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  1. Agreed, a great listen to discussions and inter view. Well done team. (Mind you, I miss the happy hot tub sponsors!)
  2. Good news indeed. It makes my journey to work more bearable and I really appreciate the humour and honesty. Thank you Ben and co.
  3. It's There

    Danny Wellbeck

    Personally, I think he's a very intelligent player and, at that price, could be worth it.
  4. The wording of The tweet from AB suggests we have not bid for Weston M. It doesn't mean we not interested and in conversation...
  5. As someone who stumbled across the pod about episode 70, I have been an avid listener and enjoyed every minute-. A big thank you- enjoy the rest away from the production,and if you do pop up on another pod, let us know.
  6. Should we be getting excited? If not, I'm sorry...but I AM getting excited!
  7. Thank you Listened this morning... Didn't realise next week may be the last. Huge well done.
  8. Redmond is very important to the team. He is a serious threat with great ball control. He is not Messi, but he is a very good premiership player who is returning rematch fitness. Consider how much he was missed prior to lockdown.
  9. united lose win the others=9 points- finish 9th.
  10. It's There


    I'm not sure I agree about the pace. It seems to me he is markedly quicker and fitter. I would have him over Barkley any day.
  11. yes- another great reflection and a win to boot!
  12. I've just signed up - £2.99 a month for first year - cancel anytime- really looking forward to their articles.
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