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  1. Doesn't even mention poor old Sam McQueen.
  2. Don't think he meant tonight, but that Diallo could feasibly play LB/RB if needed when all three of our CMs are available.
  3. The concern with KWP is what Ralph referred to last week, not being able to use the recovery facilities because of Covid. What would have been an innocuous muscle problem pre Covid now becomes potentially a longer term issue as with Romeu etc.
  4. Seems to me some (most) on this thread need to listen to the Semmens interview with Adam Blackmore https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p094xq72 (about 10 minutes in). In summary all the talk of Danny's contract, him not being happy, demandiing a release clause etc etc is bollocks made up by the media (my words). Danny is perfectly happy at the Club, and will be at the club until (at least) the end of his contract (2022) in his view. Danny doesn't want to discuss his contract at the moment more interested in playing and scoring goals. There is and will be no Release Clause in his contract (
  5. Was taking the corners for a while. They weren't very good (though to be fair neither were JWP's when he took them later). Thought it was strange Vokins was taking them and not JWP, as did the commentators, unless it was all part of a plan to give him some experience.
  6. Possibly because he's injured. 17th December, out for 6 weeks with hamstring injury, reported Darren Moore (https://www.doncasterfreepress.co.uk/sport/football/doncaster-rovers-boss-delivers-injury-verdict-josh-sims-3071875)
  7. Good win, always good to beat the Gooners. The 49 year wait for Gabriel's 28th goal for Saints is finally over.
  8. What the feck are you on about statto. Injuries and reports on them are bread and butter for football clubs. No one said anything about the 'personal matter'.
  9. Strange that it is said Danny is wanting CL football, but is being linked to Spuds. Just remind me of their current position and who would be the team they might overtake, Liverpool looking most likely I suppose.
  10. There is no reason at all why the club cannot be open about the current injury situation, which has nothing to do (apparently) with the 'personal' situation. But they won't because it is not how the club work. Can you imagine if this had happened to a player at Man U or Liverpool? No way would it have remained private.
  11. You didn't quote the winky thing from my post. 😉
  12. Maybe its because he can't eat together with the other players. Ralph said that was a problem because of Covid. The other things cryo-chamber, sauna, even swimming pool could be covered elsewhere or at his home, but eating with the other players is not simple to replicate. 😏
  13. Fine for me, sadly have to listen to Hoddle whining on, and someone playing 1970s tennis computer game in the background, but good stream.
  14. Glad someone has noted that its nothing to do with salary, this was stated explicitly yesterday (By Ralph?) yet so many on here seem to keep banging on about the money, suspect that his wage demands are nowhere near what is being bandied around on here. I agree it seems likely that it is a release clause issue. People also seem to be a bit blinkered about him going to a Top 6 club, maybe his thoughts are further afield, perhaps Ronald is trying to tempt him to Barca to replace Messi or perhaps he fancies a go in Italy or Spain. There's still a long way to go to the Summer, lots can happen betw
  15. It may even be more expensive, but at least the Club will have a bigger margin, which is good for the finances of the club. Like JBS said UA golf gear is top class, only started wearing it because of Saints sponsorship.
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