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  1. https://www.90min.com/posts/newcastle-manager-shortlist-three-howe-fonseca-favre
  2. Next thing you know we will be getting the Police Dog Display team at half-time (maybe next time we play the Skates at home, could be a long time).
  3. http://sportwitness.co.uk/southampton-challenge-serie-side-sign-goalscoring-striker-player-changed-agents/
  4. Agreed, didn't like to add that, it would probably have upset some of the doom mongers here.
  5. We were missing JWP, Stephens and Adams
  6. Some desperate person who hasn't heard of Biggin Hill. FFS.
  7. What I don't understand is why it took the FA nearly 2 weeks to bring this charge. Not surprised thay have done so. When will the FA be charged with bringing the game into disrepute?
  8. It shouldn't, but most of the male referees are shocking.
  9. You ignored the fact that the U21s team do not get regularly thrashed in this competition, you are basing your nonsense views on one result (i.e. the latest game). We won't get drawn against Pompey, we are kept apart in group games, and given we don't qualify for knock-out we wouldn't get them in the knock out stages either. If we did its quite likely that we would bolster our team with more senior players as we are allowed to do. The league teams who play in this tournament also tend to play quite a lot of non-first choice players, rather than their full strength teams, at least in the group
  10. What makes you think he will play. He has brought in to the squad as a replacement, think there is a good chance Southgate won't actually give him any match time, or maybe just a second half sub. I thought before his recall that his chance had already gone, just knowing the way Southgate works, once discarded that's it usually.
  11. This is daft, we should be playing more games like this, against proper opposition instead of pampered academy kids. This is actually only the second time in 3 years we lost by more than 1 goal in this competition.
  12. In normal circumstances it is not possible for two teams from the National Southern Division to be promoted, and as you suggested even the winners only go into a play-ff with the winners from the Northern Division, so even as Southern Champions promotion is not guaranteed. Even then the winners need to meet licencing criteria to be promoted. But note this is in normal circumstances. Assumes the season is not curtailed again of course, bear in mind both Saints and Ipswich were not automtically promoted to the Southern Division, they had to apply for dispensation and that was granted. There is s
  13. Yes, I only caught his last 2 seasons, and to be honest he was over the hill by then. You have to be mid/late 60s to have been there, unless uou were really a little nipper
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