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  1. Common tactic now to prevent the cheeky shot along the floor.
  2. JWP went for the wrong side there, acres of space to the right hand side of the goal.
  3. Redmond better fuck off away from this freekick.
  4. He's been shit since coming back from injury and has the audacity to have a sulk on with Ralph and his teammates.
  5. Ralph giving up on the game with those subs.
  6. Great covering by Stephens in the middle.
  7. Willian on for Smith Rowe is good for us.
  8. Thought the same but in fairness to Valery he's getting involved in attacking play more than Vokins and we do need a goal.
  9. Redmond straight away with two passes backwards in one minute.
  10. Our crossing seems to be some of the least accurate in the league, always seems to be between two of our players.
  11. Please tell me he hasn't just given them the throw in??????
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