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  1. Badger


    McCarthy is easily the best option avaialble to us out of the three.
  2. Three points are worth more than a good performance and I'll happily take them. The performance though does not inspire too much hope for the weeks ahead without Ralph being able to bring in reinforcements. But if we are able to grind out a few decent results it may lift team confidence again.
  3. Thinks he's in a shop window perhaps....
  4. Yes, it could be SISU but with the veneer of Miami over it. Think Red Bull are probably the only ones vaguely mentioned * with a decent pedigree and track record. Ratcliffe and Ineos possibly decent owners but they've previously discounted buying an EPL club just yet. *okay, I know they probably even aren't in the frame or interested but just adding their name for comparison purposes
  5. Would leave us pretty 'short' of options, unles RH has another CB lined up.
  6. "penny pinching West Ham" ! After what they've frittered away over the last few season ?
  7. Perhaps need an arrangement with a Dutch/Belgian club as a bit of a "nursery" for them then.
  8. Fully accept S-Clarke's view regarding the need to strengthen in that position, and yes Youtube is a very limited source and can't be relied on. Having said that I and many other were able to conclude that Carillo was a donkey from the clips of him, and he fully lived up to expectation. Perhaps should have phrased it differently, in that he doesn't look anything special in the clips shown.
  9. This has to be the motivation behind it and a good move. How many players from Africa do we see mentioned having already established themselves in decent European teams, Leipzig and Salzburg seem to do well from there.
  10. Is he ? The youtube clip doesn't look that spectacular and for the money talked of Rashica was mentioned in the same region. Someone who has played in a far bettter league.
  11. Monaco have Paul Mitchell as their Sporting Director, presumably in charge of recruitment. Who is our DoR again, or what happened to the appointment of one ?
  12. Article contains this : Somehow can't see staying in Austria for a captain's armband in preference to the lure of EPL ...So suspect the entire article is bollocks.
  13. Wasn't Jackson linked with Barry the Briefcase ? Pinnacle of course had the full financial backing of Micky Fialka (or similar).
  14. If we've got the £20m sloshing around for Cabral, why not just go all out for Rashica who has a decent track record in a stronger league ? Answering my own question, I doubt we've got £20m, and probably not intested in Cabral either.
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