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  1. What laws do we have that create inequalities?
  2. Not sure what they need to investigate - the group that produced it have already stated they did it! Maybe the investigation is to determine whether the caricature with the sword is racist.
  3. It's a moot point. As the OP insists, this time next week Howe will be in charge...
  4. Couldn't he swap the fine for a couple of matches banned - then we'll be able to see the full potential of our team without him there....
  5. We also have 'no jab, no job' coming in next month for Care workers, so we're already happy to stop the selfish cunts from earning money (although in reality they'll go and work elsewhere!), but there's a moral dilemma around withdrawing NHS care?
  6. Yet moving into 'phase 2' (or whatever it's called these days!) of the Government's plan involves introducing covid passports which will refuse access for the unvaccinated to a whole range of things, not a great leap to add NHS care as one those things they don't have access to (although I'd caveat that with 'if there's space, then why not, otherwise you're on your own', which would instantly solve the NHS being overwhelmed issues).
  7. Not according to the figures (although scarce), which suggest it is the unvaccinated that are ending up in hospital, not the vaccinated as they are already protected (to a certain degree).
  8. Another way to protect the NHS is to refuse treatment for those not vaccinated...
  9. People are always going to catch it! People are far more likely to end up in hospital / in intensive care if they have refused a vaccination. Whilst wearing a mask 'may' reduce some of those infections (although those that have refused the vaccine probably won't take any other steps to help stop themselves catching the virus), maybe the question should be 'do we want to protect those selfish cunts'?
  10. Today's article here , lacking in detail but it does have this quote : But yeah, I'm all for more restrictions to protect the selfish cunts that refused to have a vaccine....
  11. Pretty sure one of them got sacked for that...
  12. Great idea! We could go all out and have one of these (apologies for the offensive picture of TCWTB).
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