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  1. That video is full of bog standard saves and a few - like the second one - that were piss poor. That was straight at him and could have easily gone in or fell to a striker to tap in.
  2. Was about to say the same thing, Semmens has explicitly said that we'll be treating KWP and Hojberg as separate deals. I guess it's possible that Spurs have dug their heels in though and said we don't get Kyle if they don't get Pierre - just because we want to do things the right way doesn't mean they do.
  3. Unless we tell him he's in our plans and Fulham don't get promoted, in which case he may turn them down.
  4. Is anyone advocating for changing too much? Most of what I see is people saying to get rid of the high earners out on loan, sign KWP, a CB (two if Vestergard goes) and a CM to replace Hojberg. Four additions (three of which are actually just replacements) isn't that crazy.
  5. Saint_clark


    Let's hope one of the other European clubs are in Europa or Champions League so he can justify going for money without looking a twat.
  6. I'd think they'd still let us know as they'd probably stream the games on their Facebook and YouTube page. I'm kind of hoping the players buy in and we just work straight through, we got a head start on everyone else after the lockdown due to our fitness and we could do the same now if we keep training, keep playing and keep this momentum going.
  7. What country are you in? Is it just all on TV or are you subbed to a service?
  8. So we lie to him and end up with a severely pissed off player on our hands who doesn't trust the management or want to be here? Going by what he's said, yes. Unless we make him an "offer you can't refuse", which we aren't going to as he isn't worth the kinds of figures it would take to keep him here. In short, Fulham's valuation of him is probably higher than ours right now.
  9. Reed will only extend his contract if he is one of the starting two, absolutely won't extend if we're signing another DM and he is potentially fourth choice.
  10. Saint_clark

    20/21 Kit

    That black one is slick. Every season I end up frustrated that people are able to spend less than half an hour designing something better than what we come up with.
  11. There has been loads and loads of talk about when fans will be back in, how many will be back in etc. I haven't seen anything about what will be happening with the TV games next season. Will we go back to certain games only or will all games be on TV again? I'll hate having to find dodgy streams once more after being able to watch every game, and when you can potentially only have a couple thousand people legally allowed to watch a Premier League game live, it would be kind of absurd. In before Sky release another channel that you have to pay another separate subscription for to access every single game on the red button...
  12. After searching through I apparently didn't post in this thread, but i'll openly admit that I thought the obligation to buy for £20million was crazy at the time given his injury record, especially when he got injured a couple of times throughout the season for us. I also didn't realise just how good he was, thinking he was at best a 15 goal a season striker. He has taken it to another level this season though, he looks so much fitter, stronger, sharper, quicker to get the ball onto his right foot to get the shot away. The amount of times i've watched a game and he just doesn't seem to ever give the ball away is incredible. Hopefully we can keep him for the next 4 or 5 years and get 20 goals a season out of him, and he'll go down as a club legend for sure.
  13. Is this move a pre cursor to him and Henderson coming out as not only the Premier Leagues first gay footballers, but the first gay couple playing in it? I've seen plenty of videos of him with a sticky white substance on his face, it's not really a secret anymore.
  14. Yep, would be a shame though. He's got the high energy intensity, tackling and passing ability to be a really good player in our system. But if he wants to go, isn't going to sign a new contract for us, try and get £10-15million from Fulham or another promoted side and move on.
  15. He'd need to play every game for 9 more seasons to get close to 600 appearances, he ain't getting that far. Shame that he was so out of favour the last couple seasons really.
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