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  1. Forster Valery Bednarek Stephens Bertrand JWP Diallo Armstrong Walcott Adams NLundulu Protect Vokins for Tuesdays Game. Keep Ings and KWP fresh for Tuesdays Game
  2. They do make very nice kits. Here's this seasons FC Emmen Kit...
  3. Theo on Loan also didn't sound like a Saints signing.
  4. obviously Youtube videos highlight the positive and pretend nothing negative ever happens, but it does look as if his quick decisive forward passing would match our current play style.
  5. Yeah absolutely. a standard 3-0 game in a standard season last season. compared to a match just after he thoght his partner had Covid and missed the previous game and he had players dropping like flys. Adams, McCarthy, Romeu, Vestergaard, Redmond, Obafemi, Salisu all injured, before the game. Djenepo off on 30. against a man you respect greatly and have never won a point from before. The Guys emotionally drained. Fair play to him for wearing it on his sleeve.
  6. I think calling it a "period of good form" really undersells what we have achieved in 2020. We have Lost 9 premier League Games in the whole of 2020 up to now. 5 of those came before the initial lockdown.
  7. Previous matches have been available to watch in Full at any time... I dont know if there is a time limit that they're up for though.
  8. In 2014/15 our 13th and 14th games were Man City at Home and Arsenal Away... Then we got 0 points from both... I reckon we'll get more from the same games this season! NB in 2014 we had Emmanuel Mayuka be subbed on in the last 10 minutes of both games.
  9. Latest relegation odds from oddschecker: 300/1. I don't think we've ever hit that point at this stage of the season.
  10. Djenepo is really making progress. Much more of a team player due to his run of games, and he's by far the player most skilled with the ball at his feet. I think it would do more for his confidence and value for future games if we start him over Redmond. Think we should start Diallo too. Make sure Romeu isn't suspended for Arsenal.
  11. Not at all. we are one of the most tolerant societies in the world. Hence why recent polling is showing how BLM is deemed to be more divisive than constructive.
  12. http://twitter.com/PaulEmbery/status/1335353792360030215
  13. designed by someone called Rimm and from Southampton (designfootball.com)
  14. our current one looks like a Kids competition winners design....
  15. not a bad attempt at getting our Crest up to date. https://sportslens.com/southampton-fcs-crest-for-a-new-era/318692/
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