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  1. Saints getting ready to allocate tickets, just received this email from club we’re delighted to confirm that we can finally welcome fans back to St Mary’s, with measures in place to keep you safe. With Southampton in tier 2 of the government’s local restriction tier system, the club will be able to allow a maximum of 2,000 supporters into the stadium for our match against Sheffield United on Sunday 13th December. You previously confirmed that you would like to be considered for selection to attend matches in October and November. To retain the same details
  2. I tend to have something to eat in pub before come games, so if I was successful in getting a ticket would do the same as normal and just miss out on pint after the game
  3. Why priories SO postcodes over many nearby areas that have a even lower R rate?
  4. Being party to meetings with club, they suggested more than 12k season ticket holders. They also said they had contacted those season tickets holders and knew those who because of COVID didn’t wish to attend or couldn’t due to medical conditions, around 12% of season ticket holders came into this category in October they had planned for 8k fans allowed and were planning in those circumstances on rewarding fans who rarely miss a home or away game or were long standing season ticket holders before any ballot.
  5. its already covered on another thread, but here it is talking about Times article https://www.prostinternational.com/2020/11/08/changing-tempos-opposition-coaxing-and-daring-swagger-southamptons-success-begins-with-a-ball-playing-backline/?fbclid=IwAR29ulynd3BKZkOOlmfphIydAeR-jadcHS1KomDNuAQerV1LrJFkuicpBPE
  6. Can’t help with getting Times article, but here’s a great one a mate of mine found https://www.prostinternational.com/2020/11/08/changing-tempos-opposition-coaxing-and-daring-swagger-southamptons-success-begins-with-a-ball-playing-backline/?fbclid=IwAR0ci0-VU7RD8nmk7aEoAtiD51X5PeYZwXmKk4g00xjY0zxraenCc_RCrMg
  7. It’s noticeable that our defenders play the ball at the back until they see to play the ball through midfield on the deck to the likes of Walcott, Armstrong and Adams, not that often they hoof it, Vestergaard particularly good at this. See ball to Walcott for second goal at Villa last week.
  8. 4 weeks would mean missing 3 games, 6 weeks would mean missing 6 games, lets hope its 4 weeks, but think even if he's fit he will probably miss more games through squad rotation/resting as he did last year for Chelsea and Palace away games , which didn't adversely effect us last season
  9. I've just been refunded one amount, which I'm pretty certain is for Everton and Newcastle games
  10. I think you're being unfair in your criticism , its easy to sit back now and say that, but when tickets went on sale in July things were improving. In those circumstances I think the club did the right thing to gauge interest, to find out how many season ticket holders would want tickets, and then after that when it was thought restricted crowds might be possible, they could then use this as a basis to try and find out who of those with season tickets would not want to attend due to COVID, and then work out ways to allocate tickets to the season ticket holders who wanted to attend games.
  11. just listened to this, Ryan came over brilliantly and very clear he loves the club, and sure he will sign the new contract that's been muted
  12. No sure, maybe it's a reorganisation and expansion of Scouting, part of the masterplan Ralph came up with during lockdown, prior to him signing his extended contract
  13. yes received it onto my account yesterday
  14. Yes goal and another assist for Adams today
  15. When season tickets went on sale they were anticipating fans being allowed back in grounds in October. At least Saints refunded season ticket holders for games they were unable to attend at the end of last season and for the two games this season. Compare that to Newcastle who have not refunded any money.
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