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  1. Not me and I think the lack of replies means that they prob haven't started. Renewed 3 tickets over the phone with card and still no £35 discount voucher thing despite also filling in the online form. Sent an email in the end today as tried ringing Tues Wed to no avail. The club really aren't very good at this kind of thing. I know it's difficult times etc, but £1250 is a lot of money so they shouldn't make it this hard.
  2. Anyone know when we will get refunds for Spurs game?
  3. https://twitter.com/solentsport/status/1307670099793510401?s=09 Listening to this seems like Ralph is expecting us to drop when there is no pressure on the ball. Players not intelligent enough to realise?
  4. https://twitter.com/SouthamptonFC/status/1293593073474310148?s=19
  5. Sorry meant 5lto reply to highlights post
  6. Weird. At the game I thought we had been cheated by the ref and defended valiantly. Just watched that and we were lucky not to get thrashed.
  7. Can't believe this hasn't been commented on. Is this common knowledge that I have missed?
  8. Yeah spot on. Need to keep that loser far away from our club.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07vw9yf/player Ralphs reaction. I agree with him
  10. Would people be happier if we lost 3-0? That was what I was expecting beforehand..
  11. I didn't manage to catch the game but from what I heard from end of commentary on Solent was that we were much better, lots of effort and pack to Ralph's early pressing the opposition in their half? That's all I've been asking for really. ...but reading on here it sounds like we were weak and ****e?
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