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  1. McCarthy has had a bad game except for that save early doors. Looks shaky. First time Forster has looked a better proposition for ages. monogram positives tonight: Diallo excellent. JWP not bad. Valery at least got a bit better. Rest were very average. We need our treatment rooms back
  2. Not many smiles in the camp. Something not right. Bloody transfer window. We were in this for about five minutes of the 90 in truth.
  3. McCarthy wandering around again like he’s lost his dog
  4. Saka is a tough opponent for any defender tbh
  5. Instead of the ‘avoiding injury’ one?
  6. Nor me. Unless free. Okay as a sub
  7. His body language isn’t great. Or are we reading too much into it? Come on Saints. Attack! I’d bring on Redmond for Walcott. Diallo playing well again.
  8. Our defence has that frictionless look to it last seen at that Leicester game. Need to fight this with attack as we sure ain’t gonna contain it with defence
  9. McCarthy what on earth are you doing? At least take him out
  10. They are basically countering our press with a press
  11. To be fair, Franny is in the studio. But yes.
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