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  1. The Colston hall has now been renamed. Three years they've been considering a new name - long before BLM - the greatest creative minds in Bristol managed to come up with the imaginative Bristol Beacon.
  2. Lol. You know we're talking about the British public right?
  3. Face coverings - is it only me that's confused? The current law is quite clear, you must wear a face mask when entering a shop (other places as well, I'm well aware, just choosing shops in this example for ease of reference!). However, you are allowed to take the mask off whilst in the shop under certain circumstances, not only that, shop staff can insist that you do so for identification / age verification purposes. But, there are also a number of exemptions whereby you DON'T have to wear a mask at all. There is no clear definition of what these exemptions are, nor is there any need for anyone to actually have their exemption verified by a medical professional. The Government does, however, have a facility for people to download an 'exemption card / letter / badge' which they can show to prove their exemption, but, not only is there no requirement to actually show one of these, people shouldn't be routinely asked to show their evidence. All seems pretty disjointed with plenty of 'holes'! Basically, anyone can say they are exempt from wearing a mask and don't need to have or provide a reason for not doing so! Not entirely sure how the new £200 fine can be enforced on anyone! https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own
  4. Pony. My join date is Nov 2006. You're one deluded stalker Jeff. Two people have different hobbies so they must be the same person - seems absolutely logical to me and not in the slightest bit mental
  5. That's the current Government strategy isn't it - albeit with a few caveats around how many people can meet (pointless) and what time pubs and restaurants can close (pointless also). Seems the logical approach but the only question is who pays for those 'at risk' that cannot work from home but have to isolate?
  6. Hope I don't jinx it but whatever change was made yesterday seems to have fixed it - no issues at all right now!
  7. Aren't patriots 'racists' or has that changed now that Labour is endorsing patriotism and nationalism?
  8. Seems an odd strategy from Boris then keeping the pubs open until 10pm. Surely they should remain closed all evening and only open at 10pm when it's nice and safe....
  9. Because his crude experiment is trying to show that vapour (again, that can be substitued for breath) escapes from around masks. The experiment wasn't to show that vapour engulfs a camera without a mask. Given that the average human exhales in the region of six litres of breath every minute, I'm not sure what relevance a 'fuck off massive cloud of vape' really has. Surely the 'vape' is just a visual representation of the breath being released - unless you think that a normal human will exhale considerably more than six litres in a minute when they vape versus someone who isn't vaping? In terms of the virus spreading, it seems clear from his experiment that the 'breath' that carries it, is circulated even with a mask.
  10. Genuine question, what do you think the difference will be? Granted it's a very crude experiment but it highlights that the vapour (substitute for 'breath' which has the same volume but isn't as visible), escapes around and over the mask. The difference, as far as I can see, if he did the same thing without a mask would be that the vapour would come out in front of his face instead of to the side.
  11. This is Sweden before any virus...
  12. At the same time as the number of cases is starting to rise, restrictions are in place for getherings of six or more and a second county goes into lockdown, football is opening its doors again! We don't manage this very well do we? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54175545
  13. The 'poppy lottery' advert is a masterclass in diversity. Literally has every minority represented.
  14. The PM doesn't have a toy made after him (yet)
  15. Quantify 'lack of tests'... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/54165412
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