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    Are you trying to making excuses for racist behavior of the police? There is racist behavior through out British society why dont you want to stop it. There is also inequality through out British society too which most people are not interested in especially the Tory Government which through its austerity programme has caused untold harm
  2. I see Valery is the latest scape goat
  3. Remember the border down the Irish Sea that was Project Fear? Or the lack of people to pick our fruit and vegetables that was Project Fear? Or the lowering of food standards to get a US deal that was Project Fear? Are you beginning to get the message?
  4. I don't believe that Everton have ever been relegated along with Arsenal All other clubs have been relegated I doubt we will go down this season but of course we may do so
  5. To be expected I don't understand how most expected us to win away I felt a draw would be a decent result
  6. I have accepted he is ****ing useless and just expect he will be on the books until his contract is over
  7. Very true one of the worst signings in the last 30 years
  8. Actually the Majority of the Country did not want Boris either and after a few years most will not want the lying Boris either - I wonder who paid for his holiday
  9. Perhaps Hojbjerg, Bertrand and Boufal will not move
  10. I agree with what you are saying but in the end we lost missing chances and conceding in the last 15 mins. Were you confident we were going to win when we went 2 1 up I certainly was not and neither was the team Probably we need a couple of players with the winning mentality
  11. For the last few seasons we have missed chances and conceded late goals and not had the rub of the green How you address that I don't know but top teams manage to score late goals and have luck but not us
  12. The squad has improved without any new signings in the last couple of months so it may well do so again in the future with the current squad plus a RB Buying players I don't think is a priority at the moment but it probably will in the summer
  13. Surely he will only improve if he plays in the PL
  14. Ralph did not say that Vokins was the answer he said that if a backup LB was brought in it would obviously in the long term hamper the development of him. There is little point in having an Academy if we dont give the players coming from there a chance.
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