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  1. Why has slatted your been treated so differently this year to last. Seen rumours of attitude issues do we know if that’s true?
  2. Absolutely! Their best threat and game winner gets picked up by jwp who we hope plays like he did against zaha. Shame he’s not in the centre but right call I think
  3. haha im pretty sure that when we were 2-1 up if we didnt concede a second goal we really wouldve won! Even for saints losing when the final score is 2-1 is pretty hard
  4. saints to score first though a pumped up ings and lose 3-1 in a not that heart breaking but rather annoying manner i reckon. im just enjoying the fact that i happy to predict we wlil score first and compete in a game against a team on the run they are.
  5. good move that - needs some football - hope he gets it
  6. ok so the 5m includes wage cover and a fee possibly and a few other bits on top of the fee. If we remove 1.5m for wages and 1m for some fees (god knows what) they are paying us a loan fee of 2.5m. basically do you want... Soares - part of a settled back four and been good been average/poor at points but deffo playing pretty well of late, generally not great crossing and poor at back stick defending , deffo off in the summer or KWP- reasonably well thought of but not sure how good (aka somewhere between bertrand and martina), could stick around after the summer if it works out + £2.5m Im happy enough with either really. Probably wouldve chose the former but only just. If KWP is well liked by the current management and they think he could sign in the summer if hes played with us for then they could see this easily as a good deal. I dont think it quite fits as being able to push the penny pinching model on some levels but 2.5m doesnt get you alotthese days. I suppose if its the 2.5m that means we can allow Fraser to go at a cut price fee etc then it could be part of a bigger picture. who knows. Doesnt completely scream of investment from the top i will agree that though! This doesnt take in to consideration any need to strengthen at full back etc just the plain choice of the two.
  7. hes one injury away from playing all the remaining games of the season. in relaity will play a bit. Itd be nice to rebuild but 15m to find a replacement may not be great. Maybe best to keep in in the Yoshida 3rd CB role wile the likes of danso progress (if we rate him)
  8. great hit, good run by obafemi too. deserve the goal and prob deserve for it to be the equaliser given the defending!! fingers crossed
  9. I guess the issue is creating a rule that suits var and non var games. This could cause the same problems the other way round almost in games without var due to the leaving you talk about. Agree something along those lines has to be done but not sure what’s best.
  10. It’s definitely the first in this case!
  11. Phew! I was worried you came on here to see someone saying something silly and lighthearted on a Friday avo so you could go weirdly mad about it
  12. i come on here to read people moaning at each other about previous transfer windows and why its not ok to talk about that etc and you just have to clog up the thread with actual rumours - i despair
  13. that said - it would be quite dull and id much prefer a brazilian id never heard of that scores 50 a season on champ man
  14. the reality is that with our self sustainability situation we should probably be cheering outs as much as ins on players we dont want! its probably harder for a prem club to permanently get rid of a player they no longer want than it is to bring one in!
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