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  1. Disappointed at staying 5th in the league.
  2. Great turn by Diallo and then just got overexcited, should have continued the run down the wing which would have then given him the option for the cutback.
  3. Adams has been fucking useless today.
  4. Our game hinges on pressing and winning the ball back high, and we're sitting so deep. Ralph must be going nuts at them right now.
  5. Great feet by walker peters and then forgets he can pass, ffs. Why are we suddenly trying to dribble past the whole team using one player?
  6. Annoying really, put Ings in and we'd have been 2 or 3 up and had the game in the bag. Now we're gonna lose.
  7. It wasn't a defender that gave the ball away?
  8. I have to take some of the blame, I went for what I thought was a lucky piss.
  9. Fuck sake, such a shit goal to give away, fucking defenders should always be following in.
  10. Yet today they keep their confidence and their rhythm. Maybe we do need to do some self reflection as fans.
  11. Walcott's first goal for saints in 15 years. And you lot moan about Longs scoring record ffs.
  12. Ward Prowse has gone back to being anonymous after the peak of his career lasting for 6 games. Useless. 👀
  13. That's what a career of being told to practice crossing rather than finishing will do to you. Was clinical in the youth teams playing up front for us.
  14. I was going to say I'd like to see us seize the initiative and make the first sub but looking at the bench I'm not too sure. Oh Theo...
  15. There's no way VAR overturns that as a foul...right?
  16. After a limp first attempt by Adams that's a great assist too.
  17. Those cross field balls to the fullback that haven't really been coming off do support this, it's as if we expect them to be in more space than they are.
  18. Adams is wank, every shot is scuffed.
  19. Really poor defending down the right, JWP and KWP both gambled and left acres of space. Macca outstanding.
  20. Good to see a couple of wolves players picking up bookings late on in this half. Puts them on edge.
  21. Fuck off, he didn't receive treatment so he doesn't need to leave the pitch you cunt.
  22. You do wonder if we planned our attacking moves around their fullbacks being higher up the pitch due to the three at the back, and them switching to a back 4 has messed with us.
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