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  1. He certainly had a few games at the begining where not much came off for him or the team with miskicks etc , once he settled he looked like a good player, At the end he wanted to leave and started to arrive late for training etc and only seemed to have a good game against a potential suitor , which he then got flack for . We knew he was a good player but he wanted to move on . He has built on his time at Saints and has looked class .
  2. The hedgerows here are laden with berries sure sign of a hard winter !
  3. Got a feeling L pool will thrash the Arsenal tonight
  4. The fact that MOTD showed about 5 mins of highlights says it all .
  5. OK we’ll agree to agree then !
  6. Watching MOTD Pogba tugged one shoulder briefly then the other , player goes down VAR says no pen OK but further slow motion shows Pogbas knee banging into the back of the forwards knee so a pen ! I think it is as bad if not worse than before VAR . Regardless if “that is the rule this season “ arguement . I think that a lot of VAR incidents would soon be forgotten in the match and make it more coherent overall. At the moment it’s spoiling the enjoyment IMHO.
  7. Had to laugh at City , pity Vardy got 3 ...... BTW Bruce thought handball nonsense a joke even though it gave them a draw . ( laugh at Mourinio saying spurs should be shown some respect over same incident )
  8. No they havent it's a total lottery , as pointed out in slow motion it looks bad but real time impossible to avoid arm contact. As for giving pen after "final" whistle FFS . Plus rediculous no flagging rule until it's all over WTF . In most cases no appeal has been made by the players about a handball . Getting to the point where fans will give up watching
  9. Lineker did qualify the stat by saying "in a top flight match" so I assume Div 1 / Prem but I don't know what matches we won in 06 and 07 ......
  10. See page 8 of site issues thread for final straw post and page 9 for the banishment post by SG !
  11. Weren’t Saints interested in Shaqiri before ? Not sure he would improve our defence
  12. I think if the ball hits the short shirt sleeve it is not a handball now !
  13. Far from making VAR better we now have ridiculous handball decisions, totally inconsistent between matches .
  14. Today Fergie time with knobs on ! Totally undeserved asusual !
  15. MLG obviously needs therapy. On another board I pointed out the poster kept on and on until the other poster gave up ha ha . He still had to post again to say he didn't do that a couple of times , my answer being QED. Still posted again denying it !
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