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  1. But when £5million is a big chunk of our limited budget, it does make a difference. For example, a large chunk of that money could have been added to Ings' contract offer, and we'd be much better off with him up top and KWP at right back.
  2. Fair enough, my stream cut out for that bit so when it came back and the sub had happened I was baffled.
  3. I would be happier if we invested money in the weakest positions in the squad rather than a position we already have a quality player in.
  4. I cannot believe Redmond stayed on the pitch and Broja was taken off.
  5. Trouble is, after a season of not playing he'll want to leave and won't be worth much.
  6. That miss by Redmond, Jesus Christ. I can't wait for him to be gone.
  7. Tall, quick, gets his head on crosses and corners a lot, good first touch, dribbling ability and a great finish on him. This kid will be a top striker one day.
  8. The end result of demonising those who hold a differing opinion - people actually think they're doing a good thing by attacking them. RIP.
  9. I doubt he'd do anything for us in the first team but if we're re-signing former players to help the youngsters and train to be coaches I'd love us to sign him with that in mind. Would be great to have a finisher of his quality teaching our forward players.
  10. Put some excellent crosses into the box which our strikers have failed to get onto the end of. Been infinitely more effective on the left than KWP.
  11. Perraud has been brilliant at left back and has looked like striking up a good dynamic with Djenepo down the wing. So of course he drops them both for the last couple of games. Ffs.
  12. Honestly I think companies and organisations just make this shit up these days, all in the race to be first in the Oppression Olympics and win as many victimised virtue signalling points as possible.
  13. Brilliant, how did that strategy work with Jankewitz?
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