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  1. John B

    Guido Carrillo

    Well I have been following Saints for over 60 Years and cannot think of a worse one.
  2. John B

    Wesley Hoedt

    What about Forren he never actually played but still plays for Norway
  3. John B

    Wesley Hoedt

    I don't think so Hoedt seemed to be a typical Saints signing fairly young and a Dutch international Thought he played OK at the start but he fell away unfortunately
  4. Only a fool like you would vote for something which was ill defined you still have no real idea what you voted for. by leaving the EU What a plonker you are
  5. Most remain voters have some idea of the harm done to the UK on leaving but Brexiteers cant even describe what the benefits of leaving actually are. Brexiteers are moaning about the need for extra parking in Kent as well as the extra costs to go to Europe with regard to Car and Health insurance depreciation of the pound and increase times involved in going through customs
  6. Yes I agree that that signing was probably the worst one in the 60 years I have been following the Saints and is just one of those things But Brexit affects me and my family and makes most of us worse off with no tangible benefits
  7. Brexit is the biggest and most absurd waste of money in history, splurging £ billions to make Britain poorer. At some point I hope that there will be some recognition that all of the people who said that leaving the EU would mean additional cost and bureaucracy for businesses were right and those who spent the past years peddling fantastical solutions that don’t exist were not.
  8. At its heart Brexit is a xenophobic project, where liars and cheats preyed on the false narrative that foreigners were taking British sovereignty and jobs. When the jobs are gone they won't come back, and not a single thing of good will come in return.
  9. The so called slogans were lies easily believed by ignorant bigots and racists
  10. Would love to see Brentford in the PL Used to live and work in the area for 45 years watched them loads of times They were the first team I saw at the Dell in the Football Combination in 1962 I think Gerry Cakebread was in goal
  11. John B

    BLM & Football

    Are you trying to making excuses for racist behavior of the police? There is racist behavior through out British society why dont you want to stop it. There is also inequality through out British society too which most people are not interested in especially the Tory Government which through its austerity programme has caused untold harm
  12. I see Valery is the latest scape goat
  13. Remember the border down the Irish Sea that was Project Fear? Or the lack of people to pick our fruit and vegetables that was Project Fear? Or the lowering of food standards to get a US deal that was Project Fear? Are you beginning to get the message?
  14. I don't believe that Everton have ever been relegated along with Arsenal All other clubs have been relegated I doubt we will go down this season but of course we may do so
  15. To be expected I don't understand how most expected us to win away I felt a draw would be a decent result
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