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  1. Just googled him. How TF is he 26? Is this another Samuel Eto'o situation?
  2. I haven't just formed this opinion 😂
  3. Because he keeps choosing the players that continue to make those mistakes. Players like Walcott chosen over Tella, Armstrong or even Djenepo and then leaving it far too late every game to make subs. What's the point in bringing A Armstrong on in the 89th minute? Dropping leads is a common Ralph trait. This isn't based on today. It's based on the last two years and I'm finally sick of it. The buck stops with the manager.
  4. Please take Walcott off. Get Stuart on!
  5. https://www.skysports.com/football/southampton-vs-burnley/preview/446376 "James Ward-Prowse is back from suspension" Is this correct?
  6. James, without fail, always shoots to his bottom left when taking a penalty.
  7. So there ends JWP's consecutive Premier League minutes record. Great achievement, sad to see it end in that manner.
  8. We've lost our captain for 3 games. He was having a good game I thought and it felt to me like we were in with a shout of winning. But now, ultimately, it's another game where we haven't looked like scoring in open play and we've gaineed nothing for our efforts again.
  9. This game has been a disaster.
  10. Why do they only show him the one angle? It was a clear yellow. No consistency.
  11. Significantly better than Walcott though. He's actually trying to run direct with the ball.
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