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  1. I actually like Keown, he did a piece on Saints last week on talksport which he was praising the manager and how the players had bought into his philosophy.
  2. Got bullied by Wood in the first game against them, midfield middle two need to protect our defence better, prefer seeing JWP in there but will have to see. Think we’ll concede but we do create and look good going forward so just need to convert at least two three chances to win the game. 3-1 home win
  3. I went for the cheap option and going with the official saints travel club, Where in Eastleigh is the pick up point ?
  4. Absolutely this...Great night, Vestergard may have made one mistake but grew with confidence and played well for the remainder of the game. How bad were Palace though. Also, anyone see Prowsey checking his pocket when he was down by us. Love it !!
  5. saintoaks


    To the tune of we all love Leeds.. We all love Ings and Ings and Ings, Ings and Ings and Ings and Ings, Ings and Ings and Ings and Ings, We all **cking love Ings *Whats his name again ?
  6. I like the look of the two players we are in for, they look like the type of players saints scout. I think they could do a good job for us, both have a good cross, have pace, look sharp in a tackle, only fear is there height, bit like what we have at present we get targeted by teams every game for this. Anyway, time will tell.
  7. We've got a game next Tuesday so will be interesting to see if the manager will have one eye on that one as well.
  8. JWP has got to be up there, works so hard for the team when we have and havnt got the ball
  9. saintoaks

    Injury Watch

    Back in the day a certain Franny Benali used to gets dogs abuse...then there was Ian Dowie jeez he used to get it big time !!
  10. Should be interesting. https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/new-documentary-focused-on-the-portsmouth-v-southampton-south-coast-derby-to-be-released-soon-1-9139196
  11. That video of him is something else, " We have an island based mentality, we're not even english"
  12. Enjoyed the day and especially the result. Anyone see the steward at the front who fell asleep just after the game kicked off ? Nice chant of "You're getting sacked in the morning"
  13. Been to both Burnley and Liverpool and need to see an improvement from Bertrand and Valery, not giving enough for me, silly errors. No competition for the left back spot apart from Vokins who isnt ready yet. Bertrands body language drives me mad. Keep reading quotes from Valery that he's still learning yet basic defensive errors will come back to haunt us. Just my opinion and will be there Saturday hoping for our first win.
  14. Not had mine through yet, anyone else ?
  15. Why are you a little worried ? Its business as normal, move on.
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