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  1. And here is that overhead kick - absolute banger:
  2. After yesterday, JWP goes on this list as the best free kick taker in the world right now.
  3. I hate to break it to you old chap, but he joined Liverpool five years ago Still, at least tonight we can rely on Lambert, Lallana and J-Rod, they could make the difference
  4. Watching Van Dijk the other day, thinking how he's probably the best CB in the world (if not right now, then probably over the last few seasons), it got me wondering how many others have passed through Saints who were at some point or other regarded as the best in the world in their position. Obviously it's subjective to a degree, but Shilton for example was consistently rated the best goalkeeper in the world for some time, so that's another one. Was Shearer considered the best CF in the world at any point? Are there any others?
  5. Good old Leicester. Got a couple of stunning goalkeepers too if you're interested lads 👍
  6. Yep. If you haven’t read Benali’s autobiography yet, I can recommend it - there are some very interesting insights in there about Cortese and his attitude. He’s presented as an expert at spending other people’s money, with a huge, unearned sense of entitlement to go with it. I know they fell out and it’s only one side of the story, but it’s a first-hand account and he comes across extremely badly.
  7. Pretty sure he would have buried that chance to go 2-1 up on Man Utd - the one that De Gea saved.
  8. So apart from the roads, the aqueduct, sanitation, irrigation, medicine, education, wine, the public baths, public order and coming on and setting up both goals, what has Nathan Redmond ever done for us?
  9. Do you know who Redmond is? He created both our goals.
  10. If it was me, I'd go: Forster; KWP, Stephens, Salisu, Perraud; Romeu, JWP; Livramento, Tella; Adams, Armstrong (A) Subs: McCarthy, Bednarek, Valery, Diallo, Djenepo, Elyounoussi, Redmond, Walcott, Broja.
  11. Does Stekelenburg count? He was a loan but seem to remember he was first choice for a while under Koeman. He was another odd one. Can't ever really remember him making any really amazing saves, but he never really messed anything up either. Just sort of comfortably saved the ones he ought to. He was the definition of 'solid but unremarkable'.
  12. Oh Matthew. It's not meant to be a literal statement of fact. It's just an opinion, a whimsical musing based on not very much other than a fleeting consideration of recent seasons when Burnley and Newcastle have both often been in and around the relegation fight, but each time have tended to be able to do enough to pull away. You know, the sort of light-hearted but ultimately throwaway comment you might make or hear when you're out, chatting in a pub, with a big group of mates. Ah. Actually I think I'm beginning to see why you didn't understand.
  13. Newcastle have got much more quality than us, and Burnley are better managed than we are. Neither of them will go down because they never do. Brentford and Brighton both look like they’ve got more than enough to be comfortable. Looks to me like it’s 3 from 4 - Watford, Norwich, Palace, us. If any of those other three are able to defend and grind out draws in tough games in the way that we are incapable of, we are bang in trouble.
  14. I thought Nathaniel Clyne was great for us. Not least for this one he absolutely melted from 35 yards to knock Arsenal out of the league cup at the Emirates... He's got a foot like a traction engine
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