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  1. Honestly I think companies and organisations just make this shit up these days, all in the race to be first in the Oppression Olympics and win as many victimised virtue signalling points as possible.
  2. Brilliant, how did that strategy work with Jankewitz?
  3. This is an issue as well. Armstrong really needs to be running in behind and I don't remember the last time I saw us try and get our centreforwards through on goal.
  4. No, because he had some good touches and passes and having seen him finish in the pass if he'd actually been put through on goal by one of his teammates I believe he'd finish more often than not. Djenepo was also very good when he came on, should have started, you clearly need to let the red mist clear - and if you think I'm a happy clapper, this game has tipped me into the Ralph out camp.
  5. Well we'll see, but our goalscorer last season only got 12. It's a myth that you need a 15-20 goal a season striker in this league to do anything at all.
  6. One of the few to come out of today with some credit in my eyes.
  7. There is enough talent there to build a decent side that can do something, Perraud and Djenepo on the left would be a big start.
  8. Don't hold your breath mate, ticket prices when you go down don't usually drop for 2 or 3 seasons.
  9. Fuck me someone ring the human rights commission, wolves must be breaching something with how often their players are going down with cramp.
  10. I've had enough. Time for a change.
  11. Another one decides to sit down for a rest. He was sprinting no problem before that.
  12. The best set piece in the world won't change how tall or good in the air the players in the middle are.
  13. He's literally just sat on the floor having a chat with the physios ffs. Zero treatment being applied. Get a grip ref.
  14. It's most bizarre because last season - when we still had ings - Ralph went on record describing tella as our most technically gifted player.
  15. It was blocked. Let's not start criticising unnecessarily.
  16. How in the fuckery is that not handball
  17. I am a Long defender for what he's contributed in his time here but he should not be anywhere near the first team this season bar a horrific injury crisis.
  18. Oh my god long is coming on..........
  19. Still entirely down to bednarek. You can't make those kinds of fuck ups relying on your teammates to bail you out with a world class last minute desperate tackle.
  20. Shouldn't have needed to. Was poor from both but bednarek just needed to stay goal side of Raul and then stay on his feet rather than diving in.
  21. Wasn't a goal kick as the keeper had the ball in his hands. Still shite though.
  22. Two right footers on the left instead of Perraud and Djenepo who have had a brilliant partnership together so far.
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