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  1. Not sure he would, he tries to be pedantic but he is not very good at it.
  2. We've only signed one for the first team, Simeu is for the B team, for whom we've also signed Olly Lancashire
  3. Spurs were never in the non-existent race for Ings.
  4. 18 and 32 first team appearances, 21 and 22 years of age. At what point do they become first team players. 32 first team games (and full international cap) is hardly "blooded a little".
  5. It was what was said at the Fans Forum (or reported). Seemed to get overlooked after that, suspect that was because Ralph hoped Lemina might stay. It was always the case that we needed an extra body in CM, two positions, 4 players. Romeu's injury brought this issue into stark perspective.
  6. Strangely bringing in a player like this at CB is probably the best position to use. Progressing CBs through the Academy is notoriously difficult, and it won't block too many youngsters' paths (can see him working well alongside the new lad from Chelsea for example), it is also a position where you are in the heart of what is going on on the pitch, why very often CBs are skippers (along with CMs). It helps too that Lancashire has some affinity with the Club (being "almost local" and a past Academy product, even though he came to us from Palace). I thought Drew Surman might have been a good sho
  7. FFS, you even hinted at it yourself. This is a discussion forum, not a court of law. Get a life and stop trying (and failing) to be so pedantic.
  8. Actually people on here were saying he was going to be in the team, that's why I said what I did. They thought he was a replacement for Vest.
  9. It was surely always the plan to ship out Gunn and one of the others in order that we can bring a new keeper in. That`s why we have offered FF a crap deal, less than Alex, so he gets the idea he needs to shift his arse.
  10. I think they get at least 3 weeks, Denmark went out on 7th, so I would guess he will be back Monday week. At least we don't have any English (or Italian) players, another week for them. Most England players will miss the start of the season be ause they will only have been back a few days.
  11. Debut assist yesterday for Ross Co. https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/sport/19466491.malky-mackay-praises-saints-jake-vokins-debut-delight/
  12. Don't think that is being cynical, it's a tactic. Offer him less than his rival, and he should get the message that he is no longer required. If he accepts it at least we have reduced his wage bill, but he won't, knowing that he is not going to play (regularly). Reckon he will be back at Celtic before long.
  13. The "statement" you referred to was from Fabrizio Romano. Tom Leach has since "confirmed" my thoughts. Who do you believe? Nothing has been reported by Saints, the rest is just tittle tattle, but all logic points to Tom Leach's version, no one is going to put a 19 year old CB with no league experience in the first team (straight away). Like I said. I'm sure he will become a good player, and maybe make an odd appearance for us this coming season - let's hope he grows a bit as well 🤣
  14. Didn't know that the two were mutually exclusive, you seriously think an 19 year old CB is going to be a regular in the 1st team. I'm sure he will train with the 1st team and might be given the odd run out this season, maybe in the Cups, but clearly he is one for the future. Surprised also that no one on here has dismissed him for being too short either, maybe they imagine he will put on a growth spurt.
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