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  1. True, and although I like Armstrong I can't help feeling Covid has taken the edge off his game, although you'd assume the sports science staff would be keeping an eye on his basic health and stats. But I didn't bother to comment on the match reaction thread as the point had already been made: Long and Cavani..
  2. Yes, I like him too but the moment that turnover occurred I thought 'oh no', and these incidents do colour your views. Just a bit too ambitious in the wrong place, but it's not a fundamental weakness. The fact that many of us are both happy and disappointed with the draw does indicate progress is being made!
  3. Traore is worrying. We have a very attacking bench.
  4. Ta! It was a sort of rhetorical question. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or do you mean to my first question!!? (another rhetorical...) I'm happy enough with that: he's not bad defensively and wonderfully unpredictable going forward..
  5. Covid? Sulking? Injury? Don't know why I'm posting this with 4 minutes to go but will it be Djenepo or Nduludu...?
  6. Good summary. Saved me some typing!
  7. I'll ask on behalf of Trousers because he's shy: does that mean Salisu is fit?
  8. And FT...? Don't leave us hanging; some of us get all our Portsmouth news from this thread..
  9. Basically this, and too stupid to realise that language is important, and revealed his underlying attitudes. Being gay is a "life choice", really? He said a womenโ€™s coach had told him that the lack of womenโ€™s goalkeepers was due to girls not liking the ball being kicked at them. Why even mention that, even if it were true? About the only cliched attitude he didn't express was that most women footballers are lesbian.. ๐Ÿ˜€
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/nov/12/football-greed-vanity-narcissism-pointless-friendlies Good article which S-Clarke has already summed up with 'WTF'..
  11. That would make sense and I'm sure they have the technical resources to identify the source of the problems. Nothing wrong with being strong _and_ flexible. The body is a strange complicated thing: I once got Achilles tendonitis due to running with an uneven pelvic girdle and the cure was a regular specific stretching exercise. Let's hope the solution for Djenepo is as simple. Lots of players can do flicks in training but to have the confidence and execute it so well in a match was just delicious.
  12. Well, as long as I have the personal liberty to call GM an utter loon I'll be fine. Presumably he posts this tripe on a football forum as nobody else will let him..
  13. Isn't he just! Mind you, the whole paper has gone down market and right-wing over the years. I read it when I'm screwing up pages scrounged from a bin when laying the fire in my wood-burner and I noticed one columnist saying about Trump 'three years of foreign policy and economic successes before being hit by Covid' (a slight paraphrase)!
  14. I'd rather get Havant and Waterlooville than Portsmouth in the cup. They've got a longer history! Plus it's my nearest football ground and they deserve the money more.
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