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  1. Is Jermaine Wright available?
  2. Is it true he did that thing with the abortion or was it vicious rumour?
  3. If you've been in a role less than 2 years and the employer doesn't rate you, it's pretty easy for them to sack you https://www.thrivelaw.co.uk/2020/09/03/can-you-be-sacked-without-a-warning/
  4. Easy in hindsight but I'd have thought Shaw would've been good for a pen.
  5. I refuse to believe the real Jeremy Corbyn would say that. I declare you a fraud!
  6. Hadn't noticed Mancini's assistant before. I'd say he's the star of the tournament so far.
  7. Starmer isn't a massive fan of grassroots "community organisers." https://tribunemag.co.uk/2021/02/starmers-war-on-grassroots-politics
  8. Damn, I said 5-0 before the match, wish I put a bet on now.
  9. If anyone causes it, it will be Starmer that costs Labour Batley & Spen.
  10. Looking back through the Scotland match there's lots of forum gold 😉
  11. Couldn't he have had a pop with his left foot?
  12. Anyone got a decent stream? I'm on Iplayer and it's glitching like fook.
  13. Are people going to stop calling Phillips by his first name now as if they are mates with him?
  14. When Lambert scored against Scotland, it was one of my favourite England moments. That is all.
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