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  1. Supposedly this is our strongest defence. Shows important Romeu was for us in 2020
  2. Lol, what's this Ketchup thing?
  3. So we never mention opposition player mistakes in here?
  4. Quite, if Vest had done that at the other end we'd just be saying what a fine header it was.
  5. I think if Adams has his scoring boots on today we will win. If they all fall to his left foot it might be a 0-0.
  6. Thanks for the advice 🙄 I watch every Saints game. I've never seen a turn of pace from him like that. I wish he did it every match. Seen hundreds of backwards passes though.
  7. In 15 years+ I don't think I've started one of these. Predict a 2-0 win for the reds.
  8. Where was anyone celebrating?
  9. Have city conceded three in many/any matches this season?
  10. Wow, not sure I've ever seen JWP burst forward like that!
  11. The 9-0 is probably partly down to him in Ralph's mind
  12. Forster must be delighted he wasn't picked for this match. Would be cruel on any keeper.
  13. Vest being fouled again there if you ask me.
  14. They truly were shyte thankfully. If you are relying on Dave McGoldrick for your goals... well you can see why they are the lowest scoring team in all of Europe.
  15. That's a very polite way of saying "do you want to meet up outside of the forum and discuss this face to face mush."
  16. I'd take that. 1 point closer to safety.
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