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  1. Turkish should write a book about how everyone apart from him is obsessed with racism. Would be a good outlet for his obsession.
  2. Anything Black or Gay rights and certain posters can't help themselves. It's a long running pattern.
  3. Anything Black or Gay rights and certain posters can't help themselves. It's a long running pattern.
  4. I'd be happy with a respectable loss but with us playing some good football that we can bulld on with optimism. Sorry if that's negative.
  5. Jonnyboy


    Anyone seen the video of them all enjoying the dodgems? Scenes.
  6. Jonnyboy


    To be fair, I read the US soldier casualties in Afghanistan have been miniscule the last couple of years. More fatalities from training exercises.
  7. Jonnyboy


    And now those 300K well equipped troops work for the Taliban.
  8. Are you seriously saying that if the only difference in Plymouth was that if he was brown skinned and owned a Koran it would still not be labelled as terrorism?
  9. Is Big Fat Sam still out of work?
  10. Something has to change, we can't have another season with this exact same pattern. Ridiculous.
  11. Surely McCarthy has to take charge there?
  12. Is that them out then? Hate it when a chance for Saints to smash them goes for another year.
  13. Are these companies due to be prosecuted or what?
  14. Is Jermaine Wright available?
  15. Is it true he did that thing with the abortion or was it vicious rumour?
  16. If you've been in a role less than 2 years and the employer doesn't rate you, it's pretty easy for them to sack you https://www.thrivelaw.co.uk/2020/09/03/can-you-be-sacked-without-a-warning/
  17. Easy in hindsight but I'd have thought Shaw would've been good for a pen.
  18. I refuse to believe the real Jeremy Corbyn would say that. I declare you a fraud!
  19. Hadn't noticed Mancini's assistant before. I'd say he's the star of the tournament so far.
  20. Starmer isn't a massive fan of grassroots "community organisers." https://tribunemag.co.uk/2021/02/starmers-war-on-grassroots-politics
  21. Damn, I said 5-0 before the match, wish I put a bet on now.
  22. If anyone causes it, it will be Starmer that costs Labour Batley & Spen.
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