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  1. Again poor performance in the second half. United didn't deserve that, but we are our own worst enemy when we lose our discipline and forget our shape. Not sure vestergaard deserves to keep his place after that performance - why he was pissing off up the field in the second half is beyond me, Bertie looked out of sorts too and not sure that moving Walcott back into a 10 role does anything other than hurt us. Long once again was not the answer - 2 runs and then nothing else of any note. Hassenhutl needs a different 2nd half game plan.
  2. Long confirmed everything I have thought about him for while now - he's not the answer to any problem. He did almost nothing and looked like he didn't understand what he was supposed to be doing. About time we let the kids have a go.
  3. Good game - but could have been a comfortable win with a decent finish from Walcott. Not the best game from our forward players (all 4 of them) in the second half which put a lot of pressure on the rest of the team. Wolves really went up a gear in the second half and deserved their point in the end. Vestergaard my motm. McCarthy showing great saves and would have been my motm but for some piss poor distribution in the second half.
  4. FFS losing the ball far too easily from forward positions. Djenepo and Walcott both need to come off.
  5. And I was explaining why "thus far" don't think he's a "great person". Positive so far, but there is a lot in his game that could be better - e.g. second half against villa where his lack of tracking back (fitness?) / work against the ball helped let villa back into the game (I'm not saying he was the only one). Having said that he adjusting to a completely new way of playing so I'm not going to judge him either way yet. I do worry that someone who has been accused of not having a football brain may not be up to it, but so far I've been pleasantly surprised.
  6. So far he's been positive, but "great" is a stretch and it's only been 2 games. Let's see what his overall contribution has been in 5 or so games.
  7. It's not just about what someone does with the ball. After all only one person has the ball at any given time. I remain to be convinced that he does enough off the ball or is intelligent enough with his running to create spaces for others.
  8. Fantastic performance. So many players having brilliant games. Ralph has got us playing some amazing football. Such a better team without hojbjerg!
  9. Stephens is completely unwilling to pass the ball forward or overlap. Very odd
  10. Armstrong and Walcott were non existent in their defensive roles in the 2nd half which let villa back in. Easy to blame kwp for the last goal but a keeper should never be beaten at their near post like that (took the shine off an otherwise good performance from McCarthy). Stephens seems to have no confidence again - not sure what has happened to the player from the end of last season...
  11. 10 out of 10 for the dive, but again VAR not showing its value.
  12. what about the off the ball elbow? Complete nonsense from the officials - digne did more than enough to deserve a 3 game ban
  13. It's a bit like this place - if we concede a goal it is never because the opposition did something well it's always because scapegoat of the day did something wrong
  14. It's mental that ex pros can't see the malicious intent - digne saw red and did something nasty - he certainly isn't the first and he won't be the last. Next they'll be saying that Lou's Suarez taking a bite out of an opponent was just a bit of affection
  15. Really good result. Tactics we're spot on - neutralise Everton by forcing them to play through the middle and pressing their midfield. I don't get the Redmond hate. He didnt have his best game on the ball but was good off it both going forwards and back. Ward prowse or romeu motm for me - difficult to pick between them. I'd probably give it to jwp on the basis that he got a very good goal at the perfect time.
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