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  1. Good point, hadn't thought of it that way.
  2. Proper amount at the funeral itself isn't it? What happened outside the venue is essentially people just lining the street, whilst socially distanced, which would be allowed.
  3. Neither me or him have said it's OK, just that they're addressing the problem as if it's one thing when it's another. If social media companies put instant IP bans on anyone posting racist abuse and eliminate it, will we then be satisfied or will someone tweeting abuse of a non-racial variety get the same treatment?
  4. He was 100% onside and you could see that from the first angle ffs. I don't give a flying fig what his leading hand might be doing, he was onside.
  5. If you're purely using goals conceded as a metric, sure.
  6. Thing is it's not a problem with racism, the problem is the subset of utter wankers who love nothing more than spending time on social media abusing people. They'll use anything they can to get a reaction - I'd wager that people like Aguero or De Gea get just as much abuse as Rashford or Pogba, it's just largely ignored.
  7. Ings has been fucking wank as well.
  8. Sure fire way to get to the cup final.
  9. Wrong, they quite clearly didn't give a fuck in the first half and to be honest neither did I, when you have a semi final coming up and we're safe who cares.
  10. Fucking hell Redmond how much time do you want to get the shot away in and around the box?
  11. Redmond should have shot first time there.
  12. Deliberate stamp on the back of his foot for fuck sake!!!
  13. Ings down in the box, let's have a penalty please.
  14. Kicking the shit out of Ings, fuck right off with that.
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