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  1. What an odd thing to argue about. So this thread can only be about shops?
  2. The OP opens with "Does anyone change their spending based on principle?" Where does shops come into it?
  3. Djenepo man of the match if we get a point.
  4. Georginio should have a card too surely.
  5. One angle (the first one) there was a fraction of a touch on the ball by Ings before he took out the Chelsea player.
  6. How is that not a card, and then why didn't we get a free kick for offside??
  7. Not sure, I've just started following him today.
  8. I don't donate anything to Labour at the moment and Le Tiss is slap bang back in my hero books.
  9. No one is suggesting we throw the remaining matches this season.
  10. Come back to me in 4 matches time.
  11. There's already a significant chance of finishing 17th. Id bet the vast majority on here would rather finish 17th and win a trophy than finish 13th.
  12. I think its fair for fans to focus on what's going wrong when it clearly is (2021), just as fans will focus on what's going right when it clearly was (2020).
  13. Damn, so not even Branfoot, Redknapp or Poortvliet have have had that record.
  14. It's a terrible record to have, although I'm quite surprised to hear that no Saints manager has ever lost 6 lost league games in a row. Does that apply to top flight only? Otherwise people like Poortvliet start to come into the comparison....
  15. We'd all take 17th and win the FA Cup. Who would take 18th and win the FA Cup?
  16. That's not the way 99% of people use the phrase.
  17. Two 9-0s and a record 6 league defeats in a row. It's not good reading for a manager's stats.
  18. That Shane Long has got great stats, we should get him on the pitch.
  19. Salisu is mobile for a big guy.
  20. Looks like someone has had a word with VAR. If that had been Mike Dean we would've had a penalty against us and that goal would've been disallowed. 🙂
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