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  1. Well bugger me I was wrong, club announced him as joining the B team programme. Signings at centreback still required then.
  2. I bet you a million pounds he doesn't go out on loan.
  3. There's no way Simeu has left being Chelsea's reserve captain to play in our reserves, SNSUN. He's here to push for first team games.
  4. Obafemi looked sharp. Would like to see him get more game time this season, I think there's a good player in there.
  5. So less than a year after we were trying to turn the under 23s into "more of a B team", we announce we're signing Lancashire as we try to turn out B team into "more of a reserve team".
  6. I had no problem with it being added as its definitely a highly skilled activity, and certainly can be more entertaining than the likes of dressage, but I was expecting the people competing to be a bit...well...better.
  7. Wouldn't the "experience" that Lancashire is supposed to bring that he can tell the lads about be better learnt as actual experience out on loan in the lower leagues?
  8. Which of their youth team players who were shit, got dumped early on and spent a career in the lower leagues have they hired then?
  9. You've all convinced me. I am now very excited that Ollie Lancashire is the shining beacon of hope to lead our youth players into careers of diving into tackles too early, getting turned easily and misjudging the flights of crosses as they sail over his head.
  10. I get the concept behind it but ffs of all the players we could have picked. Bring back Wayne Thomas, Chris Perry, Danny Butterfield, Michael Svensson, so many brilliant defensive players for us over the years. I think it shows a lack of belief and ambition from himself as well that at 32 - not especially old for a centreback - he'd rather play the odd game in our reserves than be an experienced leader for a lower league team.
  11. Saints have signed Ollie Lancashire back as defensive back up. Great signing.
  12. The defensive reinforcement we needed.
  13. I know he gets a lot of assists, but he also got 23 goals last season, someone else must have assisted those ffs.
  14. I think Ings would back himself to score that many in a team with Spurs creative ability.
  15. We sold Safri!? I thought he was working his way back to full fitness
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