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  1. Picard

    Phil Spector

    BBC in trouble because their original headline didn't mention he was a murderer.
  2. It will be similar to what happened to anti-Trumpers when he got elected. You see how crazy the TSD sufferers have been the last four years.
  3. I think you will find this is not correct. Wiki has first breach at 12.53 and Trump finished at 1.10
  4. Regarding Georgia do both seats go to the same party or can there be one each?
  5. I wonder why Twitter haven't banned him?
  6. That will surely be a record.
  7. Perhaps a player's home FA should judge such cases ,which would understand the context.
  8. Do you know how laws are passed in America?
  9. How did you manage to come across that?
  10. Hmm, some Democrats not accepting election results... Iowa Democrat to challenge 6-vote loss in appeal to US House
  11. V hard to be top again playing on Mondays.
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