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  1. BTW interesting article in Guardian today about Paul Parker and his experiences , local club WHU he avoided as they were a racist club plus the chief scout was a known racist .so made his start at Fulham and progressed to ManU via QPR then England . His view seems to be make your mark by being successful not protesting.
  2. What we can all agree about is there are a lot of people out there who are genuinely dim . Statues ? Yes let’s attack all statues regardless. Spray slogans on memorials ? Yes let spray slogans on any memorial . Etc ....
  3. I can’t believe our defending in this match , haven’t seen anything like it for years!
  4. Well it then showed me as a member but couldn’t post at all , so signed up via new painless subs system which is excellent!
  5. Another 2 debatable VAR decisions in the ManU match , pen against MU handball? And offside against MU when they scored. The line that we were shown on the VAR replay had a line so wide it covered both players feet ! I feel that is correct re the offside but previously this season it would have been ruled out.
  6. It’s just past renewal , only one button available, ‘cancel subscription’ .
  7. Tried that link but just shows when subs ended but no clue how to renew !
  8. East Kent Saint


    My automatic thought when JWP was lining up for a freekick was , this will look good but probably won't be a goal ! so stats disprove this ! ( I a bit like , only FF to beat , oh no)
  9. Andres Townsend calling out BLM Now , apart from the supporting the discrimination bit .
  10. Back to Wigan , Guardian saying the first HK Company who bought Wigan a few weeks ago have now resold it to another HK Co (Chairman involved in both Co 's ) for a profit plus repayment of all monies , loans etc and then put the club owned by this new company into administration ! What ??
  11. When we joined the European Economic Community with a 2/3rds majority of voters that actually voted , free movement etc wasn’t on the adgenda . That happened in later agreements IIRC.
  12. The migrant thing has kind of petered out now apart from a mention of boat people landing in Kent . It is more concerning where we will be going with Brexit next year. Cheap imports of food could destroy our farmers just when Cov19 means we need more food security. Plus Boris seems to have forgotten all the promises about maintaining standards. I suspect we will continue to slide down the rich country list having gone from 4th to 6th already and seen as easy pickings now we are not backed by the large trade block of the EU that Putin and Trump want to break up.
  13. Wigan was bought 4 weeks ago by a HK consortium, now they’ve gone bust !
  14. Apparently back in the day members of the C of E made a mint by owning plantations/ slaves . Then they were paid enough compensation when slavery was “abolished” that they could afford to build new churches !
  15. Think they were pointing out that Jesus is being portrayed as a white Caucasian when he was from the Middle East but I suspect you are over exaggerating to make a point !
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