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  1. Frustrating to hear we'll likely be without Bednarek against Wolves.
  2. We all knew this day would come eventually. Its why he plays for Saints and not in the Champions League.
  3. You can see why we drop the most points from winning positions. Hard to praise them after that second half. Stephens is a liability too. Hope Ings is okay but it doesn't look good 😕
  4. Glad we were able to put Everton in their place. They were starting to become obnoxious and too big for their boots after just 5 games. Our easiest game so far. Surprised Redmond got MOTD. He was decent but his finishing was horrible. JWP, Ings, Romeu and Adams more deserving IMO.
  5. Surely the Premier League wouldn't allow dual league membership and surely they wouldn't allow the elite level of English football to have reserve sides playing every game? There's a cultural aspect to this as well. The English football pyramid is a beautiful thing. With the exclusion of of B teams, it allows for a competitive and well attended tiered league setup. Every community has a football club and, for many, it really is their heart and soul as the club has been there for generations. Seeing this collapse would not just be a catastrophy for competitive football; it would be
  6. Whatever Hasenhuttl did at half time worked. Werner was mostly taken out the game and we looked much more of a threat. Pleased with Walcotts debut as well. Our defending was poor at times but I can forgive Bednarek one poor game given Werner was up for it today.
  7. I saw some good football from him tonight. Won the ball back well too.
  8. Could see this a mile away. We can't play without Armstrong.
  9. Armstrong seems to make the team tick so I'm not confident for this one. Hopefully Walcott plays a blinder.
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