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  1. Fair point about celebrating history and honouring various players but personally think the band look better in the same shirts rather than a mish mash from various eras. Never previously rated the Admiral two stripe kit at the time but have to say it looks pretty smart on this, perhaps it's the lack of a sponsor that adds to its appeal. Saints Brass though very impressed for pre-match involvement, but suspect it would get on my tits after a while during a match.
  2. Put him under pressure. Heard he was a bit flakey at times.
  3. I could see Newcastle going for a short term fix till the end of the season though when they'd flex their financial clout a bit more to try and bring in a bigger name. Assumes they stay up of course.
  4. Providing it's not Ken Bailey going round the ground with his flag, and 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' routine. Half expected the thread to be about The Albion Band though.
  5. Impressive stuff, good video MLG. Thanks. Not 'jazzy' enough for a Live & Let Die comparison, this remains far more disciplined and orderly. Good for getting the crowd raised over the next few weeks I hope.
  6. I also saw an article in the last day or so saying both Arsenal and Leicester were interested in signing Elynoussi. I don't suppose Leicester will be too keen to do business with us so soon after taking Bertrand and Vestergaard from us and seeing the value they got for their money. But if they were to give us money for him as well I think they'd rapidly become a favourite club of mine. Don't suppose they want one of our GK's or Long as back up to Schmeichel and Vardy as well.
  7. Do you mean as half time entertainment screened from the centre circle ? Think the Human Rights Lobby might get involved somewhere along the line here.
  8. The other option, although could be under 5.Something else, is a 'corporate takeover' by a company example a Red Bull, or Ineos (although neither likely), or Fuson (at Wolves) rather than an individual or Govt fund. 10 years ago I think we'd been horrified at a corporate takeover but now I think most would be open to it, if it was able to make us competitive (even for 8-10th place finishes - although that isn't going to be an attraction to investors). Just hope it isn't another Secure Retirement ! Ideally, would like a mega wealthy kindly benefactor (as per Marcus) but agree with MLG
  9. Think this is the sort of media frenzy and opportunity to become a celeb that would give a cretin like Mike Dean a 'hard on' frankly. Best wait till he takes his 'personality' into the jungle and "I'm a celebrity..". I'll definitely vote for a couple of kangaroos to have the opportunity of eating his testicles.
  10. I know the point you're making and it's a valid one except the nature of many if not most professional footballers is not to show respect to officials - or anyone else - they've been brought up in pampered environment of "me, me, me..." and how good they are, that's all that matters (other than the falsh lifestyles, tattos etc...). This is nothing new, in the 1960's/70's they would swarm around the ref to contest decisions. More recently the Robbie Savage incident of bursting in the refs changing room for a dump before the game... an incident seemingly airbrushed from history since h
  11. Badger

    The olden days

    Remember the Dockers Enclosure, under the old East Stand, the bar open till the start of the second half; most people drinking ( a lot) and those who weren't didn't object to those who were. Some choice language not for the sensitive little flowers of today, and often a hearty sing-song in the second half after a skin full of drink. Happy days.
  12. True, although Grealish might be attracted by the nightlife. Keegan didn't have too much trouble attracting players to Newcastle I recall.
  13. But that's the thing, true supporters don't. Something the people who run the clubs play on and exploit.
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