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  1. Still hard to explain our Champions League form for all of 2020?
  2. And all five of those players have some pretty significant flaws in their games.
  3. I'm at Fat Sam stage now. Never thought it would come to that 😳
  4. So harsh, the Spurs player gets the shot away and the foot follows through onto Djenepo's leg.
  5. No, but they've driven me to it.
  6. But the shot had already been made?
  7. Threads bemoaning that everything is racist these days.
  8. Deeply ironic seeing is Bari Weiss is one of the coven of witch hunters obsessively smearing anyone who criticises Israeli actions as racist antismeites.
  9. Tough match for Schmeichal. He must be knackered!
  10. Sorry yes, our dross managers blur into one.
  11. So under Pellegrino in 2018 we managed 3 shots on target against Chelsea,... and today?
  12. Doesn't mean we don't all strive to find ways to keep these things to a minumum!
  13. Quite possible to have our worst prem season then 😬
  14. What's our worst ever?
  15. Let's not pretend it doesn't go on in stadiums too (pre-lockdown obvs).
  16. He'd clearly be fine with being sacked (and paid).
  17. You don't understand the word "impossible."
  18. People were saying that they might stay up after they hit a bit of form and then beat Liverpool. No one at all on here was predicting them losing the next 5 in a row.
  19. Course he'll play. The bloke's a machine 💪
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