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  1. Saint_clark


    Offer him to Spurs for £10million and KWP.
  2. Why are you telling me like i'm racially abusing people 😂 There is a huge difference between institutional racism and people being individually racist. It's an important distinction to make, not just "ok whatever". My point is that the responsibility is on the individual committing the act and each act should be dealt with separately - it's not my responsibility to feel guilty, "check my privilege" or make any kind of effort to change anything because of someone else's ignorance.
  3. Ramirez got a red card for exactly that a few seasons ago for fuck sake!!
  4. More injury time at the end now...get up Kyle mate...
  5. Eh? Because he's staying disciplined?
  6. Toughest one I've seen, him McCarthy Ings Bednarek Walker Peters could all get it.
  7. You can tell they've got their hands lubed up in preparation.
  8. Why did Bertrand let that go for a corner???
  9. What the fuck are we doing at the back 🤦‍♂️
  10. Not sure about Djenepo now. He takes more risks but what we want this to keep the ball more often.
  11. De bruyne and foden coming on 🤦‍♂️
  12. Ings was on for a simple pass to put him through, but ward Prowse shits himself and we go all the way back to the keeper, boot it long and give it away.
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