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  1. His motivation was approval by the dictators in charge to invest in football and get a toe in the money go round with the kudos of football success , they decided that too much money was being exported from China so blocked money transfers . GAO then had to fund the purchase of Saints by borrowing money outside of China . He is now in a bind . The dictators are suggesting that selling at a loss would be a loss of face so Gao could well end up in prison if he does sell out. You couldn’t make it up but it is how it is so we are stuck .
  2. I think he was responding to the Chinese dictatorship that encouraged such investment, they then decided it had gone over the top with ridiculous amounts of money being ploughed in with no benefit . Now if GAO sells up he may be targeted for making the Dictators look foolish and end up in prison as a result so he is trapped …
  3. Quite , they all should have the choice, the Norwegian softball team were fined for wearing shorts not bikini bottoms in the recent beach softball competition. This sexism should be eradicated from sport before people make the link between ISIS or the Taliban and OUR treatment of women.
  4. Having been “forced” to watch gymnastics In Tokyo I thought being a judge would be ideal for MLG . They get docked 0.2 points for “not fully extending the foot “ or “ not quite raising the leg high enough to be as high as the head” etc ! I struggle to watch without feeling like a perv , hopefully the women will be allowed to wear body suits in future , I remember the total disgrace Blatter saying women footballers should wear tight shorts to make their games more appealing, spew …
  5. I think we can accept light hearted comments on here without going over the top !
  6. Snobbily ? I’m sure a few Saints fans would like a proven centre back to sort the defence out . No myth at all you just can’t resist being contrary then introducing another tangent to distract from your over reaction.
  7. The WHU tag is because despite all their bluster they ended up signing older “proven” players . I can see why Moyes might have a soft spot for him though , a bit of a Walcott signing Ha Ha .
  8. You forgot about him for good reason !
  9. Rule 1 : Don’t feed the troll ! (No not “No Pooftas”)
  10. He didn't want to stay here first time round , he wouldn't have come back her either !
  11. The youngsters are getting the Pfizer jab instead of the AZ
  12. We already have a divided society , it has always been that way . If you are rich and privileged you can behave how you like , the rest of us just have to suck it up . You can buy a passport to most countries these days if you are rich enough . You can fly to America and back during Covid if you have the privilege , ie people like Farage ! You can stash all you millions in an off shore tax haven in a blind trust if you are the Chancellor of the exchequer , you can buy a £50M flat in London registered to an off shore trust and avoid council tax if you are rich enough . If you sit on the govt co
  13. Well as long as only every other seat is used for social distance and we all promise not to cheer the team as it could spread Covid it should be alright …. Esp in our usual seats in the Kingsland .
  14. Even Kane isn’t starting the season apparently!
  15. Look this is Boris we are dealing with here , no doubt it will all change before football gets going again . Today he was saying anyone who has been a victim of a crime will be given the investigators name and contact number Ha Ha Ha ! A bit like Patel’s we have control of our borders Ha Ha Ha ! To JRM yes people do need the jab . We could go the Black Death route but even that involved moving to the country and isolation !
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