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  1. Crikey, we are all depressed, aren't we, if the build up thread has only just been posted. Lawrenson's analysis may be crap, but so are Saints at the moment and I'm not feeling very optimistic, particularly as I can now make the pub to watch the game. I feel we're a couple of injuries from disaster, and if 'Arry Redknapp made the comment now - 'bare bones' - I'd feel for once he was being accurate. Surely we must strengthen our midfield before the window closes? Doesn't Gao realise it'll be even more of a fire sale if we get relegated?
  2. Wasn't6 it just! Just got in from training, found a link, found we were 1-0 down then that. You could see it all happening in slow motion.
  3. But as a realistic poster you know we won't, indeed can't, for what we're prepared to spend. It's a shame, as I was always optimistic when he was on the pitch even if I was generally disappointed..
  4. Does too! Just not in association football..
  5. I agree with this, and as Stevy points out he was unlucky with injuries last season. Also I don't think 'not a bit part role' means starting every game, but more not 'only considered when we're desperate'. i don't think he's fit for today, is he? Which would rather illustrate the problem.
  6. I see what you mean. Short staccato sentences. written with a 12 year old's vocabulary. Not a bright one.
  7. These summarise it for me. The Bordeaux experience doesn't bode well either.
  8. Yeah, load the debt back on to the club.. Not even Gao's excuse of trying to get his money out of China.
  9. I know, Saturday night! I feel guilty already but off to source a hazmat suit.
  10. Just put my head round the door of one of the village pubs as I cycled back from the allotment: they will have it on but can't guarantee a place due to current rules.. Think I'll risk it..
  11. Didn't he have injuries last season which was why he was eased back in with subs appearances? RH sees him every day in training and can see the attitude and skills so if he wants him he must have confidence in him.
  12. My recollection of Keane is just being a violent thug. Would that be a fair view?
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