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  1. Who knows. Experts in alt right trolling mainly.
  2. Why do ex-hoolie football troublemakers generally side with the police when they are bashing students and women?
  3. "happily" really? 🙄
  4. What do 28.91 and 37.86 represent?
  5. What makes me laugh is ex-hooligan types who always seem to have a problem with other social groups getting into scrapes with police. It's like they are jealous that their badge of honour is geting shared around to such an extent that they have to start defending the police.
  6. Modern capitalism. Football is a mirror of our society.
  7. Annoying. They would've fallen to 12th with a loss today.
  8. He was dire recently, against City wasn't it?
  9. Realistic mentality. Hope you pop a tenner on and win a grand though.
  10. Shows how poor Redmond generally is as I don't think I've ever heard his voice on a post match interview before.
  11. Nice to get Wembley and I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but odds of getting to the final let alone winning it, look extremely slim.
  12. Relevant when it's a "backpass" to a keeper.
  13. I was going to say we should go for 9-0 and exorcise a few demons 🙂
  14. Think we've just found the next Henry.
  15. Need Adams and Armstrong to have blinders.
  16. Sadly it would only be the real deal if you were at Wembley in person.
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