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  1. Bloody hell, almost as if the reporter was actually watching the game (unlike Alan Smith or the Boy Lineaker). Whatever next.
  2. Glad someone else saw that I thought perhaps I had dreamed it. Taters tried to claim there was no intent, my arse, Digne had every intention of getting KWP after he had failed to stop him the first time. I suspect the red was actually for the two actions combined, he would probably have got a yellow for the first challenge had play stopped. Digne had the red mist and was going to stop KWP come what may. Should get an extra match suspension for his antics when he left the field.
  3. I suspect Alan Smith (who normally I quite like, mainly because he isn't obsessed by Liverpool) was shocked that he had to pick a Southampton player and realised that he hadn't been watching Saints at all, as he was slobbering over Everton all game. So just tried to remember the name of one of our players. No one had a bad game, but Redmond was probably the worst of a good bunch. Romeu for me (and he didn't even get a yellow card, let alone red).
  4. I think I'm right in saying that Oriol has never had a red card in the PL for Saints, not even a double yellow. So why is this a nailed on red card game?
  5. Former Bristol City and Watford Academy Coach. Brought in last year by Ross Wilson as assistant to Radhi Jaidi, took over the u23s when Radhi went on his sabbatical.
  6. New posts? Part of Crocker's reorganisation probably.
  7. It only takes an injury or positive.ovid test for either Lewis or Latham to be on the bench. Good to see the club have remembered that Sam McQueen is still on the books.
  8. He didn't, he said he is not so good in the air attacking wise. Vest was stooping and on his knees when he flicked on Walcott's cross/strike. Hardly "in the air".
  9. True, but it was fecking difficult to watch with the (lack of) editing.
  10. Salisu and Diallo are u21. Walcott is in the list, #32, just below Armstrong Squad is threadbare, when you consider how many keepers are there, long term injuries (doubt we will register McQueen, is he really still at the club?). I know we have u21s as well, but still.
  11. Although Armstrong should be back for Everton.
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