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  1. I find this thread so dull and boring but I keep coming back to it in the vain hope that we will get in a decent player who will enhance the team immediately instead of some young player who may have the potential to develop not sure I can remember when I was excited by a player's arrival
  2. John B

    Jake Hesketh

    I never felt he was physically strong/big enough to be a successful PL player
  3. More has to be done about how to behave in society and within our sport.
  4. As you say we had the worst run in the PL in 25 years or so therefore it is likely that we will return to normal next season flatter to deceive and stay up
  5. He is typical of quite a few of the younger players we have brought in that it is hoped they will develop into quality PL players. However it is difficult for this to happen and is bound to take time if they are continually in and out of the side especially if they are under pressure to succeed in a poor performing team. There is no decent reserve team football where players can find form and gain confidence the odd twenty minutes in the PL when we are chasing the game is far from ideal I wish we would just buy some experience players like we used to do like we just seem to be l
  6. But it has been for most of the PL years especially the first ten or so only changes when we get a decent reliable goal scorer Any idea what our average position in the Pl has been I expect we will stay up next season the teams coming up are not that great
  7. We can blame Ralph as long as we want but ultimately it is down to the strategy of the club which is failing The Academy is not producing top class players the last one was JWP and that seems ages ago and the ones coming through like Sims and Hesketh are weak physically and are of League 1 standard. Buying young players from outside the PL is all well and good if they turn out to be talented but most do not like Gunn and Hoedt. We need to buy players who have had experience of the PL like Bertrand Romeau KWP or the Scottish League like Davis Wanama VVD Armst
  8. We have had the same standard of players for sometime and with different managers end up near the bottom of the league The other teams just seem to have better players I am not really surprised we are in the bottom six. I know fans did not like Puel and wanted an attacking style but I want the team that is hard to beat we just do not have the players to be an attacking side
  9. With a new goalkeeper reportedly on the list of transfer targets for Southampton, the Saints are said to be monitoring Lazio and Albania goalkeeper Thomas Strakosha, 26, as a potential signing. (La Repubblica, via Sport Witness) I do think this is a priority along with a LB Of course if Ings leaves he would need replacing
  10. Without knowing what is in his Job Description I doubt we can decide whether he is performing well especially if the players are not of high consistent quality.
  11. Call me old fashioned but why do we pay £15m for Che Adams if he does not know how to finish I watched Saints in the 1960s when we had less coaches but got similar results
  12. Ten attempts in the opening half an hour. Only one on target. It's been entertaining so far but Saints have not been able to make their chances count story of our season
  13. Me too used to work in Brentford for thirty years lived not far away so like friends and wife's family who support them I hope they get promoted
  14. I dont know whether you are right but someone has to be the worst player like someone has to be the best one
  15. and earning £50k per week
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