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  1. He always takes a long time to get back on form after injury. Unfortunately based on track record he will be shite for the whole tournament
  2. Literally no cutting edge. A manager who doesn't address the problems. Are England saints in disguise??
  3. Where's Les bragging about what a good signing Wes was.......
  4. What exactly does Declan rice being to a game of possession football? He's the ultimate sideways passer. This England team are going to struggle unless they can find a midfielder who can pass a ball forward.
  5. Not just limited to Redmond though.... McCarthy, bednarek, vestergaard, minamino all dreadful again today. We are still a shambles - nothing much has changed
  6. We are fucking shit at the back. Redmond makes a mistake and no one marks fornals.
  7. That's on Ralph - McCarthy is nothing like a good goalkeeper at the moment - shouldn't have picked him.
  8. Alec Ferguson was clever enough to realise that he was only as good as the staff around him and used a change of number 2 to modernise, refresh and adapt to new ways of thinking - Brian kidd was part of that and his influence shouldn't be underestimated. Sadly we keep the same coaches behind the scenes - whether this is Ralph's fault or the board's fault is something I don't think we will ever know. I can't help thinking that Ralph doesn't really listen to anyone else which is why we keep failing in the same way over and over again.
  9. Remind me who plays on the left side of our cbs (in a zonal system)? Wasn't Stephens man in the first place - not saying he was faultless, but vest deserves more of the blame.
  10. Stephens?? Vestergaard was the one who drifted out of position and slipped over...
  11. 100% agree - worth also remembering he's also got a pretty patchy injury record too. I can't believe there is anything in this one (apart from some lazy journalism)
  12. He seems to incite blind hatred in a number of our fanbase - I'm not sure a logical argument will help
  13. He's a ghost.... So much so he sneaks in at the far post
  14. Vestergaard at fault for both goals - perhaps it is time to look to the future and give salisu a run of games with bednarek. It's clear that we desperately need someone who's a bit more prolific up front, someone who drives midfield if romeu isnt playing and some full back cover - although Stephens had a decent enough game today. A better performance and if we play like that against palace we should get some points. Hopefully the summer will bring some improvement, but I'm not particularly hopeful for next season.
  15. But today he's played pretty well so far... Giving someone pelters for playing badly in a different game is a bit bizarre...
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