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  1. Again, as the original OP pointed out, he hasn't 'literally' copied, he has paraphrased. Why should he need to check any of the claims, surely they can also be classed as a 'story' - or again, is it only stories you agree with that don't need to be fact checked? As for your second point, your reference to the 'story Jesus used' is the very definition of 'confirmation bias' isn't it? How about just sticking to answering the questions rather than throwing insults around - it makes it look like you've lost the argument when you do that
  2. What if the dog in the cemetry in Wales was named by a black person, would that then make it OK for it to have that name? Certainly seems very confusing....
  3. Very true. I think that picture is taken from the video that Ms Butler posted on her social meeja. Maybe she had the camera on a 'mirror' setting or something - at one point it did look like she was sitting on the right hand side as well, but at another point in the video it looked like she was on the left... She is definitely sitting on the right in this pic, so it must have been left hand drive....
  4. Lol. If you're quoting from the bible, you are using someone else's work - the clue is in the word 'quote'. Your example is very different from someone 'quoting' from the bible and I'm not sure why you've included it. Is there no 'confirmation bias' involved in the bible - take your example of the 'Good Samaritan story' have those claims been 'checked out properly'? Presumably, if they have, they will have produced some evidence which can be examined. What about other stories in the bible, have those claims also been 'checked out properly' or does your need to check out claims only apply to people / information you don't agree with?
  5. You've answered a completely different question, one which I did not ask. My question is : So every time someone quotes from the Bible they aren't in any way using 'someone else's work' without putting any thought into it themselves?
  6. Really? So every time someone quotes from the Bible they aren't in any way using 'someone else's work' without putting any thought into it themselves? Are they 'original' thoughts?
  7. According to the BBC, Dawn Butler specifically stated the cr was being driven by a black male friend... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-53720835
  8. Certainly seems to be the suggestion from Boris : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-53719575
  9. I'm not sure whether someone's immigration status of either legal or illegal has got anything to do with the French has it? Not sure what your point is about French cooperation.
  10. And yet, still not one single person that has officially 'recovered' from it, not even Boris or Dom!
  11. Certainly seems that way - the radio 1 extra DJ that quit yesterday seems to have done so because a white person used the word on the BBC which he found offensive!
  12. Apparently the man's family asked them to use the word.
  13. I appreciate it's a reasonably large organisation, but you'd think they'd have just the one 'hymn sheet' at the MoD! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53704809 Perhaps the original 'source' wasn't aware of the MACA protocol?
  14. They aren't illegal - they work perfectly well in Rugby. Besides, it's not an 'individual' wage cap which could potentially be discriminatory but is a 'group' cap.
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