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  1. Is there anything about that word - that word in particular - that you might want to reconsider?
  2. You must be from Yorkshire
  3. MLG's "Fun with Thread Titles"
  4. Verbal


    He was never going to get to Adams, and had already appealed for the offside so was presumably banking on it being called
  5. Is this you? https://twitter.com/i/events/1459130131516112904
  6. Disappointing news. I wanted Lampard at Norwich as much as I wanted Howe at Newcastle and Gerrard at Villa.
  7. Wait until January, by which time Gerrard will have torpedoed the club into the relegation zone
  8. How many premier league teams apart from us are actually up for sale? There must be a few.
  9. Quelle surprise. They just played us and lost.
  10. Did we get a result in that one too?
  11. Is this a thing now? We only judge the team's performance by how they play in the second half?
  12. Just think if it were true though. You could just bounce your way to safety just by sacking the manager every month or so. AKA The Watford Way
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