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  1. Are there the signs of a strong striking partnership emerging between Walcott and Adams? Seems so from these last two games...
  2. Text book Facebook echo chamber. Combined, as I say, with complete inoculation from the severe damage that withdrawal is actually causing. Your radicalisation is a small wonder to behold. This is probably the only place where your zealotry is challenged - and nothing on here will perpetrate through all that spoonfed sloganising you regurgitate from FB.
  3. Read and be warned. This is what happens to you when you combine a gold-plated pension and Facebook.
  4. Verbal


    Good grief. Never mind.
  5. Verbal


    Nope. Read Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow. Standard qualitative and quantitive methods are examples of 'fast thinking', and are prone to errors and unconscious biases. 'Slow thinking' takes too much time to explain, ironically, but it's worth reading (he won a Nobel for these ideas). Bringing this back to Walcott, there's no intrinsic reason to give less weight to Turkish's analysis than to the 'statistical' approach. Quantitive doesn't trump qualitative.
  6. Please, the two of you - not again. Get a miserable low-ceilinged room.
  7. Verbal


    False binary. Enough 'anecdotes' can add up to evidence. And evidence isn't equal simply to statistics. That would be reductive. The English language gives us the words 'qualitative' and 'quantitive'. Both can add up to evidence, and one form doesn't necessarily have greater weight than the other.
  8. How apt that a Brexit jihadist should use a bomb analogy.
  9. Leave means leave apparently - with a collapsing cardboard box. What a metaphor for Brexiter wet dreams.
  10. I know! In the words of Oscar Wilde: We are all in the gutter but he is circling the drain.
  11. WTAF Brian? You done a post and there is literally no way to improve it.
  12. This is the sum total of it. Using the phrase 'coloured people' is a classic bumbling boomer mistake that in itself doesn't add up to that much - though he hardly qualifies for a pass given his position. It's more that he's seemed recently to have managed to combine being devious and incompetent on an epic scale.
  13. Not sure that Biden sources his info from Trumpist-conspiracist Facebook pages.
  14. I love the way GM pretends he writes all this guff. Evidently he's rather plagiarise than acknowledge his limitations. As his hero would say: Sad.
  15. Oh God, the anti-Nostradamus back with his predictions. You all know the rules by now - read and invert.
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