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  1. Monk

    Eric Hassli

    Strange, I don’t ever remember him joining on loan. I remember him playing in a friendly as a trialist at The Dell against Le Havre. (As I’m typing it, I’m starting to remember an England U21’s game @ The Dell so might be getting it all mixed up - think Beattie played)
  2. Disappointed to say the condition of the stadium look's poor. The transparent plastic that circulates the stands is almost green with algae, the roof inside the stadium is almost black, a number of the metal joining's outside the entrances have running rust. A significant number of seats now discolored, yet we're prioritising padded seats. Must say the concourses appear to be in decent condition and having work done. Hopefully the items above are on the to do list this summer.
  3. Coaching set up is an issue across the club. Look at the latest England youth squads and lack of Saints representation across all age groups. Do agree, buck stops at Ralph but there are much better coaches available.
  4. Usual bellends chirping up with Jankewitz jibes. The lad is decent, wind your neck’s in. Perfectly viable shouts for him to be in squad.
  5. MLG, any idea if you can edit the stadiums using the ingame editor? Currently a Hampshire Premier Team but the stadium has four stands. I've changed the stadium capacity and rating but nothings changed.
  6. Let's just say it's caused a few shockwaves at a particular club regarding those not being offered deals. A number of those released are on trial with PL clubs as we speak.
  7. Had to do an analysis report on him from the U20 World Cup, incredibly talented footballer. Youth team news but Saints also looking at Harvey Rew, released by Pompey, due to offer a trial.
  8. JWP just scored the winning goal in the World Cup Final. He's since moved to Chelsea for £53 million, Ings has gone to Arsenal for £74 million.
  9. Monk

    Plan B

    Have to agree with this, in my opinion, if you have a playing philosophy you stick to it, that's your plan A, B and C. Problem with Ralph is his philosophy and use of the 4-2-2-2 is so ineffective.
  10. Monk

    European League

    Anyone seen that **** Kenwyne Jones giving his sixpence on Twitter. The fucking irony.
  11. It’s odd, before the game I felt we’d either get battered or turn it on and win (I call it ‘a Southampton’ at work). We lost to the better team (just) due to naive defending during the transition which is a common theme. Losing 1-0 to Leicester is hardly surprising or anything to be ashamed of. Yet, I’m sat here with a notion of genuine rage mixed with a pit of bleakness. I’m so completely disengaged with the club, the team, the management, the academy, ‘Southampton way’ even the fucking foundation winds me up. Leicester were poor today and for the taking, yet we didn’t attempt
  12. Mixed bag of emotions still. Finding it hard to think rationally and not as a fan. I’m utterly bemused by Ralph, his playing philosophy and squad selection. It’s absolutely mortifying that the only players that attempt to play through opposition is our CB’s. Diallo & JWP just recycle possession and do it in some incredibly dangerous scenarios (matched up 3v3 or in an enclosed space). Diallo concentrating on not getting the second yellow. Redmond picking up spaces in between lines but does it every time with his hips square and back to goal, he either turns and then slows down or
  13. Cute. Must mean he's wank and should retire now and become a bricklayer just on that alone then. He's been one of the best U21 players in the group stages of the U21 European Championships stages.
  14. Just fucking put Jankewitz on the pitch you twat.
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