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  1. In the immortal words of Nige. Respect the point.
  2. Ok the average in the last 10 seasons is 35 points 🙄 Bit of a pedantic correction entirely missing the point of the post but sure.
  3. Well, that’s Newcastle off the list of teams I thought we could always give a good game against. Let’s put this in context, their owners are 15? times richer than City’s owners. There are probably about six teams in the league now I think we can realistically expect to beat. 40 points every year is a tough ask going forward.
  4. Everything in our favour here. Westham superior all over the park, Westham second in the form table, Westham haven't lost to us in 7? Meetings... Erm what was I saying?
  5. This is quite obviously the point of his post yes.
  6. “Why can’t we keep our best players???” Article about lad who has been with us his entire life getting a pay rise on 5 year contract…. “How can we pay so much???” Before anyone asks yes I genuinely believe our captain deserves the money in this age of frankly stupid PL wages. My only hope is that there is a pay cut clause in the case of relegation or else we are a bit buggered should the worst happen.
  7. Meh, we never won first day. Write off, strengthen, finish 12-17 rinse and repeat for 10 more years until we get relegated again.
  8. So, who are we jealous of this year?
  9. Who needs fullbacks when we have Claus Killer and Niemi? I would kill for a fully fit Niemi.
  10. Sweden? Killer, Anders and Ostlund? Edit: Jakobsson too, we have had a few Swedes.
  11. I genuinely thought he would finish his career with us 🤣 Did the big club bit already, childhood fan… If we can’t keep him then why bother with anyone to be frank.
  12. On the plus side Armstrong and Adams looked good!
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