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  1. Going back over this thread and seeing names like Dave Jones, Ian Branfoot mentioned made me think: you now what, I really miss the Dell days.
  2. If anything our league position, and Ralph's reputation, has been built on the fact that our bunch of piss weak no backbone pussies have been able to weasel out of playing in front of the paying general public for a year.
  3. Good, me too: which takes me back to my original point that it doesn't matter to us what Fulham did tonight. We'll get the points we need. But I'll leave it there because you played a significant role about a year ago: my last trip on a train, and my last trip to London, my last away match. And I remain grateful for that!
  4. But you don't think we can get six (or seven) points in twelve?
  5. Yes, and if you sincerely believe that run of defeats is going to carry on and on for a further 12 games, it makes jack shit difference whether Fulham win or not.
  6. How many did unstoppable Fulham win by in the end?
  7. If you don't think we can claw together 5 points from twelve football matches (in total that would be 6 points from 21 matches, record breaking Derby County form) why do you care what other clubs do. You're expecting record breaking worst form in Premier League history but think that other clubs losing is going to keep us up. Utterly insane. This form has gone fucking mad.
  8. We're seven points behind Arsenal so we should be targeting catching them, then.
  9. Honestly who gives a flying fuck what Fulham do. They can win ten nil as far as I'm concerned, its makes no difference to us.
  10. CB Fry

    Che Adams

    Or, he had one little hot streak last season but has subsequently regressed to his standard level which is broadly ineffective. I liked him at the beginning and his run during that first lockdown was very satisfying but it's pretty clear he is not first choice Premier League standard. I don't agree with those who say he's clearly better than Long. He's not better than Long was for us at the same kind of age. He’s barely better than Long is now at present. I remain hopeful he can find some form again but this relies on the team being better and Ings scoring again. Our Che himself
  11. My realistic target for Ralph to achieve is to perform better than the 41 points achieved by Dave Jones. Those 41 points were achieved in Dave's second, terrible, 98/99 season. Not his successful Kevin Davies inspired first season: that was 48 points: I think that's pretty gone now, as is Puel's 46. So if he does pick up a few wins, which I fully expect him too, let's all not switch back to "he's the messiah" mode. We are very much in the midst of "average Premier League managers of Southampton" territory.
  12. So yesterday Glasgow/Heisingberg comes back after more than a year. And today the appearance of this FORUMS.....greatest EVER....swivel-eyed lunatic ranting away like he did five years ago when he posted last. With CAPS LOCK and.....DOTS......just like THE....old DAYS You can tell we're right in the shit when these nutcases resurface.
  13. He's got his own backroom team, and he's been here long enough with enough credit in the bank to have binned off (say) Kelvin if he'd really wanted to by now. The backroom/upstairs arrangements haven't changed since we were the best team in the world in the calendar year 2020(tm). So I don't think it’s a root cause.
  14. We've already had a pointless diversion into Puel for 475 posts. We don't need the same diversion into Reed. The point is that post was ridiculously loaded and ignored facts, and if nothing else it is far too early to say that our player recruitment is now a undisputed success where previously it was a disaster. Che Adams and Djenepo are being presented as wonderful success story entirely because they weren’t signed by Reed. They're as patchy and average as any typical signing we've made over our late-period Premier League tenure. They're certainly not significantly better than Armst
  15. We didn't deserve a point from that because we created pretty much nothing. All that happened is Everton pissed away the opportunity to beat us more easily.
  16. We are never ever ever ever going to score.
  17. It's times like this that we miss Shane Long.
  18. Injustice Injustice Injustice etc etc etc thats why we lost four nil.
  19. It's not a line up that screams "keep it tight and see if we can nick one from the scraps" which is the approach I would have gone for. Instead we've gone for all out attack, leave loads of gaps, concede multiple goals but hang the whole defeat on some refereeing or VAR injustice giving the manager and team a lovely little get out of jail card.
  20. Redmond will be playing CM, mate. Ralph reads this forum.
  21. You realise the post I quoted referenced a story about a player with a year left on his contract?
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