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  1. If you're driving / parking tomorrow remember boat show is on, and there are 4 cruise ship departures.
  2. A reminder that Elyounoussi put 2 past French Champions Lille last season His first is about 2mins into the video. Highlights - Lille 2-2 Celtic | BT Sport
  3. 19/20 we obviously weren't ready for Elyounoussi. We've adapted to his style now. 😁😁
  4. You're leaving yourself open to being called both "Closed minded" and "hypocritical" with that post.
  5. That you cant see the senior squad being Semi Finalists in a World Tournament followed by Finalists in a highly competitive regional tournament is an improvement to what we had previously in the last thirty years says more about you than anything else.
  6. The playbook is a transposition of the Crockers "England DNA" system that worked for the England age groups onto club level It was started in the England set-up in 2014 and takes time to successfully implement. (especially when the Director of Football Operations takes over full time as a pandemic hits)
  7. Nolan


    Sofascores stats are actually good for Lyanco. ahead of Vestergaard in defense and Tactics, technique and creativity. only behind on attacking.
  8. as a reminder. Saints have been speaking to Caleta-Cars' agents recently. he is with ICM Stellar, as are JWP and Adam Armstrong. Caleta Car has a previous association with Kitzbichler. It certainly would be the most logical approach to make.
  9. he uses umlaughts, though. Why would anyone who didnt know this as fact use umlaughts?
  10. not correct. the same was discovered during the 'Moonshot' trial in Liverpool. Liverpool mass testing missed a third of infectious cases, data shows (telegraph.co.uk)
  11. another thing that renders the passport completely spurious. Using the NHS COVID Pass - NHSX includes the text "If your customer confirms that they have a self declared exemption, but is unable to show any evidence, you should allow them access to your venue or event. You must not ask for proof of their medical exemption and it is not essential they show any form of exemption card at any point."
  12. Redbridge Causeway is currently down to one lane inbound, which is continuing for a few more weeks) The slip road by Adam Morey going to the M271 will be closed (forcing all traffic wanting to go to the M27 round Millbrook Roundabout) So give you self extra time to cope with potential queues. on the plus side parking in Southampton City Council Car parks on a Sunday is currently free.
  13. the lateral flow tests are great. False Positives and False Negatives abound. Obviously the false negatives render the whole process pointless. even if you take the test, its a lottery as to whether the results are accurate. Scrap Covid tests in schools, says Oxford vaccine pioneer (telegraph.co.uk) Stop Using Innova Medical Group SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test: FDA Safety Communication | FDA
  14. have a look at the player name again 😏
  15. Anyone know if this website is trustworthy?
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