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  1. suewhistle

    Site issues

    Perhaps we were subject to a Pompey Denial of service attack? Corp Ho with a pair of nips.. Seems ok this morning but has been unusable. Tweak away Steve!
  2. For some reason seeing Harrogate in the league makes me think of away fans taking Betty's! I've been a few times to the town as a friend lived there and got the train to Leeds (I think) to watch Saints. It's not your typical gritty northern town so it'll be interesting to see how they do.
  3. I used to kick a ball around with a lad from down my road when I was young and he was the only Brentford supporter I ever knew. Just had a quick look on-line - still going and now a cricket coach so I'll plump for Brentford for old times sake. Never did make it to those 4 pubs though..
  4. I went along on a Sunday morning to watch a friend and got roped in to running the line. I gave a goal against my friend's team when the ball went over the line in a goalmouth scramble and the ref was unsighted. There was a massive shout of appeal and they all looked at me. I think everybody was a bit surprised when I pointed to the centre circle. My only ever MOTM! 🙂
  5. suewhistle


    I know Saints wanted to keep the KWP deal separate, or so it was reported, but perhaps we should link them if it gives us some leverage. We can then say to PEH: "well, we would have let you go but Mr Levy obviously didn't want you that much as he keeps making impossible demands"..
  6. That was good. A table to myself at one of the village pubs and 4 pints. My consumption has rather been concentrated over the past few weeks but the diet starts now.. Renewing my season ticket is not such an issue now in terms of the football (the lockdown is another matter). I thought Che's goals were excellent: true strikers' goals. Romeu a revelation, Vestergard a constant worry but decent moments, Redmond best game in a while - got to the byline, a delicious nutmeg etc., Smallbone got some unwarranted grief in the match thread - he's young and inexperienced against a robust SU side but otherwise he possesses the basics to be a decent addition to the squad. I'd prefer to see JWP in a more advanced role, but everywhere he plays he's reliable. KWP must be bought if he can maintain that form. No sign of PEH but he can drop down to Everton if he wishes..:-) I appear to have some left over prosecco from last night. Any further posts may be less coherent..
  7. suewhistle

    Adam Lallana

    Hmm, not sure I'd agree with this bit. Cost me a fortune over the years. At least three pints worth this afternoon alone, if I can get the pub to show Sky channel 145...
  8. Ah, good point Mack. Social bubbles an' all that..
  9. I must admit I'm f 'n worried..
  10. Golf and Wales, I believe..
  11. Yes, but gets tiresome pretty soon..The trouble is that trolls like Glasgow spoil it for everyone, and render us cynical when new posters turn up..
  12. Well, our game won't be a priority for TV, that's for sure!
  13. I see Tyreke Johnson scored a nice goal.
  14. suewhistle

    Le Havre

    I was wondering about going over for the women's world cup there but couldn't get a ticket, and didn't want to risk going over there on spec and getting a ticket locally, which is often possible at these events. It would be easy enough to do without a car which would keep the cost down: the stadium is on the main road out of town and we pass it every year on our way skiing, but it's no great distance. Le Havre was battered during the war and it has been rebuilt like Southampton but without the charm and the walls.. 😉 If you did take a car there are some more attractive places around - Honfleur on the south side of the estuary for example. It's not a bad idea for a long weekend. The slow overnight ferry is comfortable if you get a cabin and you get in about 8.30/9, but not sure of the return timetable as we normally return via Caen which gets us into Portsmouth early evening. PS: we're starting a reserve team this year, not sure where you're working these days but any materiel going spare?:-)
  15. Right, so who's going on the pitch at the end. Obviously a bit more of a challenge this year...
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