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  1. Turkish , you seem to be getting increasingly bizarre . Many of your postings seem to come from Bannon / Trump play book (as they say these days) plus decades old right wing shout outs . These days people have unsecure jobs , often with no specified hours , no sick pay or holiday entitlements , living in flats with flammable cladding , due to corrupt building firms , which are forcing them to declare bankruptcy. You need to reset your agenda. I’ll await your reply of replying to a different theme and attacking me with an irrelevance.
  2. I have got used to her now and I find Gabby OK as well . Perhaps it is the thought of a strong woman ?'
  3. His problem at Arsenal was he didn't score loads of goals al a Henry but in our team he seems to be a good addition to the team , not fantastic but then he wouldn't be at Saints if he was . Better option than Long at the moment.
  4. I thought last season , when I watched him at St Mary’s , that he was jogging around up front . Watching MOTD he was picked out for his linking play and as instigator of most of our attacks ! He is always trying , likes to nutmeg the keeper but doesn’t always succeed. Since then he has become first on the team sheet .
  5. Benitez leaves Chinese club , available for Chelsea ?
  6. He's currently in Forren country !
  7. but now he's not getting a game at Inter and even a loan deal looks unlikely due to £300K / week wages .
  8. Yep City 28 shots 9 on target 0 goals ! Oh 2 goals now one an iffy possible offside and penalty for crazy handball
  9. Chelsea only lasted 6 min before Leicester scored 😃
  10. No , the fact that it went right in the corner was more due to way he hit the ball off balance so a bit of a fluke !
  11. I saw it that Stephens pressurised Maddison so much that when he took his shot he was so off balance it was sliced into the corner of the goal so it was a bit of a fluke rather than goal of the century so Jack’s alright after all .
  12. Would Maddison’s shot been so unsaveable if he wasn’t off balance as he hit it ! what is it with Stephens when he gives the ball away ? Does he just see a gap but not the opposition player ? Is it timing or a slow brain?
  13. We can all live together in harmony until something kicks off ie Serbia/Bosnia where neighbours suddenly think it’s a good idea to kill them then burn their houses down . Racist or racism ? I would say Racist but no more than most countries. I suggest that we are all tribal , I am not exposed much to racism as I am white and most people I live around are as well but I still hear the odd racist comments.
  14. Your idea that the UK isn’t racist is still laughable even if you keep repeating it. Gang violence is such a difficult problem to deal with , it’s not so simple at all as just clamping down on gangs by our , defunded by the Tories , police but a massive social issue. I like most people find the level of violence beyond belief but it still happens. we agree that the Prem cocked up by not making their own gesture against racism as Taking the Knee was specific to USA . Standing for the Stars and Stripes before games with hand on heart was what kneeling as a gesture made the point . The po
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