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  1. I can’t remember watching so many entertaining Saints matches on TV ever !
  2. Today they are saying they have made £150 Million for transfers ...... Pep thinks ManC deserve an apology now ! What planet is he on ? If it were Saints we would be banned and relegated and fined at least.
  3. Problem for me is the findings were that , yes ManC did pump money into the club via sponsorship by firms that were part of ManC owners . Then ManC were quilty of obstructing the investigation and being uncooperative but it was 5 years ago so now doesn’t count ?
  4. Difficult to believe they got away with a small fine . UEFA , where do they go from here ? All those massive payments to have your name attached to ManC were just fine !
  5. I wonder how many leave voters will be pleased that 1. They will need medical insurance when travelling to EU or pay privately if they get ill .2. Will mind paying 15% import duty on goods from EU. 3. Will appreciate non EU migrants being given preferable treatment for top jobs in the UK under Patel 's new rules. 4. Will enjoy working in the fields or in Care Homes as they can't employ migrants. 5. Will mind queueing on the M20 while 10k lorries go through the new customs post at Ashford etc etc
  6. Seems to have gone back to his indecisive ways , getting in good positions but final ball poor wether a shot or pass .
  7. Looking at stats Shilton scored one goal And that was for Leicester in 67/68 . I thought Eric Martin but he didn’t score for us according to Saints players website !
  8. They are neighbours I thought ! I think he is suggesting he doesn’t want Lallana to get injured so he can leave on a free when his contract ends .
  9. BTW interesting article in Guardian today about Paul Parker and his experiences , local club WHU he avoided as they were a racist club plus the chief scout was a known racist .so made his start at Fulham and progressed to ManU via QPR then England . His view seems to be make your mark by being successful not protesting.
  10. What we can all agree about is there are a lot of people out there who are genuinely dim . Statues ? Yes let’s attack all statues regardless. Spray slogans on memorials ? Yes let spray slogans on any memorial . Etc ....
  11. I can’t believe our defending in this match , haven’t seen anything like it for years!
  12. Well it then showed me as a member but couldn’t post at all , so signed up via new painless subs system which is excellent!
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