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    It's difficult to not sound like Trump but it stands to reason that one of the key drivers of new cases being reported is clearly the huge increase in testing capacity and tests in totality. This is of course more to do with what was obviously gigantic under-calling of cases back at peak rather than over-calling now. I'm unmoved by the "new cases" data until it genuinely starts to drive the real indicators - hospital admissions and then deaths. I don't actually know if these have moved in line. I miss the daily briefings and I think they should return in some form, if only someone talking through the slides each day.
  2. 👍👍👍These updates are really helpful and massively appreciated by me and I am sure most people on the forum. Sometimes I would understand it if you simply stopped but please don't listen to those ungrateful people.
  3. We're getting left behind.
  4. My sources are telling me that we are very interested in Matty Cash from Nottingham Forest.
  5. Not going to happen but Gerrard walking out of Ibrox to go to second tier Bournemouth would be absolutely hilarious, just for the jock meltdown. The green side couldn't handle the idea that Leicester was a bigger draw than Glasgow so would love to see this one play out.
  6. Tony Pulis ordering a Russian phrasebook on Prime as we speak.
  7. I am delighted to announce to the forum that the brand new SFC Away kit will be announced this month. I can NOT reveal my sources, do not PM me.
  8. Ooooh what's he doing over THERE? I, for one, welcome our new camouflage football overloads.
  9. This isn't the first time the Manchester United connection has been mentioned in this thread. Salisu probably was a childhood Man U supporter so it makes perfect sense if you think about it.
  10. It's only "Project Fear" when remoaners say it.
  11. We've all been led on a merry dance and no mistake.
  12. .....and that is right. There's no way an away goal in a domestic match is that valuable. To be honest I think they are ridiculous in European matches now too. Well done Brentford by the way.
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