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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/nigel-farage/nigel-farage-delighted-by-unveiling-of-blue-uk-pas/
  2. On the contrary, I have excellent recall of your pitifully vapid truisms.
  3. Someone's been on Google. Funny really, I thought spaffing on about "well if you count the whole population then the majority didn't vote for Brexit at all" was the preserve of sopping wet bad-loser remoaners? Very odd to see it employed here. Vote's over mate. You've won. 22 days in we get on with serious task of telling any haulage, fish, exporter or any other business impacted by the political decisions made that firms have been going bust for millennia and they just need to suck it the fuck up. That's right isn't it?
  4. The split for those 25-34 was 62-38 remain. Those 34 year old young whippersnappers. So yeah, interesting how "perceptions are shaped", indeed.
  5. The vast majority of people under 45 voted remain in the first place. Its hardly the preserve of the "enlightened next generation". Just people that work, run businesses and pay tax. Innteresting the only thing you have to say is warmed up campaign speak. 21 days in and all you've got in your armoury is some imagined electoral battle against Nick Clegg all over again.
  6. The only people I've seen moaning is ERG powerhouse Owen Paterson, Brexit MEP Jean Mummery, and countless Brexit supporting Fishermen. But yeah, "it'll all be fine when I'm dead" sounds like a wonderful counter argument and I am sure those fishermen, exporters and everyone else will happily take your long view.
  7. Great result, reasonable performance. Winnable but tricky next round.
  8. Pleased he's picked a competitive team to at least have a crack at the Cup.
  9. No, just pointing out the tiny little flaw in your pointless reductionist "stuff happens for millennia and you just have to get on with it" routine. You can say that shit about anything. You know, for millennia. This is why people say you are as thick as pigshit.
  10. You should do a tour of the pubs and retail businesses who have seen their livelihoods destroyed in the floods this week. I think your pep-talk of "it's a cycle that goes on for millenia" will go down a right treat.
  11. Why is the Village Idiot pissing his pants about HMRC saying this prediction is "a statement of fact about the future" when it is no such thing and HMRC say it is no such thing. It's what's known in the world of business as an estimate or a forecast. Here: The first permanent secretary and chief executive at HMRC said he expected 265 million customs declarations made in the UK each year when the new system is phased in – an increase of 211 million on the number of declarations made in 2017. “My department published figures towards the end of 2019 in which set out what we ex
  12. This forum's village idiot this morning wanked himself to a climax on the back of Nissan announcing they are going to stay in Sunderland but they've had to spend money and make arrangements to mitigate the impact of our newly prehistoric customs arrangements we've independently decided to move to. Running to stand still to cling on to what we already had. But to the pigshit thick village idiot, thats a triumphant mic-drop moment of glory. So there's that.
  13. Here's ERG hardman Owen Paterson celebrating the power of free-trading independent global Britain buccaneering and dominating the world, unchained and sovereign. And definitely not pathetically weeping and whining like a blubbering little bitch.
  14. Someone needs to tell this whining Brexit Party MEP that all she needs to do is cut and paste.
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