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  1. at 21 I would hope that he hits the "under 10 million and one to develop", but how you get that past the Work Permit rules is the unknown.
  2. try checking out Black Lives Matter - (blacklivesmatteruk.com)
  3. Lallana got picked as he had already 'gone' to Liverpool when he was picked. Hence the pictures with him with the Liverpool shirt pre-tournament.
  4. No, had he been picked, there's proof that playing well enough gets you to the England Squad.
  5. You have a 26 man Squad and they only take 5 Midfielders. I would anticipate people trying to coerce a move out of him telling him that's his way into the England Set-up. They got to Lallana before the trip to 2014's World cup, but its not hard to believe that there would be people that dont have Southampton FC's interests in mind. You cant say that JWP's performances and abilities dont justify his selection.
  6. Smells like 2014 when Lallanas head was turned. Trying to do the same thing with Ward Prowse.
  7. this bloke is a realist...
  8. Nolan

    20/21 Kit

    Its stripes. You cant make a deckchair look good, or original. hey ho.
  9. If he came for £7.25m or less, buy him If it was more than that, don't.
  10. Nolan


    I think more important is that we find players who fit the system in the close season. KWP needs back up. We need a fourth DM. The problems don't come from the system, but the lack of ability to remove tired legs.
  11. That's for to be three at the back with Tella and KWP as wing backs surely. Armstrong and JWP in cm. Walcott as a 10 and Adams and Ings up front.
  12. Given Southampton FC Women have played pretty much sod all competitive matches in the last 12 months, and to play against a team playing regular football... To progress another round is bloody impressive.
  13. Most things in excess are bad for you. We cant ban most things. Good for Saints on getting a lot of money.
  14. Allardyce has not beaten us since leaving West Ham.
  15. of course I saw the first 30. stats remain: >4 days between games P18 W10 D4 L4 ppg 1.89 3-4 days between games P12 W0 D2 L10 ppg 0.17 (NB looks like I attributed a draw in the wrong place on my original calculations)
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