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  1. Don't be a dick. He's posting the press conference info on the build up thread, he doesn't need a point.
  2. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/womens-sport/2020/04/24/super-striker-sue-lopez-paved-way-professionals/ Hadn't heard of Sue Lopez but found this interesting ( and quite sad) article. Seems she was quite the pioneer
  3. I'm not sure you mean to be but your hilarious with your 70s throwback character, all 'pony', 'chicks', 'up and at em', 'man up' 'hey woman iron my shirt I'm of to the pub to play skittles'. You should take it to the Edinburgh fringe.
  4. maysie

    Adam Armstrong

    Oooh, just seen that headed chance, didn't realise what a chance that was sitting at the other end. Looks like he got caught in two minds. ...but he looks decent to me, most strikers miss chances.
  5. Do you ever give it a break?
  6. https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/2021-08-16/tickets-southampton-fc-update-on-202122-season-tickets?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=tic-season tickets-2021&utm_term=season ticket delivery update&utm_content=image
  7. Seems to be contradicting himself there. Clinical with the ball in behind but never scored a one on one. Maybe I've misunderstood.
  8. Just read that Ralph worked with one of Chelseas coaches Zsolt Low at Lepzig for two years. Might be why we are seeing a bit of business with them... https://www.si.com/soccer/chelsea/news/southampton-boss-ralph-hasenhüttl-hails-impact-of-former-leipzig-assistant-zsolt-lőw-at-chelsea
  9. Messi seen in La Regatta tonight!
  10. Thanks will check it out!
  11. Got a season ticket but have quite got use to watching each game live after covid. What's everyone's tips for streaming, get a package of some sort or just stream through websites? Any ones that are reliable?
  12. To be honest, I've given up using pre season of being an indicator for form. I usually go to one each season then regret it as they're usually crap, didn't bother this year..
  13. Seems to have an energy that was missing for us at the end... Suppose it happens, players need a change of scenery sometimes.
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