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  1. In an ideal world you would not replace Romeu. Maybe the rest of who you listed. Mad. Romeu is about the only one that would be a must keep. Diallo is no gem, at least based on his perfomance Monday.
  2. Bednarek has been making mistakes far worse than Jack ever did. Don't get me wrong I like Bednarek, but he has lost it since Manure, and Stephens is a more than adequate replacement for the current JB.
  3. It has become a thing with us and it is the main reason we bring pressure on ourselves. It is everyone now, but yesterday we looked like we were rushing as well, almost panicking to give it away. Because of the way we play, passing it around at the back waiting for an opening, a trigger, when we are sloppy with the passes it kills us. I don't understand why so many players have caught this disease. Players who in the past were precise and quick with their passes now are all over the place. Was it Bertrand who last night at one point put a simple pass straight into touch, just didn't seem to th
  4. You didn't see the game. I can confirm to you that we were as bad as some people are making out. In fact we were much worse than some people are making out, especially in the first half. We were shocking, in much the same way that we were shocking in the first 15/20 minutes against Burnley. We couldn't get hold of the ball, and when we did we gave it away with sloppy passing, and we left the centre midfield completely unattended, and Forster had a brain fart, and and and and. Don't be fooled, we were abysmal, and some of our key players were the worst culprits. Bednarek has resorted to wrestli
  5. We are totally shit. Same as first 20 minutes against Burnley, so many giving the ball away cheaply in dangerous positions. KWP, Walcott, BEDNAREK, JWP all guilty, and the Forster has a rushbof blood as well. Diabolical.
  6. Nothing wrong with what Turkish said (you could have picked him up for typing "is" instead of "in"). We have won one thing in 131 years. We've won one thing in 132 years, one thing in 133 years, one thing in 45 years. I guess the Johnstones Paint doesn't count. We have actually won the Third Division twice (Third Divison South once if you want to be pedantic), and the Southern League six times, and let's not forget the glory days in the Hampshire Senior Cup.
  7. To be fair it makes no difference for the U18s, there is no relegation from their league. The u23s are different they get relegated to the B division again. All assuming Saints maintain their top category academy status. Big problem is that it is harder to attract youngsters to Saints Academy if the top two academy levels are performing badly. Sincerely hope Crocker is doing something to address the current situation. This has been coming for a few years now, we have been living on past glories for far too long.
  8. Looks like it, bad news for us cos it means we get Lemina back. Would rather Steve Bruce had got relegated.
  9. True, the game would be abandoned.
  10. Honestly have no memory of this bloke at all. Is being transferred to the Scrubs relevant for this thread?
  11. Champions League (though he already has that on his CV of course) and linking up with Brendan Rogers again (coached him at Chelsea). It was mooted last year, but the stories are circulating again now. Makes a great deal of sense.
  12. Are they paying more than £7.5m per year, or more than LD Sports paid per year? That is the question. If its the latter it could be 50p and still be more than those shisters paid us (allegedly)
  13. Sounds like it is already a done deal, indeed suggestions it may be made permanent before the end of the season (is that allowed?). Well worth it, two years would be as good as he would get anywhere, he still has the pace, yes his decision making is not great (was always the case) but he scares defenders to death, and he also puts in a good shift defensively and links up well with KWP when required. On top of that he wants to play for Saints. Guessing we will unload Long this summer, so not really any issue bringing Theo in permanently.
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