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  1. Monk

    Le Havre

    Given it's just a ferry ride away, has anyone ever done a game in Le Havre? Hoping once we're back to normal to head over and do a game and night. Any reccomendations?
  2. I use to pretend to be him down the park in the blue and yellow Pony goalkeeper kit... Have no idea why, never even saw the man play.
  3. Much better second half. My god PEH & Che Adams aren’t very good are they? I think we’d be laughing if we can get £10m and KWP for PEH
  4. Happy with the three points, couple of observations below. Slow start Valery always has an error in him, Armstrong made a clever tactical foul early on to cover which was fortunate not to receive a card Obafemi appeared to work more efficiently out of possession with clever runs to prevent passing lanes Found it very odd we didn't make a sub until 80+ minutes
  5. Anyone able to help with a bored lockdown project? I'm after a photoshop/graphic editor that can work their magic on the photo attached to remove any reference of Cagliari and add Bath City? It's for a Football Manager save and I'm utterly **** at PS. If anyone can/ will help I appreciate it, give us a shout.
  6. This. Remember he laid on the floor when their defender had the ball right next to their post on the goal line. All he needed to do was press him and he was in big trouble. Mane stayed on the floor because he lost the ball.
  7. Only half a day late with the breaking news
  8. Gabbiadini tested positive.
  9. Anyone with a working stream?
  10. Any other streams? Neither of the last two working for me.
  11. Stopped working about five mins ago for me.
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