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  1. Badger

    Eric Hassli

    It's a toss up between him and Cosimo Sarli as to the greatest striker who never made the grade with us* Honouroable mention to Andrei Peroplotkin or whatever his name was as well. * as opposed to Oliver Bierhoff, or Drogba as the greatest striker we didn't sign
  2. Yes but in all likelihood the rumours may have just started on the mongboard.
  3. Always felt MLT's prospects with England probably diminished when he rejected the chance to sign for El Spiv at Tottenham. That and the fact he didn't look to spend two-thirds of his disposable income in Scribes nightclub.
  4. A voice of reason, none of which I can strongly disagree with if I put my rational (rather than a tribal football fan) head on. Have met many Scots, generally a great bunch especially over a few beers. The football chat has been great, but the international fixture does change the stance of both parties. I'd also accept the Scot's annoyance at the media and when they make reference to "1966" at the earliest opportunity in the commentary- I think we Saints fans realise the 'certain match' syndrome does get on your tits - although on these occasions I expect it's deemed 'the English pr
  5. We should look to bring in their Head of Recruitment, although unlikely to be interested as RB Salzburg invariably is on the career path to Leipzig who probably operate on a better budget than we do.
  6. Agree with you, probably summarised in a caption on the Telegraph this morning "Scotland brave hearted, England half hearted". Yes, nauseating. We take the piss out of TCWAB down the road for dressing up, yet the news is full of grown men in their 50's and 60's going to a football match dressed for a walk on part in a historical recreation of Bannockburn ( or Culloden but they won't mention that one) complete with head dress etc. I admire their sense of patriotism but grow up ffs. Galling that they display a hostility to the English yet the English media lap it up. Souness wa
  7. Don't seem anything that special to be honest when compared with earlier 'generations'. First time ever ??? This has been similar to the line trotted out for as long as I can remember, certainly since our failure to qualify in 1974. After that we had the emerging talents of Peter Barnes and David Fairclough who would see us through to glory in 1978, we didn't qualify. Around the late 70's the press highlighted the emerging young talented black players (they were allowed to write such stuff then) that gave us an advantage over the rest of Europe with Anderson, Cunningham, and Regi
  8. Have seen articles saying he'll join Flick in the national team set up, but wonder if RH would want to bring him back, or be able to.
  9. Who would we then face by finishing second ?
  10. Who for ? Did think he'd be a good option for us if Ralph had left towards the end of last season.
  11. Thought Ally McCoist did a great job in talking Che's value up for us.
  12. Credit for some originality, but this bloke must be win the Golden Anorak Award, or Euros 2020 Super Nerd Achievement : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-57485487
  13. Dixon & Speedie will score more goals than Danny Ings...
  14. I thought Brighton made a couple of astute signings in Moder and another Polish lad last season. Relatively modest sums on two players linked with bigger clubs. The sort of signing we should be in for.
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