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  1. To be fair, looks like our Lizzie didn't know either as she thought the Dutch won it!!
  2. Just another of those crisis actors, f'sure. The doctors are in on it and faked his death. All the BBC MSM articles are fake news.
  3. Happy Anniversary! Not necessarily to Lord and Lady Trousers - although I'm not ruling that out! - but definitely to this thread and the Site Suggestions forum. One year today since the last post 😲
  4. Imagine this rant with the word 'Northerners' replaced by 'Indians'. Amazing how someone stating how much they 'hate' the characteristics of one group of people (I'm aware Northerners are not technically a 'race'), is acceptable, but the exact same rant about the characteristics of a different group of people would be wholly unacceptable.
  5. Which is in complete contrast to the virus itself, if that harms or kills you, you have all the legal rights in the entire world behind you, so absolutely nothing to worry about. Oh, hang on, wait a minute, that's not right is it? Survival of the fittest doesn't just mean 'physical' fitness, it also includes people who have the mental capacity to figure out, on balance, what is likely to contribute to their survival. Some people clearly don't have this!
  6. Just some fag packet maths... 70 million people in the country. Vaccine is circa 90% effective. IF, big IF, every one of the 70 million have two jabs, that still leaves around 7 million that will potentially test positive. If each of those 7 million come into contact with 10 other people AND everyone has the app, that's 77 million isolation events (some people will have to do it at least twice). Test, track and trace is only effective when there are small numbers of infections (Australia, NZ are good examples). For us, it is potentially crippling for society, especial
  7. Which sounds simple, but having had a look at the Ts & Cs to 'release' key workers, you need to contact DEFRA first by email, outlining the case for the workers to be released and allow them to make a decision. Defra are dealing with five sectors : food production and supply; waste; water; veterinary medicines; and essential chemicals. I suspect, given the number of people who may take up the offer to send an email to DEFRA, that this process is probably going to take at least a week to complete anyway, so you may as well suck it up and isolate! Not sure this rule change is
  8. Absolutely mental! Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, so the chances of the press being right some of the time is quite high, so yes, sometimes we believe the media to be correct. Sometimes, we also believe the media to exaggerate what we already know to be true in order to sensationalise and make more money. It would appear that the only person who believes the media is wrong, all the time, is you - although you seem to be forgetting that your nutjobbery conspiracy theories are also published in the 'media', which is obviously correct when you believe it As for world l
  9. If we are selling a player, even thinking about accepting an offer for half the value will trigger a meltdown. If we are buying a player, if the selling club don't accept our offer for half their valuation a meltdown will be triggered.
  10. Don't worry, 'we' know all about issues that can be exploited
  11. First public test has gone well https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-57929544 Obviously I can't say too much, but.....
  12. No need for that kind of logic when there are conspiracy theories being discussed....
  13. Not if you've had your vaccine, then it becomes intuition
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