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  1. Still managed a yellow card for a non existent foul caused by Chelsea play acting .
  2. Chelsea v Man City very tight match so far , pitch seems very crowded !
  3. Or stop factory farming cattle or don’t eat any fast food from multinational chains , tick.
  4. Well said CBF . We avoid buying anything with palm oil in it due to destruction of the ancient rain forests assosiated with it . It wasn't listed as a separate ingredient until recently , before that it was disguised under vegetable oils . Not much but you have to start somewhere. Eco fuel is now being promoted by the Govt unfortunately to produce said food based fuel additive it involves using land that is required for food producion and also encourages the destruction of ancient rain forests . Likewise soya beans ! Lets go for electric cars , unfortunately same large energy use to
  5. Chambers at RB ! Cedric on bench !
  6. Have to see what Forster says apparently.......
  7. As we know nothing is decided until the 'Fat Lady sings'
  8. Of course We don't feel good about ourselves by making our voices heard but the point should be made rather than just shrugging the shoulders and saying there is nothing we can do . FIFA and Olympic commitee corruption is at the heart of these decisions which is an ongoing disgrace but Bread and Circus's keep the Hoi Poloi entertained and 'Happy' so thats's alright then .
  9. I think it is inportant for people to make their point at least those in charge will be aware even if they ignore it . How much better it would have been if Blair had taken notice of the marches against the 2nd Gulf war , for him and all those people who died in that war and the fact that it made us a bigger target . Slave type conditions in the middle east are normal , people cannot escape as their bosses have their passports and local laws allow their exploitation . Zero contracts , constant monitoring of individuals via computers governing their comfort breaks etc etc , which are
  10. What if Lallana is kissing the badge at the time , that would change the point of reference .
  11. We all know this is “sportswashing” as already deployed by China , Russia , Saudi Arabia , Bahrain etc not only that but it is too hot to play sport outdoors and they have no football heritage.
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