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  1. People who go to the stadium to watch Saints don't just live in the City.
  2. Highfield lane South to Northland's road has always been 1 wide road, 1 marked lane either way. (When though cars queued two abreast before Highfield lane going north) North of Highfield lane out has always been two lanes.
  3. Looks like the government guidance classes temporary as meaning "18 months" initially.
  4. Noting that Juan Mata owns the Agency this guy is with. Wonder if it'll be sorted when we're at Old Trafford next week.
  5. Just Perusing the Accounts for the last couple years. looks like all the Shares of SFC were transfered from Lander Sports Investment to Southampton Football Club on 1/7/19 there is no mention of Lander in the SFC's accounts. Lander's accounts are overdue.
  6. i believe the toll on the Itchen Bridge was also introduced as temporary. The Avenue had temporary barriers down the road. Now the Council have spent the money on Painting the lines.
  7. Has anyone experienced the Avenue or Bitterne Road now the Council have reduced them from two lanes to one? The Council's 'Green Recovery Plan' also plans converting one lane of Millbrook Road (Between Millbrook Roundabout & Paynes Road) to a bus only lane. I can imagine it taking a lot longer to get to a game. especially when Cruise Ships are back sailing again.
  8. And why not borrow from another bank? Why borrow from a company set up solely to lend you money?
  9. You can't argue with the comraderie.
  10. But why not put it on one charge? Why split it over two? Why not include Melbourne Street work At Mary's on the first charge?
  11. Wonder why the charge that appeared first is against 5 companies St Mary's Football Group Ltd Southampton Football Club Ltd Southampton Girls and Women Football Club Ltd St Mary's Training Ground Ltd St Mary's Training Centre Ltd. but the new charge is only against St Mary's Football Group Ltd Southampton Football Club Ltd There's something going on in the background.
  12. Form table means nothing. Two of Man U's games were Bournemouth and Brighton. Man U's box was open against Bournemouth and any team with strikers who get into better areas would have scored 5 against them rather than Bournemouths two.
  13. just looking at other Stats. Its the first clean sheet we've had against City since we returned to the Premier League. The last time we had a Clean Sheet against City, Wigley was manager.
  14. That goes up there with the Leeds game from our Championship season. 8 Englishmen, a Scot, a Spaniard and a pole best international Superstars get in.
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