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  1. Trader

    Adam Lallana

    Adam is leaving Liverpool FC to spend more time with his money.
  2. Trader


    I don’t care what you all say, I tnnk he’s brilliant.
  3. Trader

    Photoshop Experts

    I don’t know whether you’re still looking for this. I realise you posted this 6 weeks ago, but I have done a version you may be interested in. Give me an email address and I will send it to you as an attachment.
  4. They’ve got to get rid of this VAR from Stockley Park nonsense - they never seem to get it right.
  5. Creepy Joe stands no chance. I think the Democrats will replace him before too long. If they don’t they’re toast. Again.
  6. And of course his sister Pat remains the only British woman to have a Greek island named after her.
  7. I notice that like the main BBC News website headline, you two can’t spell his name either. RIP Sir Stirling.
  8. Trader


    On the contrary, it would seem that, as confirmed only a few months ago, that the majority of the country don’t agree with you.
  9. People who write ‘loose’ when they mean ‘lose’. Loose - not tight. Lose - not win. It’s really not difficult.
  10. I’m curious to know what your degree is in. Just askin’. Or indeed A-levels.
  11. Their debt is down to the Labour government that abolished student grants and introduced student loans.
  12. I also have 3 children - one in her early 40’s, one in her early 30s and one in his late 20s. Amazingly in spite of the Tories making such a c*ck up of running the country for the last decade they are all doing very nicely thank you, as I suspect your own kids are. I fully expect this country to go from strength to strength after Brexit - so FFS cheer up.
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