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  1. You caught me out, I haven't really given you much attention in that time.
  2. I've always said this. An extra tenner on top that goes directly to the sponsor to have a shirt with no logo on.
  3. Tip them for relegation next season with the salary cap coming in and most of their players out of contract anyway. They'll be scrambling to put a squad together cheaply in time to start the new season, with no cohesion or knowledge of the tactics required.
  4. Yes please, just to hear Dave Merrington say his name. It would be like a sound effect for sinking into mud.
  5. Much like the league one sash, this will be good to have a season of reinventing the squad and giving us a new identity after years of struggling.
  6. Away to Chelsea was also a great example of Obafemi showing what he could potentially do...that flick you talk about is in this game but funnily enough, it's Obafemi that does it not Adams.
  7. Up until the City game surely you had yet to see what the fuss was with him? It's not an either or scenario anyway, we'll be keeping both (possibly loaning Obafemi out, but only if we sign another striker - he gets a lot of gametime).
  8. Once again Saints have launched the kit in an ingenious way.
  9. He should be our number one target in the summer. Reminds me so much of Tadic.
  10. If we do get an offer for Ings that we can't turn down, we should nab Pukki from Norwich.
  11. Saint_clark


    Can't even say Delph is a more experienced premier league player as JWP has played nearly 50 games more. Side note, JWP is on course to potentially make over 500 Premier League appearances for us if he stays his whole career and we don't go down...possibly putting him in the top 10 for all time Prem appearances. Nuts really if it happens.
  12. Saint_clark


    I hate the argument about freekicks about him missing loads. No player in history has scored more freekicks than they've missed.
  13. Saint_clark


    Only one year left on Hojbergs contract, we'd be lucky to get £20million for him therefore my valuation of KWP is only £10million itself.
  14. Saint_clark


    Offer him to Spurs for £10million and KWP.
  15. Why are you telling me like i'm racially abusing people 😂 There is a huge difference between institutional racism and people being individually racist. It's an important distinction to make, not just "ok whatever". My point is that the responsibility is on the individual committing the act and each act should be dealt with separately - it's not my responsibility to feel guilty, "check my privilege" or make any kind of effort to change anything because of someone else's ignorance.
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