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  1. How many times does the guy get dribbled past? Can barely remember him getting beaten. His positional awareness is outstanding and is a massive upgrade on Vestergaard
  2. Looked that way, seemed like Salisu was gesturing towards McCarthy after Dan James put the ball wide.
  3. Djenepo is our only attacking player who has the ability to go past players with a bit of imagination. Yes his end product has been very poor but he certainly has more about him than the others.
  4. Not sure if it's been mentioned as can't be bothered to go through all the posts but how poor has JWP been this season?
  5. Broja is already our best striker, that's pretty obvious to see. He should go straight into the side next week. Pretty average display from everyone else apart from the centre backs and McCarthy who looked solid for a change.
  6. Our centre backs always struggle against Antonio but especially Stephens as he just isn't physical enough.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if it's a recurrence of the knee injury he sustained in pre season. Not sure he's actually been 100% fit so far.
  8. Forster; Livramento, Stephens, Salisu, KWP; Romeu, JWP; Elyounoussi, Tella; Adams, Armstrong. Subs: McCarthy, Bednarek, Perraud, Valery, Diallo, Djenepo, Redmond, Walcott, Broja.
  9. Forster, KWP, Bednarek, Salisu, Perraud, Romeu, JWP, S.Armstrong, Tella, Adams, A.Armstrong.
  10. With the way Livramento went past numerous Everton players in the first half today I'd say yes he could.
  11. Terrible decision maker, terrible communicator, terrible shot stopper. Time for Forster.
  12. Have you even watched him or are you just making that assumption based on how he looks? He would be our best defender on the ball IMO. He has some very good attributes (passing, heading, positioning) he's just very slow.
  13. Forster; KWP, Bednarek, Salisu, Perraud; Romeu, JWP; Armstrong, Walcott; Adams, Tella. Subs: McCarthy, Stephens, Livramento, Diallo, Djenepo, Elyounoussi, Redmond, Broja, Armstrong. Forster should start off as number 1.. generally the defence looks a lot more settled with him behind them. Obviously Diallo instead of JWP if he isn't fit enough to play. I'd stick the two new strikers on the bench to start with - a bench that would actually look quite handy for a change.
  14. Indeed, just means the recruitment is going to have to be spot on.
  15. I'd try and sell him now whilst we can. We'd then have £55-60 million in sales from the summer. You'd like to think we would re-invest most of that on at least 3 new players (Striker, CB & CM)
  16. Fair enough, you are free to believe what you want. All I am doing is relaying what I've heard from a very genuine source. Although you seem to get your knickers in a twist as soon as someone posts something you don't want to hear.
  17. They've just signed Buendia and Bailey, both players would immediately improve our starting 11.
  18. Yes, if you actually read the thread properly.
  19. He must've changed his mind quite recently then...
  20. Very good display so far. Adams, Tella, Djenepo, Redmond and Armstrong all looking great. Shane Long still as poor as ever though. How this guy is still playing for us I'll never know.
  21. His agent has already held "discussions" with Villa...
  22. See my post earlier in the thread (think it was last month) It's come from a source who is close to his family. As I previously said, I do not think he would force a move. If he did go though he would increase his wages and improve his chances of an England call up for the World Cup, as well join an ambitious club looking to qualify for Europe this season. A fair few reasons to go, IMO.
  23. He is interested in the move. I know this for sure.
  24. Having seen him play here and there, his style of play is actually quite similar to Ings (obviously not at the same level).
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