the thoughts that that was a list of our injuries...
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