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  1. Congratulations. Your hugely insightful contribution to this discussion after 2 days is much appreciated. All that effort just so that you can deliver an infantile insult. Says it all really. Try contributing to a discussion once in a while, preferably after reading and comprehending the posts that you are responding to. PS, sorry for the long words, I realise they may cause you some difficulty.
  2. Always wary about calling games against lower mid table teams.
  3. Maybe they could play home games on the Isle of Wight.
  4. That would be the same Istanbul who beat Man U 2-1 on 4 November.
  5. I never said that Bednarek came back in when Stephens was dropped, that is you misreading/misunderstanding what I wrote, I said bednarek has been in a winning team since then (I know it was Vest that came in and played like a new man compared with the donkey he looked last season, and well done for doing so, always good when a player turns it around like he has). Anyway this is nothing to do with Stephens, this is a discussion about why some players, specifically Bednarek in this case may not be getting on board with the current project, because the manager has stated quite clearly that there
  6. Because he had a bad game and was deservedly dropped. Bednarek has been in since in a largely winning team and Ralph has said himself he does not change a winning team. In the end Stephens is more of the type of player Ralph wants, like Vest has done lately he is far better at playing the ball out and delivering incisive, effective passes. Stephens will come back in when There is an opportunity. Don't get me wrong I like Bednarek and think he is a good defender (probably better than Stephens) but that's what he is, a defender, old school and its not exactly what Ralph wants and need for his sy
  7. F off, PO is not just Skate land. πŸ™‚ (though my postcode is SN these days)
  8. You are right, but I have absolutely no doubt he is not referring to Ingsy. More likely Bednarek, possibly Bertrand but less likely. I reckon Bednarek is not convinced he won't end up as 4th choice, when Salisu is ready and Ralph restores Stephens because he is a better ball player which Ralph seems to prefer. Bednarek is more old school defender (and good at it). Hence why Ralph referred to buying in to the project, or some such words.
  9. If you were offered the choice of being coached by Arsene Wenger or George Burley which would you choose?
  10. At least after he got hooked Fulham have got another ba k to put us back to 5th πŸ‘
  11. You are completely missing the point. We were told 2-3 weeks ago he would likely be back in 4-6 weeks, it was all going well, he had had the op. Now Weston reports 4 weeks away from return. Suggests (not knowing when Weston got this information or when it was based on) that his return is at the long end of his predicted return or even longer, rather than the optimistic end of the interval. That's all. The implication from Weston was that it was good news (though he didn't say as much), but actually it is disappointing news based on the original estimates.
  12. If that's from today we're back to the "worst case" of 6 weeks out rather than the 4 weeks looking likely earlier this week. Not sure this is good news, more what we were probably expecting.
  13. Crocker's article is a fairly damning indictment of how the club was run after Poch (and by implication Cortese). The idea of the academy teams playing the same style as the first team to hep progression was put in place by Poch, but it seems the bullshit of Krueger and the machinations of Les Reed undid all of the good intentions and work. For all of Ronald Koeman's good managerial skilss once he broke free of the Reed shackles, he never had the long term future of Saints in mind and didn't have much faith in the Academy. Mind you, the same could happen again if/when Ralph leaves, unless stra
  14. Can't see that happening under the Crocker regime, unless we consider he won't ever make it. Loans are supposedly (in general) a thing of the past.
  15. Walcott also back in training (and setting up a nice assist for Adams), albeit with some sort of protective glove on his left hand.
  16. Sad to hear, remember seeing him play a few times, and of course he was famously beaten by Shilts in the 5-1 Leicester defeat (I didn't see that game in the flesh). RIP Campbell.
  17. Or more to the point, here is a list of saints players not getting a look in at the moment. No insight as to why any one of these players might go out on loan, just idle speculation based on a list and (lack of) appearances. The Sam McQueen one is absurd, given that he is not even back in full training yet. Also unlikely that both Forster and Latham will go on loan. There's a long way to go this season, and the players listed will get chances at some point when injuries and suspensions set in. We actually have a very small squad at the moment.
  18. Not really, he was excellent in the Project Restart games at the end of last season. He always was but did go through a dip in form last year, and got replaced by Hojbjerg as a result. Oriol was always the better player, PEH flattered to deceive. As they say class is permanent, form is temporary.
  19. He is out of contract next Summer, so no transfer fee.
  20. Weren't we linked with him years ago, perhaps before he joined the Mancs? Where did it all go wrong for him, lost his way completely. Not sure he is right for us, but if Ralph thinks otherwise so be it.
  21. To be fair, Walcott did say in the post match interview that his pass to Adams was a touch overhit, but doesn't take away from the fact that he was instrumental in winning the ball back and making the pass to Adams that resulted in the goal. Made a lot of other good runs and passes, was unlucky with his shot that didn't quite curl enough to go in and should have won a penalty. I think you are being harsh, especially when he played much of the game with a broken hand and was clearly in a fair bit of discomfort as a result.
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