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  1. Ref seems to be siding with the Arse.
  2. If Palace lose 8 in a row, will that be a prem record?
  3. Vest is gash. That's like 3 goals he's been responsible for since he's come back.
  4. Any decent streams? , overpriced Virgin seem to be providing mine in sub-SD resolution.
  5. Jonnyboy


    You tell me, have they made masks of a high quality compulsory and punished non-compliance?
  6. Jonnyboy


    Haven't other countries done just that fared much better?
  7. Odd way to get sexual thrills but I guess your brand of Remain/War Crimes is capable of anything.
  8. Any examples of Labour antisemitism come to light yet or is it still just a fabrication to undermine socialism and justice for Palestinians?
  9. What's up with the Watford player's face? Hughes?
  10. Jonnyboy


    The point is that the easiest measure is the excess deaths versus the averages for each month in previous years. This is where the 60,000+ dead from coronavirus figure comes from.
  11. A hattrick for Ings please.
  12. Oh Ings, take the shot yourself.
  13. It's great to see how much Ralph has improved our fringe players and also the steady players like Hoj and Vest. Just glad we haven't made a cup final this season as that would be boring and Puel-like.
  14. Shows how sh*t our squad depth is. Plus obviously the better players are tired from Old Trafford.
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