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  1. He's so over opinionated it's no wonder he's on here defending "opinions."
  2. So there's no rules to follow, it's just an opinion. Great.
  3. Is that any more strange than groups of people around the world separating themselves off with lines on a map and coming up with a pretty flag to define themselves by, or people from certain towns wearing certain colours and kicking a pigs bladder around into nets?
  4. Starmer could face a leadership challenge if the May locals go badly. Corbyn was critised for polling badly with people like Blair claiming "any other leader would be 20 points ahead."
  5. But they have less points than us.
  6. Anyone can beat Liverpool this season.
  7. Beat us and they could move off the bottom. Ffs
  8. They can't be making a profit in League 1 surely?
  9. Ralph sounds like he is trying to talk himself into believing when he doesn't really believe what he's saying himself.
  10. If we only get 3 points, although an improvement, its still relegation form.
  11. It's earned us some extra time in a way
  12. 1 second half goal in the last 13 matches?
  13. That was amusing when Redmond thought to himself I'm going to try and beat my man here and ended up looking like a pub player.
  14. Starting to feel like Ralph wants to be sacked and paid off.
  15. Can anyone pinpoint for me, because I'm struggling, why in 2020 we averaged European (Champs League?) form but in 2021 its bottom of the league form so far?
  16. 17th and a Cup semi final. Not quite the same ring as 8th and a Cup final.
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