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  1. This is another good point. It's where the ball is when the incident happens, not where the incident itself occurred, and we had the ball out on the wing at the time.
  2. It would be mental to drop Ings, whatever he says he'll be wanting to push as hard as he can for the golden boot.
  3. Good spot on the rule about incidents in the box, however...
  4. He's shown that he links up better, in his general play and the assists he's got with not simple passes. Adams on the other hand has repeatedly over hit passes, taken the wrong option, not made the run when players were about to play it into space...he just doesn't look on the same frequency as the rest of the team. I completely disagree that he's shown more intelligence and works smart compared to Long. When Long came on today he won the flick on in the air and won us freekicks on a couple of occasions, and as I already said Adams doesn't seem to make intelligent runs or know where/when his teammates are going to pass it.
  5. Scoring goals at a Premier League level with very little professional experience is what most of the fuss is.
  6. It doesn't feel like that long ago for me that Koeman left. Its been a long time really but it still only feels like a blip.
  7. Even though we've literally seen Obafemi do everything better than Adams and at a younger age? He links up better, gets assists and can put it in the net.
  8. Other than the 10 minutes after their first goal we were the better team, albeit with them looking more dangerous on the break - but with a front three like that who is surprised.
  9. Still rather Obafemi.
  10. That's the 5 minutes, will he give more for United?
  11. Bloke on the crowd noise still spamming that same United chants 😂
  12. How is it their freekick?????? We had the ball!!!!!
  13. Sky not telling us how much added time there is so the ref can get away with not playing the full amount after this.
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