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  1. Could be saving a fair bit on wages given who we've released and loaned out.
  2. Worryingly the club seem to have said they don't think the targets go far enough. I don't like these kind of quota ideas.
  3. Was about to say Allan is playing better in CM so far but then realised that point would be a bit lost as Romeu and JWP just dominated the midfield playing against him, Doucoure and Sigurdsson. Other than the shot that hit the bar, those three had no impact on the game at all.
  4. Images and embedded videos aren't loading at all for me on mobile, just blank spaces in posts.
  5. Another thing about the red card, KWP did very well to maintain his composure there as if I had been on the receiving end of that challenge and ended up with Dignes face inches from my boot I think the temptation to kick out would have been too great.
  6. Redmond man of the match??????? Did he sleep through the game??????
  7. Doesn't think theres anything malicious in a challenge after the ball had gone?
  8. So this is Ralph's plan, if you're winning keep your subs to time waste 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. It's bizarre. If you can't give playing time to your reserves when you're crusing against 10 men, then they're constantly going to be under pressure as the only time you bring them on is when they need to provide something to help you turn a game around.
  10. Fuck sake Redmond...I'd love to know what positive contribution Ralph sees that outweighs the amount of times he's given it away, blasted it wide or over the bar or slowed down an attack to the point the chance is gone.
  11. What a cunt. Chasing after him and hacking at him at least 3 times.
  12. That was better from Redmond and highlights why he's such a frustrating player, he has the ability to go past players like they aren't even there but so often just opts for a sideways or backwards pass.
  13. If Sigurdsson had shot it would have gone, really bizarre they went for the cross.
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