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  1. Lol, I thought Broja would have a strong East European accent.
  2. Le Prowse. Le Prowse. Ward Le Ward Le Prowse! 🎶
  3. Classic Forster. Today we are seeing the difference between a team that will finish top half and a team that will finish bottom half.
  4. Does Duckie still think JWP isn't good enough for Saints?
  5. Come on lads, let's tonk someone for a change!
  6. The real problem was our owner's premature death 😔
  7. We didn't go bust so what's the problem?
  8. Perraud poor from what Ive seen this half.
  9. I liked it when, leading up to their second goal, Antonio turned to power through a Saints player but it was Salisu. They just bumped straight off each other and came to a face to face standstill. Not many players that Antonio can't bully.
  10. Urgh. Feels like a boring International Break now. 🤬🤬
  11. Is it fair to say we were performing better and getting better results when JWP was out? Obviously it doesn't help that we are missing starters McCarthy, Salisu, Romeu and Adams.
  12. Can see us being in the relegation zone for Xmas. Sorry to be doom and gloom 🤬
  13. Lucky for Arsenal our strikers need 10+ chances before they put one away.
  14. I see you've left that Israeli club, fancy coming back as the main man at Saints?
  15. Old Willies are more experienced in and around the box.
  16. If the matches were 45 minutes they'd be quite enjoyable and we'd much higher up the league.
  17. F*cks sake. JWP - why? Ralph - sh*t subs again Ref - Helping Brighton though that whole match with decisions and cards going their way. F*ck you.
  18. I love Romeu but he looks even slower than normal today.
  19. Why are heart attacks all the rage at the moment? Edit - They aren't normally reported on. My mates appendix basically burst at St Mary's a few years back. No one gave a fook.
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