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    You are protesting too much. Go on admit it. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
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    He is definitely a bit thick but I reckon he is another one from the Heiselberg / Glasgow / Cabbage Face stable. The betting wind up "Heiselberg" story was getting a bit stale so he has another one now. Glasgow had golf / Weston has cycling. Both are based somewhere miles from Southampton and one has disappeared from here at the same time as the other has emerged. What is certain is that they are both oddballs.
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    Yes the testing system is a complete and utter farce as I would imagine the majority of people unfortunate enough to have to use it will testify . This was certainly my experience: - Thursday wake up with a temperature of 39.5 and headache. Speak to 111 who advice that a test is necessary. Go online but no test available. Try countless times that morning, afternoon and evening. Nothing available. - Friday morning get test booked. 45 miles away. Turn up to find huge area devoted to testing, loads of staff but nobody being tested. Turns out that because I had not received an email, I had no QR code, so no test. Return home after a wasted 2.5 hour , 90 mile round trip and spend rest of day trying to get a new appointment. Succeed at 10pm that evening to get a test for 10 30 am the next day 15 miles from home. - Saturday. Get tested on time. Centre full of staff no other testing taking place. Result should be received in 24 hours. - Sunday. No result. - Monday. No result. - Tuesday. Result received at 6.15 am. (Negative) after nearly 68 hours - not 24. The testing centres are set up well. There is no shortage of staff (eg 2 people standing in front of the exit sign holding signs pointing to the exit) but they have very little to do. There is something very seriously wrong with the system and Johnson's claim about a "world beating system" is as far fetched as JRM criticisms of "carping".
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    At least I can say that I didn't vote for the bufoon. All the signs were there. Can you ??
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    "When the sickness took hold in this country in March, we pulled together in a spirit of national sacrifice and community. "We followed the guidance to the letter. We stayed at home, protected the NHS, and saved thousands of lives. Unless of course your name is Cummings to whom the guidance did not apply .
  6. The reaction to Starmer's speech today at the virtual Labour conference was interesting. Whilst there has been a lot of praise , Momentum attacked it because it didn't mention Black Lives Matters, the Green New Deal or the rising number of evictions. These may all be important issues in themselves but perhaps by ignoring them, the Labour party is beginning to realise that to win elections you have to concentrate on issues that matter to the majority of the public. I really don't think that the concerns of Momentum are those of most people. With Momentum sidelined to a vocal pressure group and Johnson's bumbling, things are beginning to look up for Labour.
  7. Yes I was also thinking of that Villa game. Long and Mane made hay that day like Son did today.
  8. Its is very early days but it is amazing how form from the post lockdown matches has been turned on its head in this new season. Palace and Everton were poor when they returned from lockdown. They now look very good. Man U and us (admittedly on the basis of just a few matches ) now don't look nothing like the teams that played after lockdown. It is not just in the Premier League - Barnsley had a cracking end of season but they have started very poorly this year.
  9. Gee thanks. Do you have pictures of the other signatories to this letter? Do you keep a scrapbook of pictures of all American Congree politicians?
  10. Clearly you are not aware... One of the most prominent Brexiteer MPs has gone very quiet. Very unlike him not to have an opinion on the current Brexit issues. Just after the allegations were made and the MP in question was charged. Of course it may be just a coincidence ...
  11. He has also identified the hitherto unkown science of "exploding trees". What a genius!!
  12. Come on. I know that you are pretty thick but surely even you didn't need 30 minutes to work that one out. 😁
  13. Michael Howard? The "left"?? Amazing.
  14. It comes from a "lefty rag" and I am sure that the usual suspects will dismiss it but the following from Andrew Rawnsley is worth reading. As I have said before, Thatcher would be spinning in her grave if she knew what is happening now to the Conservative party. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/13/the-escalating-delinquency-of-boris-johnson-and-his-gang-of-blue-anarchists
  15. ... and that it is why I wrote would. I doubt whether you, renowned as the village idiot, can even read words as long as "would".
  16. Which "chicks" are there who could do the job? Patel is too thick whilst "bimbo" Truss is not the sharpest tool in the box. If the change at the top was to happen soon, Sunak has to be the man. He is probably the only Cabinet minister to have "had a good Covid" and although his image may yet be tarnished by any tax raising measures he is popular. Don't discount the "boring same old, same old". After Johnson's buffoonery I think the public will be getting tired of the showman politician and will be looking for a "grown up" to lead them.
  17. The writing is on the wall for Johnson. With his government stumbling from u turn to u turn it is not surprising that he is losing credibility in the polls. There is a long time before the next election needs to be called and never underestimate the ability of the Labour party to shoot itself in the foot but rumours of discontent from backbench Tories are going to grow. It just needs a couple of unfortunate by elections going against them and there will be a full attack of colly wobbles in the Tory party. I fully expect the Tories to have a new leader well before the next election. Coronavirus apparently has a deleterious effect on its victims. Continued ill health as a result of the virus will give Johnson a convenient excuse to resign when the country has had enough of his shambolic government.
  18. I agree completely. "Pinko" Tories like myself are appalled at the current state of the Tory Party. Anyone who thinks that it is a broad church is living in cloud cuckoo land. As Clarke pointed out in the article I attached above, Thatcher, God bless her, had plenty of "wets" in her Cabinet. It is a sign of the intellectual weakness of the current buffoon that he has to choose yesmen (and women) for his Cabinet whose incompetence is becoming more apparent each day.
  19. Clarke may well have been a "wet" but he was one of the very few to serve as a minister throughout Thatcher's leadership and I think that you dismiss his views far too readily. Thatcher was one of the principal architects of the Single Market and recognised its importance in maintaining Britain's prosperity: https://ukandeu.ac.uk/margaret-thatcher-the-critical-architect-of-european-integration/#:~:text=Thatcher’s dedication to the idea of a completed,legally binding treaty%2C rather than a mere agreement. Whilst recognising her Euro sceptic credentials, I do not believe that her commitment to and advocacy of the Single Market would mean that she would welcome the current position of the Conservative party or would endorse Lord Duckhunter's rosy tinted view of her.
  20. 😁😁😁 A strong candidate there for the "most deluded post of the year" title. Reading this from one of the few ministers who served under Thatcher throughout her premiership may put "the great lady" into the proper context. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2013/apr/09/ken-clarke-margaret-thatcher-rightwing
  21. The bloke who has done the most for that club and who deserves a statue is whoever persuaded the qatar government to invest in City. Without him they would still be a mediocre Premier League team more concerned with avoiding relegation than with trophy winning.
  22. Oh yes. Most definitely. He is "camping". Well there is a tent in the garden of the house where he is staying. The thought of a 55 year old bloke, who from the size of his belly clearly enjoys fine dining, taking his girlfriend, his 3 month old baby and dog on a camping holiday stetches credibility. Mind you some people believed the Barnard Castle eye test theory so they will believe anything.
  23. I wonder how much longer this Johnson government can continue. The Guardian calls this past week in government an "omnishambles".... but they of course are a "lefty" rag so they would wouldn't they? The Times is openly taking the piss out of hapless Williamson and Mail headlines told him to "get a grip".... both a bit more concerning for Johnson. The time for him to really worry however is when the Telegraph, the newspaper for which until recently he used to write and which has in the past been such a loyal supporter, talks about "the stench of incompetence" that surrounds the Government. The Major government had an air of incompetence which damaged the Tory brand and kept them out of Government for well over a decade. I am sure that the Tory party does not want a repeat. The Parliamentary majority is large and an election is far away so there is no need to panic but this mess will not be allowed to continue indefinitely. The Conservative party is ruthless with its lame duck leaders and Johnson is definitely hobbling. A sweepstake anyone on when and how the Conservatives will boot Johnson out ? I go for early next summer and it will be justified on the grounds of "ill health".
  24. Probably best not to go to Pompey Poly. You run the risk of ending up a bigoted, arrogant fool.πŸ˜€
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