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  1. Hi We are staying at St Juliens ( I think!) and can easily get into Valletta. You obviously know the area? I know there is a Maltese Saints “group” but don’t have any contact details. Any help is greatly appreciated! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I’m over in Malta for a week including the Spurs away game. Any Malta Saints known which is the pub with the best chance of showing the game? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Before the game a lot of people in the pub were singing "we've got Van Dijk, Virgil Van Dijk, we just don't want u anymore." When it looked like he was coming on as sub today a fair few people started it - but quite a few started singing the versions we all know. Either way it petered out to nothing. There was some booing when he came on but probably not so much that he would notice. Whatever he has done I can't boo him. I just can't boo a Saints player whoever he is. At the end of the game he sort of walked toward us and waved - but didn't come close enough. I think he looked a bit embarrassed and was probably advised not to come too close!! I didn't get the impression of that much hatred toward him. Probably more ambivalence. But there are a lot of unhappy people in our fan base and I reckon he needs to make an apology pretty soon before he begins to get any support from us. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. The Mighty Quo And we love him, we love him, We love him, we love him, We la la la love him, La la la love Score a Goal Manolo Gabi a Dini!!
  5. Fair play to CB Fry - the same superiority complex for years on end - literally years and years - and he actually believes he is intellectually above the rest of us. What condescending routine do you think he's got planned for next summer and next season? Can anyone possibly guess? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. After the game Koeman said he didn't want to risk Toby as he had a slight problem with his hamstring. Not playing him therefore limited his options at the back and so couldn't play a back three. We definitely need Clyne back for Man U. Either in a back four or three with wingbacks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. A good read - except for one bit:- "Without doubt he would flounder in today's game..." Imagine him in Saints current line up - he would still shine!! A good article but IMO he has got that very wrong.
  8. This - 100%. Koeman will be a superb fit for us. We will carry on as before playing good football - probably with a more attacking slant. And he did land at Soton airport yesterday - mate of mine reported it as well. Shaw is gone - but up to 30m for a "non key position" is fantastic compensation. Easily replaceable. Not with someone as good, but as I said, LB is not a key position. SRL - we are selling at just the right time (tho would have been nice after the WC). Again he is replaceable with someone much better. And with fear of getting shot down in flames, I am not convinced his form second half of the season was that good. The critical one is Lallana. God I hope he stays - and if he did we will surely reap the benefits. But if not we will have to bite the bullet and get on with it. There are others out there - but he is the sort of player people pay money to watch. Cork and Fonte should have already been offered contracts. Even if we buy suitable alternatives, they are both still quality premier league players (and Cork was Not far off my top three man of the season last year - especially the last half season.) There is an awful lot of doom and gloom about and we are rightly concerned - but to my mind, we are still not far from having a very good close season. If it all falls into place we can easily Improve on last season. COYR!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. It seems every time a member of the trust speaks to the media they always trot out the tired old line "....biggest fan owned club in the country...." (See the BBC article a couple of posts up for example). Does anyone know how many fan owned clubs there actually are in the country? If there were dozens in the football league alone, then they would arguably have something to bang on about, but I don't believe there are more than one or two (if any??). But if the fan owned clubs are all Conference league / Ryman / Wessex League level clubs then that isn't that much for a fading FL club to head the list and be proud of - though maybe it just shows the level they are heading towards! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I did the trip over the Pontcysilite viaduct a week ago. I have dreadful vertigo but was persuaded to go over on a narrow boat. I thought if I steered the boat then concentration would overcome the panic and fear of the drop either side!! I was doing ok (looking straight ahead and definitely not to the left or right over the sides) when the boat in front decided to stop half way over to take photos. Vertigo kicked in, panic erupted and I had to go below. The problem being that having gone over it once, you then have to turn around and come back over it again - which is worse knowing what it is going to be like!! The viaduct is incredible. The views, when looked through fingers in front of my eyes, are amazing. If you are ok with heights then I would recommend it to anyone. And the narrow boat trip from Llangollen is great fun. Im just not sure you would ever get me going over it again as long as I live!!
  11. The thrust of this sub thread summed up perfectly by the one who actually believes he is being clever. It's funny Turkish, when you talk football you can talk sense. It's the other 95% of your input which is daft. I'm another one who prefers to read the news and gossip on this site rather than get embroiled in the childish point scoring by the well known few. And for the person who earlier said u shouldn't just read this forum if u don't contribute - well I read national newspapers but don't feel the need to write in. What's the difference? Like so many others have said, get rid of the couple of culprits, who revel in their own notoriety, and this site would be so much better. Come on mods - you have been given enough hints!!
  12. Signed. Good luck.
  13. And one thing I forgot - Pompeys best player by a mile was David Connolly. Yes he is old and no way good enough for the Premier League, but his movement and touch caused Coventry all sorts of problems. He really should be playing for a better team. Hopefully he will next season!
  14. I went to the Skates Cov game in the away end yesterday. Thank God that's the last time I will probably ever go to that **** hole again! Cov had their two top scorers missing and were toothless up front. Pompey were just crap all over. Hate to admit it but they probably deserve to win though. Aaron Martin did ok for Cov. He made a couple of mistakes but he is playing with with some very average players alongside him. Skates were too thick to realise he is still with us and didn't give him stick at all from what I could hear. The atmosphere was really quiet till they scored and didn't really get going till they went 2-0 up. So much for the world famous support. It was Mainly their "ner ner ner" songs and that ****ing drum and bell as usual until they burst into "you've got no stadium" to the Cov fans!! Incredible lack of sympathy for fellow skints! It was a Weird, almost sickly feeling mingling with Skates in a Pub before the game. Facial tattoos and ugly women everywhere!! One thing though - there were a few kids in Pompey shirts and I couldn't help thinking at least they support their local team not Man U and Chelsea. I must be going soft! Anyway, back to decent pubs and decent football in a great stadium next week. The Skates are many many miles behind us now and will be for years to come!!
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