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  1. It is free to view on Sky sports cricket YouTube even in France
  2. It's going to be hard to significantly increase the run rate the way Glam are batting even if Hants win.
  3. Hants playing a double header on Friday so they might need them. With England, India and several counties already having Covid problems I wonder how much cricket will actually get played this summer when restrictions are lifted.
  4. If Hants can get to 400 for 2 in 110 overs they won't even need to win the match.
  5. Picard


    I googled and found this: Lancet article on Japan vaccination
  6. Southampton must be the wettest town in England over the last two months.
  7. It was discussed a bit in the pre-match show, but they weren't giving much away. Just that it was more of a divorce than a friendly parting of the ways.
  8. Did they score themselves?
  9. Looks like Abbott and de Grandhomme will be the overseas players for the last 2 group games. After that I expect it depends on which final group Hants are in on who they get as an overseas player. Some good NZ players around for the next 2 championship games. Conway at Somerset and Jamieson at Surrey could be enough to get the top 2 places.
  10. The change is only for European competitions not domestic ones.
  11. Picard


    Is this true?
  12. Good score but will need good bowling to defend it on this ground.
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