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  1. Judging by Cook's ability to spot talent... Maybe the transfer-listed trio are too good for Pompey?
  2. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2008/jan/29/newsstory.sport4
  3. club had run out of dosh, couldn't afford to pay the wages, told the players and press that it would be liquidated if wages weren't deferred. fans then started picketing the training ground demanding the players surrender their claims to the owed money. tsw joins a new (he claims 'big') club in the same league (which is why i think it's kitson, who moved the sheff utd) and during the match receives the worst abuse he's ever experienced from his former club. the chairman of his old club at one point stood and joined in with the offensive chanting. this was witnessed by tsw's new chairman who
  4. if you believe that the guardian's secret footballer is dave kitson, the first para of his new book is pretty interesting. even if you don't think it's him, it's almost certainly about pompey.
  5. i'll defend you phil! just send me a pm with all the info and i'll whack on some armour.
  6. If the creditors of CVA1 agree to receiving a smaller percentage, there must be an argument that it has been renegotiated rather than failed.
  7. Sky Sports News is on a 24 hour loop, Maguire's with them forever!
  8. It won't though. Loaning a player for a fee is perfectly legal, and I'd expect we'd do it if we were in their situation.
  9. The potential owners are optimistic in terms of how much cash they have to spend or how cheaply they can get the club?
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