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  1. What exactly have I made up? I think actually were largely in agreement but if you need to turn this into a pissing contest crack on...
  2. It might not be a Head height Kung Fu kick but both feet are not in any way connected to the ground or in control of his body.
  3. It really was a red card. Jwp had both feet off the floor and therefore was not in control = red card.
  4. It was definitely a red, jwp went in with both feet and wasn't in control. It was a really stupid tackle. The VAR decision that deserves attention is the disallowed goal. We would have been fuming had that happened to us. KWP was barely touched and the foul wasnt part of the phase of play that led to the goal. We got what we deserved - nothing. The third goal highlighted a lot of what is wrong with McCarthy - his positioning was appalling, he didnt react to the first 2 shots and then only got hands to the goal because it was straight at him and even then he was too weak to stop
  5. Looks like we've set up to play on the break. Will be interesting to see how that goes... No djenepo though despite him being "the best defensive no 10"...
  6. For those predicting that we'll score, where do you think the goals will come from? From what I've seen our only hope are penalties or a close range free kick. Anything else looks beyond us at the moment. We seem to have far too many players who are incapable of making quick decisions: It starts at the back with McCarthy and bednarek and permeates through most of the team with Redmond and Armstrong ensuring we miss out on any chances in the final third. For the entirety of 2021 we have been so slow to build chances which means we give the opposition time to organise and regroup and o
  7. Reality check. We're in big trouble. We've got no goals in and still make mistakes at the back.
  8. Shane long - we're throwing in the towel. Simply not enough shit players on the pitch
  9. We really do have some bang average players: bednarek, McCarthy, Redmond, Armstrong, Adams have been no where near premier League quality today
  10. Both games they got controversial key decisions in their favour. I seem to remember a foul in the build up to one of their goals the season before that let them back into the game.
  11. Perhaps Moss wanted to make sure some Abu Dhabi dollars we're in his account before over ruling?
  12. I'm hoping Ralph knows something I don't (to be fair I'm sure he does), but that is a set of strange changes to the line up. Salisu dropped??? Redmond??? Elynoussi????
  13. Great stuff Minsk. Good to see a bit of objectivity. I looked at all our fixtures and tried to guess win lose or draw for each and came up with us finishing on 36 points - fortunately we're already 2 points better off than I thought we would be!
  14. You've forgotten that ings was dreadful for a number of games last season - he looked like he couldn't be arsed and consequently it was like we were playing with 10 men. Yes he could win games for us when he was on form, but he also contributed nothing when his head wasn't in the right place (his shit spell started in January if I remember right). Ralph's way of playing suits players who are committed and a little less "special" more than someone who just doesn't turn up when they aren't in the mood.
  15. The kid from forest goes to ground far too easily and will be a liability in the prem. He also didn't look that special on the ball. Personally speaking I think we've dodged a bullet.
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