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  1. Or a Keegan era as below... Black shorts. Sorted.
  2. Made me chuckle... along with the story that people though the lyric was "She's a muscular boy.." which didn't sit comfortably in the 1960's !
  3. Generally pleased with the news, just hope they don't employ some retard to design it and uphold the standards of their earlier designs. Should be more purpose designed for Saints than having a Nike/Addidas template
  4. I'm not sure they do have a smaller group of teams, if anything I think they have more including several in the Championship and lower (Bristol City, Northampton spring to mind, and as shown on this thread a few in Europe - FC Emmen a good example in more ways than one). Not sure the Coventry kit would be good for us as a home design, as it'll look like a blend of red and pink from a distance to rival ManCity's fruit salad away kit.
  5. Thought his career never recovered on leaving Herman's Hermits to be honest.
  6. Stoke fan I know spoke highly of this lad Bursik on his form since coming back to the club so Gunn may be pushed further down the pecking order.
  7. Better still give to Ings first in case it runs out of ink.
  8. Why ??? I understand this is a season like no other (since the last one) and things are being done differently but it seems that they wish to reduce the status of the competition by any means possible. Having the two rounds drawn together detracts from it for me. Great if it shows a path through to R6 and the Quarter Finals, but a disincentive if the 'prize' for winning R4 is an away match at Anfield or the like.
  9. His Jonno Quick moment...
  10. What became of John Sharpe, and was he a full back ?
  11. I read that and questioned it in my mind, but have a vague recollection of a full back called Sharpe at one point, can't recall it was Graham though, was there a Tim Sharpe ? Not to be confused with Graeme Sharp at Everton. Didn't realise Steve Foster was ever with us, might go to explain some of the hatred (on top of being skate of course).
  12. Oh good, Karen Carney as pundit for the Leeds match.Wonder if she can piss the Leeds fans off a bit more than she has already.
  13. Have just read up on Carlisle in 1974/5 season. They were top after three games, but relegated as finished bottom. To make this Saints related, the Carlisle side that season included John Gorman who became Hoddle’s assistant, and centre half Bill Green (scored their first goal in Division One at Chelsea on the opening day) who was later one of Saints main European scouts.
  14. Before the Premier League era, but I suspect Carlisle might also have been top and bottom of the old Division One the same season. Won their first match away at Chelsea quite comfortably but pretty sure ended bottom of the table. 1974/5 from recollection
  15. Steve Moran though, looked a gray and special talent when he arrived in the scene 1980, and 81, even tipped for the 1982 WC squad, “another Keegan” he was touted as after we beat Man Utd at the Dell (Dec 81). Great shame he never seemed to recover from a back injury to fulfill that potential. Met him once whilst he played for Reading, was quite humble about his time with Saints, saying he was “privileged” to be able to play in that team of Channon, Keegan and Ball.
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