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  1. Saint_stevo who I’ve always had an inkling is now Turkish.
  2. Should we attempt to sell now? or wait until the summer?
  3. Got Spurs all over it. However, I thought Ralph made it clear this isn’t about salary/wages in the presser?
  4. He's on a very average weekly wage (for Champ) and higher pay as you play bonus.
  5. Have we missed a temporary trick in Jack Wilshere? (especially if we're looking at this Brazilian 29 year old free agent?)
  6. That is absolutely hideous 😄😄
  7. Don't get this option. Just made the amazing error of taking a screenshot - to then notice how it won't upload. ffs.
  8. Does not work for me(photo is on my desktop) No luck, still naked.
  9. Can someone point me in the direction how I can add an image? Can't drag and drop, cannot upload from phone/laptop.
  10. No Demari Gray in the Leicester squad today.
  11. Shame. Was looking forward to that. Shame they cannot field a youth side but can't compare to Derby as they don't have a 23's.
  12. A number of links with Demarai Gray the last few days. Wonder if we're waiting for the end of summer or will attempt to bring him earlier. (Expecting the summer to replace Theo's loan.)
  13. How the f*** do you upload a photo on here? I'm adamant Adams is onside.
  14. I think Ings is onside. Trying to upload the photo from my phone, right back playing him on.
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