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  1. He's not great at stopping goals going in either
  2. Can you see us spending more than £15m? Not sure I can. Hope so though, and for once as an extra, not cheapie (relatively) Ings replacement
  3. IMHO Forster is marginally less crap than McCarthy who is extremely so. Will lose us a lot of games this season. A good goalie is worth x points a season, discuss.
  4. Got a tweet this morning saying Vestergaard had held talks with Spurs, and may still go there if other signings don't come off. £25m was mentioned. Think it was the Mail, original source. Should take that if true.
  5. I do hope so. Can't stand the twonks.
  6. Long way to go yet, especially when Kane goes. I think he will 'reassess' how good Spurs are...
  7. Blimey lads. Ease up.
  8. Apologies if I’ve missed it but notice that we have 17 year old Ryan Finnigan on bench. Midfielder. Otherwise new to me. Anyone any info on him? Good prospect?
  9. New keeper who can keep. McCarthy is terrible and will cost us, big time. Get rid of Redmond. Ensure we keep JWP. Maybe some extra muscle in the middle to add to Diallo for when Romeu is injured or suspended. Sell Vestergaard if we need to raise funds. Bring in Armstrong. Or Eduoard. Cross fingers. Extra cash for Lookman from Ings if it's above £30m and definitely not to Spurs. Because they are arses. Also, swap out Ollie Lancashire already for Messi.
  10. Me too. I said in a different post that I thought they would be top half and got slated by the usual suspects
  11. This is true. Bassouma will net them even more perhaps
  12. Brighton being a bit better than us again at most things
  13. Less than a tenth of the price of Harry Kane. And we can’t afford it.
  14. Kane to City for 160 million. And so it begins. Raise that Ings price.
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