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  1. There was def another team a few seasons back that had to bring in an emergency keeper
  2. Brentford nearly get 3 points but ….. still on 16 pts with Saints ! Ok I give up now 😀
  3. It’s football , that’s what happens….
  4. Look my heart sank when 2 points suddenly went out the window as well but ….
  5. Wolves thought they’d got a point as well yesterday but the ball came down nicely for Origi …..
  6. Who knew where the ball was breaking to ? When he saw in coming down in the area he ran back out …..
  7. He probably tried to stay on to protect the young reserve keeper plus in the past keepers have played on with others taking the goal kicks or in extremes a broken neck !
  8. He ran back when the kick was taken and rushed out again , hardly parking on the line !
  9. It was obviously disappointing losing 2 points at the death but to heap blame on McCarthy and JWP for what happened is over the top , the ball could have gone anywhere after it hit the wall , Mc C or JWP could have kept it out and been the hero ! or the reserve keeper could have faced the free kick and let it in etc We seem to getting a bit desparate as fans ....
  10. Apparently Delia's husband does all the cooking now !
  11. Well done Whelk you’ve got him a goal 😆
  12. Slightly overrated as a player (had fantastic games now and then like Pogba) has done ok at Rangers but Villa is a challenge beyond Rangers . I think he realised at Rangers (like Celtic) that they don’t have the money.
  13. My experience of employees that are a bit half arsed is that they make an effort for a short period after being bollocked but they are basically that half arsed person full stop.
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