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  1. Salisu is several yards quicker than either of the other CBs we've seen play. I was surprised he didn't start today - just has a few rough edges to polish, but he's got the skills, athleticism and reading of the game to make his mark. Let's hope we see Lyanco soon.
  2. It was a super performance, and well deserving of the point, if not all three - still can't see why the penalty was disallowed; red card overturned, yes. Ralph did well tactically - a couple of question marks though - not starting Salisu surprised me; though Stephens and Bednarek did well, Salisu deserved to hold his place and was excellent after replacing JS. Thought Romeu was outstanding - strong in the tackle; composed on the ball, deft range of passing and put his body on the line. Walker-Peters showed why he should be starting most games, adapted to the unfamiliar LB and did well o
  3. Don't exert too much mental energy into trying to reply to the old Lord Duckmeister. He's having trouble trying to front up to the positive changes of the late 20th and early parts of the 21st centuries. As a parent of four daughters, there's a great joy to be had watching womens' sport all over the planet.....in time it will be appreciated, and valued as much as Mens' competitions.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Every time Ralph builds up his credibility with supporters and wins us over a bit there seems to be a "head in the sand" decision, which leaves many of us doubting his judgement. In this case it's not playing KWP, at RB and Livramento ahead of him. Judged on last week Perraud looks likely to do well at LB. Come on Ralph - you've got one of the best RB's in the country - if you're going to sacrifice anyone let it be Redmond, or Theo.
  5. I offered the opinion a month or so ago that Broja might be "knocking the selection door down" sooner than later, and after todays cameo it's hard to argue with that. There were several positives for Saints in a game which was dour, almost turgid, before Broja's arrival. LIvramento once again showed his precocious talent; Perraud showed that he is going to fill Bertrand's spot very well - great crosses, showed speed with several wide bursts and defended well. Salisu stamped himself as a genuine Prem CB and had Antonio in his pocket most of the day....hard to fault Stephens either.
  6. I'm repeating myself but there just has to be room for both KWP and Livramento...and preferably with KWP at right back and TL ahead of him. Perraud slots into LB.
  7. I think that might be the main reason...DN wouldn't have attracted an offer, but may in the future, MO did. Obafemi always struck me as not quite good enough for the Prem, but certainly an asset for a Championship side. Fee seems low, even in these chastened times.
  8. Yes, there's a whiff of wing and prayer about this window, even allowing for the constraints Semmens and co. are working with. GK, defensive midfield and CB are clear soft spots. Cannot understand why someone like Caleta-Car wasn't brought in. Squad depth is definitely stronger and one cause for optimism is the possibility that players like Small, Simeu and Broja may step up quickly......and then again they may not. Quietly confident that Armstrong will make the grade and score goals. Club have rolled the relegation dice again though.
  9. You might be right, just the same, Salisu had a very good game and looks well established as a starting CB. His speed and positional sense are huge assets at this level. While I'm on the praise train, well done to the much criticised Alex McCarthy - played well, some good saves, commanded the box better and intercepted crosses with confidence.
  10. Have to agree. This is a very different investment in youth than the days of Wotte and the other bloke whose name started with P. This is not a Rupert Lowe sideshow. Might be a tough season but Livramento, Broja, Small are all genuinely talented.
  11. Check it out with Chez; he will probably have an opinion.
  12. No big deal. And there are several very good "she" posters about.....Suewhistle being one of them. Pretty sure though that Chez (excellent poster) is a bloke.
  13. You lost me when you called Chez as a "she" and the idea of bringing Shane Long on at 60 minutes to "put the fear of God" into the Geordies. Top post apart from that.
  14. It's a question quite a few would like answered. If Ralph isn't considering it, many will be disappointed/dismayed.
  15. Surely Broja will be considered for a wide attacking role too. Don't think Adams or Armstrong will be easy to shift - they look a strong partnership in the making. The signing of Broja, Livramento and Small seems like a masterstroke strategy from Saints, where effectively we've acknowledged that our own Academy isn't churning out the kind of starlets these three appear to be. Compare our strategy to that of Burnley....they've just brought in a "washed up" Aaron Lennon.
  16. Yep; couldn't/shouldn't drop Stephens or Djenepo after their performances - they have to be rewarded by keeping their places. Really hope he starts with both KWP and Tino. The bench is going to look strong.
  17. Is that right? Thanks for clearing that up.
  18. Not huge numbers then - I'd be interested in his assist numbers though; my imperfect memory tells me he has played wide right in many of those seasons since leaving Saints and been responsible for bombing down the flanks bringing others into the game. He has always turned it on against Saints more often than not.
  19. Antonio certainly one the Club erred in letting go. Les Read decision?
  20. You can add Luke Shaw to that list of recognisable stardust.
  21. Let's hope so. I wonder whether he would have brought on Bednarek for Theo if it had been 0-0 at half time? He was more proactive though and Diallo, KWP and Bednarek did shore things up. Still hoping Ralph has the KWP and Tino partnership in his thinking some time soon.
  22. Yes, but surely Ralph has to find a place for both. Today it was a cameo for KWP at LB but he is too good a player not to be starting. On what we have seen of Livramento, he can surely play in front of KWP either as a wing back role or more advanced where Walcott started today. Could be a good partnership. The dilemma then arises when Armstrong (S) is fit he probably slots in to Walcott's spot. Compounding the problem is the bright way Djenepo has started the season; could S. Armstrong fit in wide left? One thing is becoming clearer...Walcott and Redmond should be impact rather th
  23. I suppose if you want to put an optimistic slant on it - the recruitment and scouting during the last few windows has been pretty good; with limited finance. Let's hope we're all pleasantly surprised by this lad from Torino. The chances of another significant signing beyond him look slight.
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