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  1. Aerosol Romeu? *gets coat*
  2. Should have gone with VesterRightGuard
  3. Start with Redmond and then swap him for Theo after/if he starts being as bad as he was against Everton. Which was very bad.
  4. Romeu, Vestergard, Adams and Ward Prowse my picks of the bunch. Great performance Well done saints
  5. An utterly superb team performance. Absolutely smashed them
  6. Redmond man of the match. Funniest thing I have ever seen in a saints game
  7. Armstrong off, not Redmond. Hilarious! Ah well.
  8. It’s mad. Kills time. Rests players. Or replaces ones who are gash
  9. So much passing back. Gives me the jitters.
  10. Ralph needs to change this. Redmond off for diallo Please before the goal that feels like it’s coming
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