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  1. I concluded a few seasons ago that FF doesn't make "saves" but does "blocks", his favourite one was always with his feet or ankles, often knocking the ball back into the danger zone.
  2. Can't see him gettting Can't see him getting the sort of job he's previously been linked with, Arsenal, Everton etc, Skates will provide him with a 'face saving' route back. Hughton heavily linked with Bristol City. Job for Adkins perhaps ?
  3. Barry the Briefcase has now made it into the nationals: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8582417/British-28-stone-conman-74-spared-jail-fat.html Fat c^nt. Summary: A judge at Southampton Crown Court said jail staff would struggle to get 28-stone Barry Beardall out of bed in the morning
  4. Badger

    20/21 Kit

    Hardly something to complain about, looks better without the logo.
  5. Possibly because they consider Balogun a better prospect, or a better player who might contribute more now.
  6. I for one won't believe any rumours until an estate agent in Winchester hints the player is looking to rent Martin O'Neill's flat.
  7. Not Premier League but going back it'd be hard to beat Channon and Osgood.
  8. How sweet, they've bought a friend for Nivea, to keep him company in the treatment room.
  9. First signing photo wearing a face mask.
  10. Ryan Giggs managed to avoid frendlies..
  11. Name is familiar from the old threads, and trousers photo seems to nail it.
  12. Didn't hear the interview. Did he say he was "relaxed" about it ? If so he's learnt from the Grand Master in the Art of Dither. Was also hoping for headlines about not doing business with North London Yobbos, but unless it's gone unnoticed by the media, he's already failed t the 'Rupert test' to hold office.
  13. Looks like it's also become a bit of a personal issue between him and his club. On top of which Berlin no doubt offers a bit more than Southampton as a city... Perhaps not dissimilar to the Hojberg situation in that our interest (as Everton's) might be being used to try and secure a better deal from Hertha.
  14. Think this is a reworking of a story from last week. Shame really as he looks pretty decent and well suited.
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