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  1. Yes Brexit did appeal to some racists but the £350m hour or whatever it was for the NHS appealed too and there is no evidence the NHS is getting extra funding because of Brexit If you think otherwise do not hesitate to show me
  2. Did it not rain for about 5 days at the end of the 1974 season to rob us of the Championship I remember going to Portsmouth in that season and we comprehensively beat Worcestershire the eventual champions making us odds on to be champions
  3. Any idea why Crane was not picked on a Spinner friendly pitch
  4. Not neccessarily as a draw maybe alright depending on results elsewhere But unlikely
  5. Before or after we win Notts 105-8 Next week at Lancs will be interesting Any News on Abbott?
  6. Last time I looked we were nearly 100 with no wickets down after bowling Notts out for 155 Must have a decent chance of winning I would have thought
  7. Other people could well be better than you at spotting a good player they do exist you know
  8. He is obviously a class above Adams and Armstrong and should be playing regularly providing he is fully fit for the PL
  9. It will only look brightr if we start winning games and clubs like Palace Watford Burnley Norwich Brentford do not
  10. What issue ? He is just fullfilling his contract is he not he had a horrible injury and some mental health issues and I believe his contract was amended but when he signed his contract he was a decent keeper was he not
  11. Well of course somebody has to be the worst link in a team like somebody has to be the best McArthy is far from being a liabilty but playing the system which Ralph is playing he is going to have more activity than say in a team managed by Puel I agree the GK position is not good but that was caused by the ridiculous decision to buy Gunn some years ago and the problems encountered by Forster but we have to live with the situation this season I do not agree that giving Mcarthy an extension to his contract is mind boggling if he is No 2 next season when we get
  12. They are not shit especially McArthy who is one of the best goalkeepers in England as most PL keepers are foreign They are good but not outstanding in one of the most competive leagues in the world They play in a team which sometimes does well but usually finishes nearer the bottom than the top. That is the way it has been ever since we have been in the top division I accept this fact and over the last fifty years and lived with it We are just not going to be a really successful team because we do not have enough fans or money
  13. I thought it was a really good game and a decent result it woulfd be a funny old game if defenders made no mistakes and there were hardly any goals
  14. Not sure that Hart was a long serving member of the squad unlike Forster who has been here for ages and is the designated Number 2 and is coming to the end of his contract
  15. Your comments regarding man management do not seem to be helpful and could be counter productive with other squad members In fact to many they may well be considered to be a load of Old Pony
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