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  1. Good to see James Bracey - that wicketkeeper deemed good enough to play for England last month have such a good match. 48 byes in Hampshire’s first innings to add to his duck in Gloucestershire’s.
  2. Sterling off for Grealish please.
  3. Yep, even ignoring all the other failures, how can you lose 9-0 twice and still not lose your job?
  4. So in the end we had to rely on other teams to save us from relegation. That’s a disgrace.
  5. For all those wondering, cisgender means a man who thinks he’s a man, or a woman who thinks she’s a woman. That’s 99% of people then. And no, I didn’t know either.
  6. https://sbcnews.co.uk/europe/uk/2020/10/12/fa-stands-by-golden-share-to-thwart-any-premier-league-power-grab/ Ah, the old ‘Golden Share’. i’m getting all nostalgic - seems like yesterday.
  7. Congratulations to our Women’s team for reaching the last 16 in the Women’s FA Cup. A fantastic achievement, beating Lewes, a team 2 divisions higher than them. It’s really a shame that due to Covid, and two abandoned seasons that the promotions that their quality deserved has been denied them. Maybe the powers that be will promote them a few divisions, as they are clearly above the standard the their league position indicates.
  8. Hotshot Lorimer was one of my favourite players -pity he had to play for Leeds! RIP Peter.
  9. Anything and everything blamed on Brexit as usual. Do you really think it would have been any different if we’d still been in the EU? We’d have been belittled and our opinions mocked and ignored, just as they always were. And still are being.
  10. The actions of the EU towards the UK in the last couple of months have shown them to all and sundry the bunch of c words I always knew them to be. Making political points whilst putting their people at risk of Covid for instance. I can’t see us rejoining any time soon - that’s if there’s anything left to rejoin. The cracks are appearing already. Reminds me of the USSR.
  11. They are both about as royal as I am.
  12. I was thinking it was either Brighton or Leeds - maybe it was both which somehow got mixed up in my brain. Whichever it was, he gave some truly bizarre decisions, both for us and against, so I can’t really accuse him of bias. He was just shockingly bad, and I think a Premier League referee at the time.
  13. Peter Walton gave one of the worst refereeing performances I have ever seen in a home match when we were in League One. Can’t remember who we were playing - but I think we won.
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