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  1. If he had sent Bednarek off, could VAR have overturned it then...?
  2. Playing on the left he is constantly playing with his back to goal, looking for the sideways or backwards pass instead of running down the line. For the love of God, get him on the right wing and get him crossing the ball from the byline for Ings, Adams and Long. Every single time he's played on the right wing he's looked so much more dangerous.
  3. 50 points has to be the target from here out and that would be a great season to be honest.
  4. Now we're watching a balloon float away rather than the actual game.
  5. He got the ball you fat fucking skate cunt!!!!
  6. Good spot. Cheating, match given to us.
  7. It's ridiculous. So the decision is that it's a yellow card when it wasn't even a foul.
  8. The only reason that isn't given as a red is because they know Bednarek got the ball. Absurd.
  9. Ref is clueless. BEDNAREK GOT THE BALL.
  10. Forward players making runs ignored repeatedly in favour of passing back to the keeper. Fuck sake.
  11. Where the hell is Adams going in the build up to that Ings chance? Literally running away from goal as it goes into the box.
  12. Amazon cut away from the game to look at the bench/individual players far too often.
  13. Seen those given many a time, completely ignored by everyone in the stadium today though.
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