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  1. Mrs Tame watches the Great British Bakeoff every Tuesday. I must admit that I sometimes look over her shoulder to watch some of the programme. There are 3 contestants in the final tonight. One of them is the spitting image of our goalkeeper. The likeness is uncanny. I am not sure if he is the favourite but I will be rooting for him to win.
  2. Tamesaint


    Wasnt it Redknapp rather than Burley who was Saints manager when he was sold? Burley v Wenger is clearly no contest but I can't believe that Theo turned down the 'triffic coaching of 'arry and Kevin Bond for Wenger.
  3. Adams is really coming into his own these days. The pass for Theo's goal and the pass for Theo's miss were both excellent passes.
  4. 16. Exact ages of Armstrong and KWP ??? FFS!!
  5. Reid looks to be am important cog in the Fulham team. I have only seen the second half but Calvert Lewin must have had an amazing first half to be MOM.
  6. Its all very strange. No end of adverts telling businesses to get ready for 1 January but it must be difficult to plan if you don't know what to plan for. It all looks like there will be a massive cock up in early January. Perhaps it will be best , Covid permitting , to leave the country for a few weeks.
  7. We mustn't lose on Monday night https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/nov/18/who-are-the-unofficial-premier-league-champions-football-the-knowledge
  8. That is why he is known as "Useless Eustace." You mustn't expect competence from this Government. Cabinet ministers were chosen on the basis of their devotion to the Brexit project and their belief in St Boris. There is talk of a reshuffle following the Cummings / Cain fiasco but don't hold your breath.
  9. Looks appalling. We are blessed with having a great nickname which is recognised by virtually every English football supporter. Why on earth would we swap the halo for red and white stripes - particularly as we often have seasons when we do not play in red and white stripes?
  10. I agree. The thinness of the squad does concern me a little although hopefully a youngster or two could step up if necessary. However our lack of European football and early exit from the League Cup means that with a bit of luck with injuries this small squad size may not be an issue. A 17 day rest between Newcastle and Wolves must also be a help in this regard. The main reason why we cannot compete for a top 4 place is .... because we never do. Only in my most fanciful moments do I believe that we can compete for a top 4 place but who knows? We could be in for a fantastic season.
  11. Yes I think you are correct. In Pennsylvania therefore the Democrat governor 's wishes would prevail. I am not so sure about other states where Trump is litigating.
  12. I think (but I may be wrong) the Democratic governor of Philadelphia would be able to prevent this from happening.
  13. Apologies. I never appreciated that you wanted Biden to win.
  14. Be easy on GM. Like Duckie he is going through the grieving process folliwing his hero's electoral defeat.
  15. Tamesaint


    Presumably you include grouse shoot staff with the people who run hunting clubs.
  16. I read it. TBH I can't say that I was that impressed. A bit patronising and not that well researched. JWP's last international cap came 4 years ago apparently whilst our team is a bit "long in the tooth."
  17. It lets you browse a few articles for free. That's what I did.
  18. Its not just the cost of the ID card that makes it difficult for marginalised people to obtain them. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/getting-a-photo-id-so-you-can-vote-is-easy-unless-youre-poor-black-latino-or-elderly/2016/05/23/8d5474ec-20f0-11e6-8690-f14ca9de2972_story.html
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