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  1. A player who has been out on loan and had a handful of games in his years at the club doesn't really need replacing. Jankewitz is basically his replacement already. I would rather keep Reed to replace Hojberg and use all of his transfer money elsewhere but £8million is a decent chunk to add onto the £13million we'll have leftover from Hojberg/KWP. If the money for Salisu is already accounted for then that gives us £21million to spend elsewhere.
  2. Saint_clark


    For a player we clearly want? They aren't going to bend over and give him to us for nothing. £12million for a starting premier league English rightback under 25 is a very good price in this day and age.
  3. Can we get a Twitter style blue tick next to people's names for verified ITKs? Or maybe a halo above their profile picture?
  4. Saint_clark


    That would honestly be a stunning piece of business.
  5. That was a typo, my source has confirmed that his mother intended there to be two "m"s.
  6. Next step towards "B" teams playing in the football league.
  7. Don't worry Matthew, one day they'll figure out how to programme a sense of humour into your AI.
  8. Any reason in particular you rate him so highly? I never heard of him till we were linked.
  9. I've been told this one is done and will be announced soon.
  10. That video is full of bog standard saves and a few - like the second one - that were piss poor. That was straight at him and could have easily gone in or fell to a striker to tap in.
  11. Was about to say the same thing, Semmens has explicitly said that we'll be treating KWP and Hojberg as separate deals. I guess it's possible that Spurs have dug their heels in though and said we don't get Kyle if they don't get Pierre - just because we want to do things the right way doesn't mean they do.
  12. Unless we tell him he's in our plans and Fulham don't get promoted, in which case he may turn them down.
  13. Is anyone advocating for changing too much? Most of what I see is people saying to get rid of the high earners out on loan, sign KWP, a CB (two if Vestergard goes) and a CM to replace Hojberg. Four additions (three of which are actually just replacements) isn't that crazy.
  14. Saint_clark


    Let's hope one of the other European clubs are in Europa or Champions League so he can justify going for money without looking a twat.
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