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  1. Nothing to be afraid of in this league!
  2. The bigger picture is that we should obviously go for a win. We would be 4 points behind the leaders... and miles ahead of the relegation line we have so often feared in the past! We have the best Saints team in ages and, even with a few injuries, have a positive mindset! Remember City earlier in the year when Che scored- good job we didn't throw that match!
  3. Personally I really rate Bertrand. He works his socks off and got into some great attacking positions in the last match. When he advances into the opposition penalty area, he's bound to be leaving gaps. That's the trade off re being adventurous. My impression is he loves the direction that Saints are taking with Ralph, and wants to be a part of it for several more seasons. When Redmond is on form, the duo are very consistent and dangerous. Unfortunately, he gets more exposed when Redmond is off form. Finding an experienced quality left back isn't easy. Ryan is bright and will be an asset
  4. I was reflecting how much of a threat our TEAM is to the opposition. Danny and Che get the headlines, but the opposition know that Walcott,Redmond, Armstrong and Djenepo are also more than capable and are forward looking. Add in deadly JWP and a more adventurous Rom, and that threat is amplified. Then we have Vest and Bed who are also a threat. It's not often Saints have had such a large number of goalscorers! Indeed, it's probably only our keeper who will not score this season.
  5. Gotta love this pod- great interview and so encouraging that the club are allowing the key men to speak to the fans and answer questions with integrity... and on a a fairly regular occasion. I was intrigues by Martin's comments about the 5 sub rule and the way he addressed bonuses for success- which I hope will be paid out a lot this year! Thanks again Ben and co
  6. Another great pod with some 'interesting guests!' Thx Team
  7. Another great read- looking forward to the Totalsaints podcast now!
  8. Top, even only for a few hours, is something Saints haven't done since 1988! Now to win the league!!!!! (he says getting carried away!)
  9. Echoing previous comments, a very worthwhile listen. Dan has been a Positive addition to the group as a slight neutral...hope that will change! Ben, I think you should award yourself points for the reverse physcology. Great 👍 work again team!
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