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  1. Trying to buy tickets. I read the window has closed. Never seen that before. Is it right? Can’t buy after yesterday?
  2. can't see any of those three, although perhaps we can best hope that Watford just had a good day yesterday. Personally think we need Ralph gone and sell JWP to reinvest the money in the squad with a decent keeper and CB (and midfielder..)
  3. we should try that with Redmond's head
  4. Seriously, is there something contractual with Walcott? Must play when fit or costs us more if he doesn’t play a certain amount of games? That kind of thing?
  5. We need to sell JWP to fund a high quality centre back, keeper and pay off Walcott’s contract to just let him coach or something
  6. Ralph brilliant at picking shit players
  7. Not sure how Walcott gets in ahead of Stuart Armstrong in any universe
  8. DT

    Other Games 21/22

    Can Chelsea get 9 please
  9. It would be good if our manager rewarded the win with a settled team selection but fear he will tinker to show what a tactical genius he is. Suspect they will be hard to break down and 1-1 or 0-0 not a disaster, but obvs will be hoping for a win aided by me avoiding the score again (worked last week) (ish)
  10. DT

    James Ward-Prowse

    Has that figure been quoted? If so I'd bite their arm off for it. Just like they do apparently.
  11. Well done Saints. Will watch Match of the Day for once. Hooray.
  12. Watching Watford and slightly cheered that there is a team worse than us.
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