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  1. yes- another great reflection and a win to boot!
  2. I've just signed up - £2.99 a month for first year - cancel anytime- really looking forward to their articles.
  3. Note that Arsenal escape red card at end of their match- see BBC website...booo
  4. First time we've ever done double over Norwich i. Premier...history makers!
  5. Hi Steve,- looks great. Quick question- is there a button to select to go to the next unread post in the topic- eg Norwich v Saints? Thx
  6. Well done Steve. These things are NEVER easy!
  7. Another great listen while cutting lawn . Thanks again team.
  8. As someone directly involved with nurseries and schools, I agree with most of what you've written. I would add that all the teachers I know are keen to get back into the classroom scene, and have been working flat out on Zoom etc teaching remotely. They are an easy profession to knock, but do a huge amount of good, including being the eyes and ears of the social services! I can also tell you that Headteachers have been working flat out to get school's through this time, and trying to plan for June 1st has been very difficult as the gov issue updates to regulations and 'advice' DAILY. Oh to get back to talking about football!
  9. A thoroughly entertaining listen again! Fascinating insights
  10. Well done again- another great listen. What a servant of Saints!
  11. It was great hearing Neil's positivity and enthusiasm- just like when he played. Thank you again for providing these pods at this time.
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