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  1. Quite - which means KL's investment will be repaid by whoever buys the club or her portion of it - the money does not come out of the club's coffers. This isn't to say that whoever buys might not force the club to pay it at a later date by converting that equity back into debt.
  2. If it's good enough for Donald Trump Jnr (on Cameo; if you're interested he'll knock one out for you, Turkish, Hypochondriac et al) then it's good enough for MLT
  3. How about giving the feeble culture wars garbage a rest and watch the football?
  4. Verbal

    GB News

    If you cancel your Licence fee direct debit I'll happily shop you if you like.
  5. Brainwashed by Marxists, right?
  6. Cogito ergo sum, sunshine
  7. Marxists 1 Knuckle-draggers 0
  8. Verbal

    LD Sports

    That's not always the case but it happens often enough. LD Sports always looked like a textbook sham company. This surely must have been obvious to the club. No one's really got to the bottom of why it was formed in the first place - but if it was to take money out of the club then maybe it's no longer a mystery. But how did they do this? And there's still another question about the links, if any, between LD Sorts and Gao. One thing's likely though - the club isn't going to see its money again.
  9. It's for 'grass-roots' football. That could be us soon - so chin up!
  10. Could you possibly rearrange your post into a coherent thought? What are you saying?
  11. This is Southgate we're talking about, not Wittgenstein.
  12. https://www.saintsweb.co.uk/topic/58771-southampton-a-statistical-analysis-2021-edition/
  13. Or Ings' back-up, given last season's injury record. Presumably it's in large part because of Armstrong that Blackburn's final table position so off-kilter - finishing 15th but with a GD of +11, and scoring more goals as a team than second-placed Watford.
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