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  1. I for one appreciate all the effort you put into running this site Steve - you do a great job, thank you.
  2. Personally I'd be more worried about dealing with Fernandes - he's the crux of their team at the moment, he's more consistent, and has been the catalyst for them looking like a proper football team again. He's making them tick. Although Pogba's not bad either, like.
  3. Penalties maybe, but free kicks? He's quite clearly one of the best takers of a direct free kick in the league.
  4. What. A. Performance. Absolutely magnificent.
  5. Nice one Steve - great job
  6. Any hints as to the formation? Maybe 4-2-2-2 with JWP at LB: Macca Cedric-Danso-Bednarek-JWP Hoj-Romeu Djenepo-Boufal Redders-Obafemi Something like that?
  7. If it hadn't have been for Kev Danso We'd have gone down a long time ago Where did you come from, where did you go Where did you come from Kev Danso
  8. No, they're calling you out for seeing a child sex abuse case as an opportunity to score petty points against other posters on an internet football forum. And they're right. You're beyond pathetic and you need to have a look at yourself.
  9. As someone who is catching up on this thread - what is the established connection between https://www.ledong6666.com/ and the new sponsors? All the press releases refer to their site being http://www.ldsports.uk/. That is a holding page, which fits with the story about them preparing for their launch in the summer. Apologies if I've missed it somewhere, but what's the source of the link between that and whatever dodginess was going on at https://www.ledong6666.com/?
  10. If there was a web site at https://www.ledong6666.com/ then it isn't there now. It appears to have been taken down.
  11. Thanks for everything Gabbi. Best of luck back home.
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