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  1. So you see the reason for taking 4 RB's?
  2. Yep official now Ward Prowse omitted. Got 4 right backs though 🙄
  3. Player of the season? Technically so good today with manipulation of the ball and the use of his body. His directness gets us up the pitch so quick too. Personally didn't think he was up to CM role as didn't think he had the discipline but him and JWP building up a good partnership.
  4. Just managed to get in and get mine too!
  5. Yep and when you phone the ticket office it just hangs up. They really are shit at this aren't they.
  6. Lol, credit for persevering with the character bio
  7. @Chapel End, @SKD Stop please just stop. You're bromance is the most annoying thing in the forum currently
  8. I see the resident nob heads are at it again... So anyone out there excited about the semi final? I am, few beers with my brother and old man. Yes Leicester are favourites but stranger things have happened.
  9. That comment from him had me in stitches. What a bellend. Another weird bit was Ward Prowses strike, no comment on it being a great strike just repeatedly saying "never a goal". Yep we don't need you to do the goal line technologies job buddy.
  10. Guys give it a rest this stuff is dull as fuck
  11. The people running the club have no money as the owner has none.
  12. That's not my point. He doesn't react quickly enough and makes the change after the other team takes control
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