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  1. As with all things Cov 19 there is no absolute proof of what is the best solution but NZ has shown that test , track and isolate helps to stop the spread . The few cases they did have after the initial success seemed to be from visitors who came to see relatives but broke the quarantine rules. Here the lack of sticking to the rules is causing outbreaks , such as weddings and overcrowded pubs etc.
  2. Celtic managed 5-1 without FF ....
  3. He seemed to have the world on his shoulders towards the the end of the “season” so a break plus social media moving on means he can come back at a lower level with success hopefully. Better than the manager merry go round we have been used to ...
  4. As I remember Fonte had a recent new deal , after the Euros he wanted a better longer deal, then it all went downhill and ended up at West Ham . That was going to be the fate of Sir Rickie as well in the Jan window but that didn't happen at the last minute so he got his move to his dream team .
  5. From what we have seen of Levy in the past he seems to want to squeeze the last drop out of each deal , drag a negotiation out until the other side give up or take what's on offer . Don't expect a quick deal from Spurs !!!!
  6. £10 a year is fine by me if that helps bail out Steve , would that make up the shortfall ? After all a pint is around £5 in our area !!!
  7. More damming emails, Oh well ,it would be good to see an overhaul of ffp but the football authorities seem to have little sway over the clubs.
  8. City's responce was full on "we didn't do anything" even Pep made a short "We are innocent " statement although City are full on everyone is wonderful now it's all over . So as we suspected if you have money the law dosn't apply to you or at least you can get away with your actions. Failing that Trump will let you out of Jail !!!!
  9. So the judgement by CAS was that because it happened 5 years ago it didn't count anymore ? Plus MC were uncooperative and obstructive to the investigation plus they nominated a member of the panel with connections to the clubs owners AND suggested a Chairman for the CAS "independant tribunal" Guilty or what !
  10. We all enjoyed is ability to ghost past players etc but his shooting ability was lame , he should have been doing shooting practice long after everyone had gone home. His departure was poor whatever you say but his ball skills were inspiring and lightened up a match. No way would he fit in with the current team / system so Brighton it is but will he fit in a small club ??
  11. Mix = Pick on Freeview but Pick says Man C v Norwich so not Mix = Freeview ??
  12. Saints on Sky Sports Mix it says in the paper today (whatever that is ....)
  13. Wigan's preferred bidder has fallen at the first hurdle (putting up the funds) onto the next bidder ...
  14. Wigan have a buyer say administrators, so all not lost !
  15. And 35% win ratio was better than the last 4 managers !
  16. Wasn't in squad last night .
  17. Leganes just need to beat Real and hope Celta Vigo lose to bottom club to stay up . 1 down already ....
  18. Not sure I will welcome Leeds fans back to the Prem , always pretty hostile over the years I seem to remember ....
  19. I can’t remember watching so many entertaining Saints matches on TV ever !
  20. Today they are saying they have made £150 Million for transfers ...... Pep thinks ManC deserve an apology now ! What planet is he on ? If it were Saints we would be banned and relegated and fined at least.
  21. Problem for me is the findings were that , yes ManC did pump money into the club via sponsorship by firms that were part of ManC owners . Then ManC were quilty of obstructing the investigation and being uncooperative but it was 5 years ago so now doesn’t count ?
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