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  1. Yep, rubber moulded are far safer and get used a lot at our level, particularly when we play on 3/4G sometimes. But I do have metal screw-ins for occasional use and I keep a piece of fine sandpaper in my bag just in case any burrs occur. As Whitey says, the nylon ones could end up nasty.
  2. If you did one for the last match I don't think you have to do it again..
  3. Trains from the East OK, I'm relieved to say. Costs a bit more mind, due to more beers.. Pre-match pre-med probably needed more today with City's form at the moment..
  4. Blimey! A new positive Charlie Wayman n'all! 😉
  5. Can you try via a desktop and then print it out? That's what I've done and it saves a lot of inconvenient stabbing at a phone screen when there's poor reception..
  6. 2-2 in the end, WBA equalized on 90... sounds familiar?
  7. Lots of noisy discussion on possible formations here in the pub..
  8. Headscratching here but no doubt in the Brentford camp as well..
  9. Just noticed that the KO is 19.45 not 20.00 so an extra 15 minutes to get back to the station. In the Brighton direction the last train is 10.21 or 10.26 (there appear to be two!) but slightly worried about covid staff issues.. Last 8 o'clock match with loads of extra time I was on the front row by the whistle then a fast jog to the station, but I'd rather be more relaxed about it!
  10. What time do the morning's covid test results come through! When is the decision deadline from the league? How will Kegs do against Brentford? So many questions!
  11. Ha! I'm lesbian my dear, and if you want to see various phobias in operation you really should look at the threads Turkish starts or comments on in The Lounge. Fortunately these days I miss most of the details if I'm logged on but see enough to know he's still at it. Seeing his 'like' for you amuses me highly.
  12. Are you gay, Lord D? Not an issue for me, obviously, but I used to crew on a yacht with a gay guy like you. Not his boat fortunately, but he had the same knee jerk reaction to any female he came across in any situation. As for the game, some resilience from Saints. Valery really should know better even if the second foul and booking was a soft one. Stuart Armstrong still not 100% fit, Shane Long still showing he has value for the team, Romeu a bit slack with his passing occasionally and as ever we really should finish our chances. As somebody who was there when Hughie Fisher scored
  13. My niece supports the Us, she is rather pleased.. 😉
  14. There's no dichotomy, it's generating justification in their own minds and elsewhere that their targeting is legitimate and justified. Boris Johnson was telling lies in Parliament yesterday, which is nothing new, but you won't find that in The Mail. The Daily Telegraph, based on my newsfeed is a constant stream of "evil EU, particularly France" stories - it really is unremitting. As for a subsequent poster "far left politics on most media platforms", it probably explains why I ignore his posts on football matters too.
  15. Well, judging how scared the BBC are of offending the Tory government, and the latter's attempts to put poodles in charge, and how uncritical the Daily Mail is of Boris Johnson can I suggest two candidates?
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