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  1. Oh, I agree. The Premier League and Football League should up the ante in the same vein. Announce this morning some outline plans of how to fill those six places for next season, maybe involving the teams in 18th in the Prem and the teams finishing 7/8/9th in the Championship. Some kind of super play off thing. Probably don't plan to get to 20 clubs next season. Or, just go balls out and say all six are kicked out as of today and forfeit their next match until they fulfil an invitation to a formal hearing next Monday or something. Shit house them back.
  2. From what I can see it's just a replacement for the Champions League, which I don't ever watch and have no interest in. So not too fussed right now. There's no way the big six will be kicked out of the Premier League and its pie in the sky to say "all us other clubs should kick them out" because that fucks over the other clubs more than benefits them. Still feels like leverage and bullshit to me. If it really was a competition starting in August 2021, who's got the broadcast rights, lads? Who are the headline corporate sponsors, chaps? No fucker, thats who. Not happening. Not this Au
  3. All I'll say is I've been watching my club since I was ten, because my father and my brothers did, and will for the rest of my life regardless of league or form or status or anything. It doesn't take much to watch a FA Cup semi on the TV. Just the fifth one in my lifetime. You want to smug off that you did DIY instead I don't think you are in any position to disparage any super league or breakaway. You're part of the problem.
  4. I read your post. Smug. Crowing.
  5. Show me the receipts for the £200 you spent travelling to and attending todays match and I promise I will.
  6. You're talking absolute shit about buying tickets when the discussion is about people just refusing to watch it on the fucking television in their own front room.
  7. You do realise no one paid 200 quid to go to the match today, right? No one. Jesus fucking wept.
  8. On this forum we've got people smugly crowing about how they couldn't be bothered to watch their own club in a FA Cup semi final today. These people are the perfect audience for this type of super league. People that only care if the cards are stacked in their own team's favour. No interest in the natural drama and excitement or sport, or the spirit of competition. No connection to the cities or regions the clubs come from, no family connections to the club they support. They'll only watch if they think there's glory in it. This country and this continent is full of absolute twa
  9. This very much feels like a preface to a relegation season. Ings, let's be honest, has been ropey since his return but once he goes in the summer and we replace him with Diallo/Salisu level "potential" then the game is up. We're pretty dreadful now, but I don't think we have quite plumbed the depths. Yet.
  10. It doesn't offend me. You being an absolute weirdo is your problem.
  11. "Didn't bother" watching us in an FA Cup semi final. Okay. You're pretty normal, then.
  12. Maybe read up on who Fulham's traditional rivals are. Clue: its not Arsenal you thick cunt. The kind of stuff you learn as an actual football fan.
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