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  1. All three Dutch players playing in Holland, really not much to do with the argument about foreign players choosing to go to Eredivisie or PL in 2020. Might not be 2020 but ask Tadic about the choice, seems to have done quite well since deciding Ajax was a better bet than Saints. Some people need to wake up and see the situation as is now and not a few years ago. The PL outside the Top 6 or even the Top 2 is not the pot of gold it once was.
  2. Clearly you are wrong in 2020. Choosing a Big 3 (or especially 2) Eredivise Club against a bottom half PL club is really quite an easy decision to make. We aren't signing (foreign) players because they don't want to come here. They see no prospect of winning anything, wages are not significantly better, Staplewood is not really the big draw that MLG suggests (was it ever?), playing in a system that means you have to work hard closing down, Brexit, bungling Govt covid-19 regulations. Players also will look at how its worked out here for other players recently. Ralph is not a big draw. We really aren't such an attraction any more.
  3. But that doesn't make them an extremely weak team. Your argument is ridiculous and you know it. Give someone a choice of playing for PSV or Ajax or playing for Southampton and I would guarantee 95% of players in Europe would choose PSV or Ajax every time. The idea that someone wants to play in the PL with the thrilling prospect of matches against Burnley, West Brom, Sheffield United, Wolves and getting trashed by Liverpool, Man City (well maybe not today), Man U, Chelsea or Arsenal or develop their skills in a less demanding but technically excellent league like Eredivisie, playing European football regularly, living in a pleasant environment and country like the Netherlands and yes even having a top class training ground (De Herdgang is at least the equal of Staplewood, most would say it was far better (actually quite similar location wise). Ask Tadic which is better for your career, getting clogged in the PL or playing for one of the Big 2 (because Feyenoord have dropped off a little in the last few seasons) and being able to show your skills. As long as the money is comparable I know what I would prefer (and I quite like Southampton). No surprise in my mind that a player would prefer PSV with all its history and facilities than Southampton where you have to work bloody hard chasing down your opponent when working for Ralph.
  4. That was absolutely dire, we were really really poor. Fortunately Burnley were an absolute shambles. 3 points is great but apart from that nothing to get excited about there. Djenepo? Has he actually played football before? Every time he got the ball, passed back, or gave it away, looked like Mane when he first arrived, let's hope he has the same transformation, cis honestly we could have replaced him with Forster and it would have been an improvement. Still like I said already 3 points so shouldn't complain too much.
  5. Qualifying for Europe almost every season perhaps. PSV are a bigger club than we will ever be. The big 3 in Netherlands are as good as if not better than mid table PL, its the rest of that League that is poor. Last time PSV didn't qualify for Europe was 2 years before we won the FA Cup.
  6. It comes from the fact that Stephens played in CM for Swindon. Not all the time but on a few occasions. AFAIK Swindon were not in the PL at the time. Pretty clear to me that Stephens is first choice CB and Salisu will eventually partner him. Maybe Bednarek could play CM 🤔 We currently don't have any effective backup for Romeu, I don't think anyone seriously considers Smallbone as defensive mid cover, he is cover for Armstrong, or at a push JWP.
  7. Matt, Thommo and Charlie to be the new Question of Sport team.
  8. She sold to Gao in the first place, so why would she block another bad deal?
  9. Was Ings not used because of what happened in training? Tripper was showing the effects of their coming together, hopefully Danny didn't come off worse. Assume JWP didn't play because Roy Keane suspended him for cheating. The irony of Keane calling out a cheat.
  10. But we always could, but we didn't. No rule changes in PL2 this year, you have always been able to play overage players and keepers. It's more about how the players are coached and how the teams play in the same way
  11. So as i said, back to Les Reed "Philosophy A", the one he believed in and promoted until he came up with "Philosophy B" a few weeks later by sending young players out on loan (Turnbull and Stephens if I remember correctly). The idea makes total sense, as it did before, but comes unstuck when the manager leaves and his replacement does not have the same view on the future (Poch to Ronald) and implements a different style of play at which point all the young players have been trained and focused on a methodology that no longer exists in their pathway, and they are fooked. Hopefuly Ralph will be with us a long time and will see the fruits of this change.
  12. Its not just the virus, that was only the latest in a line of views on various topics, such as Brexit, in which he has seemingly become more and more unhinged. He even got off twitter for a while because of the effects his covid views were having, only to return and within days post the Anne Frank item. He says himself he didn't think it would cause so much uproar, the truth is he didn't think, full stop. He started off on twitter with views that were rather off the wall about Liverpool and VAR, and people accepted his reactions and views because he was an ex-footballer who legitimately had views on footballing matters, but when he started to branch off into politics and science it became rather more obvious that he was heavily influenced by conspiracy theorists, and the more he digs himself into these views, without really having the evidence to support what he is saying the more controversial and liable to ridicule he becomes. He needs to step back, get off twitter and stop trying to build himself up as an influencer. He was a great footballer and sportsman, but he is finding it difficult to find a role in later life like many do.
  13. Gaston is still playing, I think even Tadanari Lee is still playing (looks like he has finally dropped to J2). Dani Osvaldo resumed playing (signed a 1 year deal for Banfield in January after a 4 year sabbatical).
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