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  1. Our champions league form in 2020 was when him and Armstrong were fit if I remember rightly.
  2. Happy enough with that 11 but I'd like to see S Armstrong and Tella good some good gametime. Broja to get 2.
  3. You replied to my comment.
  4. So the more non-white people you know the less racist you are? Sounds like "leftwaffle" to me.
  5. There's that need for "supply" coming out again.
  6. Truly brainwashed 😅🤡
  7. We will almost certainly concede so we need Tella to have a blinder.
  8. Lol, only Corbyn ever said that, and he was talking about not killing disabled people through benefit sanctions, and not killing foreign civilians in pointless wars. You've seen too many right wing memes and trolls I reckon.
  9. What in Christ was that from Djenepo?
  10. Why was no one on the end of both those JWP corners??!
  11. Not a great performance from the two new lads by the sounds, but nice to get revenge on Sheffield Utd.
  12. Hope the club put in an official complaint about the penalty. Is that even possible?
  13. No offence but that has been posted so many times over the last 5 seasons and still we do survive.
  14. Can't we just sign the whole Chelsea youth team? They're better than everyone else we've got.
  15. Anything Black or Gay rights and certain posters can't help themselves. It's a long running pattern.
  16. Some posters on here should move there. Love it or leave it boys.
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