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  1. VAR is much worse than the issue it was supposed to deal with . Most of these incidents now wouldn't even been thought of as a problem before as no one had seen the offence/thought there was one several phases before the goal . In alot of cases play has moved on and no player has appealed so the game has flowed , now they can't just score they have to hang around for 5 mins before the game is restarted . Major review needed after this season , not just tnkering .
  2. have to appear covid free for their trips abroard during the break !
  3. That Elanga looks to be a good player for ManU , nice goal and he looked comfortable in their last game.
  4. Actually I have regularly over the last 20 years , parts of it are ok . There is a lot of history , the main industry was coal mining and engineering . As you say there is the night life , good if you like stag / hen parties ! It is not a rich city . The centre is being developed but office blocks are springing up now . It can be icy cold esp with a NE wind off the north sea , each to their own but it won’t attract top prem players like a magnet 😋
  5. Newcastle is not Manchester , it is a small town with open country around it ,not much industry left and close to Gateshead and Sunderland !!!
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/60085676 That's the way to do it !!!
  7. Down to the club to set the record straight , put their hand up even though it was a different time and demonstrate why it would not happen now due to procedures they have put in place .
  8. Utd 70% possession , 4 shots none on target . Brentford 30% possession , 8 shots 3 on target . HT
  9. Did you try deleting all history on Safari ? On the latest os version there is a clear all history and website data button in settings under the safari button.
  10. |No it was Saints , it wasn't given much credence and was soon dismissed .
  11. VPN stopped it popping up , I’ll use that for now.
  12. Other countries following Oz lead , even Wimbledon giving no guarantees .
  13. On another football website (proboards ) had a pop up saying turn off your ad blocker as it reduces their revenue , you just close it for each session but ....
  14. Well : did os update , opened saintsweb via google all ok , from google opened in safari =HUEl back again ! Back to google and no Huel ? Tried blocking cookies but couldn’t log on so perhaps they can bypass the ad blocker . Have to wait for next update …
  15. Got logged on via google , everything cleared down but huol back !
  16. Well I can't log on from ipad now , error code 2S119/1 , is that a Saintsweb error code ? OK on laptop .
  17. It does a self clear out every so often so I'll see if that does it , it is just an irritation and the thought that I don't have control over my own device !
  18. Oh it’s come back and clearing cookies/history doesn’t work any more …..
  19. Yep that’s it ! Trawled through settings but can’t see how to block it .
  20. These have started popping up at the bottom of the page , doesn’t happen on any other website . Can they be blocked , can’t find any setting to turn it off ? Any ideas ?
  21. Not only that but the Wolves players were pushing away the Saints players who were trying to remonstrate with the ref !
  22. A very dubious penalty I thought , VAR is still making the situation worse for the game . If it takes that long to raise an issue with the Ref then it's obviously not a clear and obvious error . Saints made plenty of chances and could have got some points , disappointment at the result has been erazed by watching JWP's free kick endlessly 😄 Fraser still slow to react for second goal , by the time he made his mind up to move to deal with the loose ball / possible shot at goal it was already a goal !
  23. Is this result evidence of the players having more confidence in a Saints future after the takeover ???
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