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  1. Game's gone about how I expected. Dominating the ball but no end product. Missing Ings as anyone would.
  2. An 18 month loan? That seems unlikely.
  3. Perhaps we should write this game off and rest Ings along with a few others? I know Ralph won't because he's a winner but I fear we're missing too many here.
  4. Starting to creep down the table. I suppose that's what separates us from the teams around us. We can't win the games we should be winning.
  5. The lack of subs was unforgivable. Cost us the game I believe. Starting Long was a mistake as well which we all already knew. Fulham deserved their point.
  6. Not as disappointed as I was this fixture last season where we conceded in extra time to fail to get that elusive away win at Arsenal but still disappointed as we always seem to drop leads at the Emirates.
  7. Frustrating in as much as we did enough to win the game but you've got to respect the away point. That's twice we've gone against 10 men and failed to capitalise. Perhaps something for Ralph to work on with the team as sitting very deep seems to be enough to stop us.
  8. We were poor all game. Ward-Prowse bailed us out but we were too poor in possession to maintain our undeserved lead. Perhaps with Ings we could have killed the game but we've seen it many times before, most recently against Villa where we turned a 0-4 lead into a tight 3-4 game. No goal buffer seems to be enough to be comfortable for Saints. Its a mental weakness and a horrible statistic.
  9. I'm not sure that's totally undeserved. What have we actually done today?
  10. We've looked very uneasy on the ball all game.
  11. Frustrating to hear we'll likely be without Bednarek against Wolves.
  12. We all knew this day would come eventually. Its why he plays for Saints and not in the Champions League.
  13. You can see why we drop the most points from winning positions. Hard to praise them after that second half. Stephens is a liability too. Hope Ings is okay but it doesn't look good 😕
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