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  1. Top half finish for us looking pretty tough.
  2. They really have found their level 🙂
  3. Noooooooooooooooo! I forgot to let the cat back in.
  4. You'll be telling us next that "tax is theft."
  5. Indeed, what was the Frankie Boyle tweet going around? "If you’re a political journalist who has regular contact with people in power, and your analysis is always aligned with prevailing orthodoxy, then you’re not really a journalist, you’re a courtier." Courtier should be put on Kuensberg and Peston's CVs.
  6. Sounds like the Mob are battling it out with the Triads over the right to own Shane Long.
  7. All these results are trying to keep us out of the top 10 aren't they.
  8. Read this from a Jew.... But maybe you think it's the wrong kind of Jew? Excellent thread on Twitter from @Prolapsarian: "There is a deep antisemitism in the assumption that all Jews must support Israel, that we want the same answers, and that we collectively share a set of political beliefs. There is more antisemitism in the idea of appeasing 'the Jews' than in most of the supposed antisemitism that is condemned in the name of appeasing us. "The instrumentalisation of accusations of antisemitism for cheap political gain demonstrates how little they actually care for us. There is little more dangerous to Jews than the promotion of the belief that criticism of violent policies derived from the Israeli policing of Palestinian lives is itself antisemitic. "The treatment of Palestinians, not only in the prison of Gaza, but in the occupied West Bank, in enormous refugee camps across the Middle East, and as second-class citizens within Israel, has been a laboratory of racist and violent social control. "The mass murder, displacement, ghettoisation, pogroms, and day-to-day violence meted out to the Palestinians both by Israeli state forces and by the unofficial state forces of settler mobs has been the experimentum crucis [crucial experiment] for the global suppression of resistant populations in the name of 'security'. "Whether or not this tactic or that tactic is derived from Krav Maga, whether or not the knee on the neck of George Floyd and the arm around the neck of Ahmad Abu Sbitan have some traceable relationship in the grand history of how to choke the innocent is, in this sense, irrelevant. The Israeli state does export training its tactics of violent social control, including to American police forces – whether they are federal, state level, or city police. "The methods of policing Palestinians are sold; the deaths of Palestinians are made into mere exemplars of what other governments can do should they wish to purchase the results of these experiments, and repeat them in their own cities. What the hell else do people think US police forces are buying when they get training from the IDF? "So when you propose that I, as a Jew, should want you to be silent on these questions; that I, as a Jew, should want you to silence others on these questions, you engage in the most fearsome antisemitism. When you associate me with that knee on that neck, when you apologise for the grand history of choking the innocent in my name, it is you who is antisemitic. "In the mean time, most of us, who have hearts, support the resistance. Black lives matter. We will fight against the histories that produce the violences against them. We will stand together against racist state violence. We will be clear that it is not us who make each Palestinian death into a mere exemplar or specimen, but the sale of the tactics of state killing, which sees one killing and asks how another can be committed. We understand that what is being sold is not just a tactic but precisely this abstraction of murdered Palestinians. "This needs to end. If you think you are saving me from antisemitism by associating me with this bullshit, then you are completely wrong. I can’t even express how furious I am."N
  9. Wasnt blown away by KWP but at least he wasnt dire like your man Valery
  10. Glad my Virgin Broadband is down by the sounds.
  11. I saw him in a red ferrari outside Chilworth Arms a few weeks ago.
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