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  1. Don't forget the winger Piper , from Leicester I think. WGS pursued him but he chose Sunderland instead. Probably played less than half a season before injury ended his career. (Await someone to provide 'butterfly theory' that this doesn't mean he'd have had the same injury with us and could have become a world beater if he'd come to Saints).
  2. Two ways of interpreting the original story about Augustin, and Leeds. Did we 'dodge a bullet' by: Not going for Augustin ? Not allowing Adams to go there on promise of Leeds signing him if they were promoted ? Possibly both.
  3. I think there was some truth in the Bierhoff rumours as I recall Rupert Lowe acknowledging that we had held discussion with his representatives at one point but due to age and wages we didn't pursue it.
  4. Badger

    Hong Kong

    I expect a fair few of the more skilled population will end up in Australia, and the US. Australia in particular will be selective in allowing entry, the rest will probably end up here, irrespective of what, if anything they bring. So that's homes and jobs for the best part of up to 3m that Boris and Co have to magic up at a time of crisis.
  5. Life's a bugger when you're at the wrong end of the table. Just thankful it's West Ham and not us.
  6. Wonder if AFCB will call for the cavalry and ditch Eddie. What's that blokes name in Sandbanks who specialises in rescue job ? Probably a bit late for him, and a £60m rescue package without a transfer window to save them in.
  7. Leicester slipping on their proverbial arses. Not like a team of Brendan's to throw it away when glory is within their grasp. Apart from at Celtic where they were unchallenged during the domestic season.
  8. Steklenburg also had a good season under Koeman at Everton after he left Saints. Another GK that appeared to underperform with us.
  9. Badger


    He does look a £35m player on there though.
  10. Badger


    Not sure I recognise Hojberg from this: Doesn't tally with some of descriptions on here or some of the performances I've witnessed from him. Selective editing, or perhaps he's misjudged. Probably somewhere in between.
  11. Can't blame him for accepting it, the anger should be reserved for the stupid bald twat who offered it to him. Step forward, Les Bunsen. Not sure you can get away with booing him you're bound to upset someone by doing so.
  12. Badger

    20/21 Kit

    Not sure if those concepts were intended as a home, away and possibly third kit, but if so then their "imagination" wasn't great as all feature red. I'm with you on either red and white stripes (front and back) or keegan era. I like the red sash on white but would reserve that for anniversaries or specials. Aside from the red sash on white I'm not a fan of the design in other colours (looks too much like a Thunderbirds costume - showing my age). Away kit - would like a return to amber and black, and don't mind the sky/navy (esp the 'keegan' design). Yellow and blue has been done to death by us and every other club since the 1970's.
  13. Ajer would be better although he's likely to have better options, and possibly chance to join Brendan at Leicester.
  14. Hope Bournemouth pull clear but given their form, and fixtures coming up can't see where the points will come from, but a few years ago we all thought Leicester had "gone". Of the others, hoping Villa and West Ham join Norwich (already booked for it). But expect it to be Norwich, Villa & Bournemouth. Coming up hope would like - WBA (decent away fixture), Brentford & Fulham, but expect it to be Leeds, WBA & no idea on the third.
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