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  1. In all seriousness I think the problem with Redmond is his 'looseness' with the ball. His retention always seems poor, and is a major flaw in the way RH wants to play. It often seems to break down with him. Zidane is awful. Can't even get on the bench at the moment. 😉
  2. Touché Interestingly (ish) Armstrong's stats on Fantasy Football (for what it's worth) are almost double those of ol' lose-the-ball Nathan R. Armstrong is a fine footballer, and, it struck me, almost the epitome of what Ralph likes - superb engine, gets up and down, transitions well, tackles, and scores goals. Redmond has, erm. Not so much.
  3. I think that would be a very good outcome. Or to Birmingham...
  4. Honestly can't ever remember him having it in the first place. Loses the ball way too much. Doesn't score enough. (check out that early slice shot yesterday into row z) Moans at his teammates too much. I think (though obvs don't know, I know) a destabilising factor. We will be a far more balanced side when/if we can move him on. All just my opinion, of course. (awaits usual suspects)
  5. Benny Hill went to my sixth form college (Taunton's). TRUFACT
  6. Agree with this. Leadership and being vocal are important to this team, because we lack 'fight' and precisely that sometimes. JWP is a great player, but not a blood-stirring captain. So yes, if Stephens is getting into that zone, that augurs well. Hurrah
  7. It really was a joke. If at the other end there would have been no chance of an overturn.
  8. Liverpool getting all the breaks. It’s almost as if there are vested interests in wanting them to still be in with a chance of the champions league... hold on West Brom! klopp moaning at every official on the sidelines. Such a twonk.
  9. I mean, it's not a massive chance, is it? Ali Dia got longer
  10. and also, Forster is better 😉
  11. DT

    Mohammed Salisu

    I think he is excellent and should be the basis of the defence, in front of Forster.
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