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  1. Some professor on points West just stated it takes 2-3 weeks for the vaccine (all vaccines) to start to work. Even then you can still be infected, however, your illness will not be as severe if you have any symptoms at all.
  2. Still, at least it's just the fish that is seeing issues, probably not even worth worrying about, especially considering all the lectures we had before Xmas telling us just how small the UK fishing industry is and how little it contributes to our GDP. Seems like every thing else is working well???
  3. Looks like those lorries in London didn't get the memo. Instead of gallivanting round the Capital, they should all be stuck in Dover / Calais.
  4. Spanish flu it is then (again)!!
  5. Nobody was making unsubstantiated claims when the virus first emerged in China.
  6. Doh. They stated on the news yesterday that Britain currently has 30million doses of vaccine stored in the UK, enough to last until the refurbishment is completed and beyond. I cannot find any verification of this, however.
  7. Oh, I see. So it's only racist to name a virus after the geographic location it came from if it affects people in the UK. That makes way more sense. We should be good to go with the 'Brazilian' and 'South African' viruses then (for now), but the 'English' virus is a definite no-no!
  8. Looks like it's getting worse - so much for the far superior 'buying power' of the EU! https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/factory-renovation-delays-european-unions-pfizer-vaccine-deliveries-by-3-4-weeks-2353200 Not sure it's the best time for a refurbishment but if it makes them more efficient then I guess it needs to be done!
  9. Did the same happen for 'MERS'?
  10. Plumber goes in to fix washing machine only to find the 'lady' of the house scantily clad. Invariably he ends up smashing her back doors in.
  11. Undoubtedly. I was merely trying to bring a little balance from the same article Odd though that they only 'tasered' him. Soggy claims they were all 'armed to the teeth'. You'd have thought they could have shot him with their own weapons...
  12. Later on in the article it says... A group within the rioters circled Fanone and protected him until help arrived, saving his life. It also says he's a 40 year old narcotics detective that has been in the police for 20 years. When he heard what was going on he grabbed his uniform that he had never worn and put it on! As if by magic it fitted him! At least there must be one American cop that doesn't eat lots of Donuts - either that or he was a fat fucker 20 years ago
  13. And 10% of kids starve. Oh well, acceptable loss I guess
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