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  1. I must be one of a small bound of fans that was in attendance at all of those 6-0 away wins, as there certainly weren’t many Saints fans at Carlisle, so feel lucky enough to have been their to see us beat that record last night.
  2. Newport confirm game will be at Rodney Parade Michael Flynn: Newport will relish Southampton challenge | South Wales Argus
  3. everything seems last minute at the moment only received my Everton tickets today, two days before the game !
  4. their manager is hopeful they will able to play at home Newport County to host Southampton in Carabao Cup | South Wales Argus
  5. I'd forgotten that it was rationalised at 2nd round stage Still leaves a couple as options AFC Wimbledon Burton / Oxford possibly Shrewsbury
  6. Several teams I'd fancy away, as not been to the current grounds before Accrington Morecombe Oxford Utd or Burton Barrow Shrewsbury Harrogate if they win AFC Wimbledon
  7. Cheaper deals available using split ticket website, I got £101 return from Salisbury (all be it with a senior railcards) https://splitticketing.trainsplit.com/default.aspx
  8. Aston Villa advertising tickets for their game at Watford Buy Tickets: Aston Villa Ticketing (avfc.co.uk)
  9. On Friday had Steve Baker, Lee Barnard, Brian Howard, David Hughes, Wayne Shaw, Dave Puckett, Glenn Cockerill, Danny Butterfield among those playing
  10. Saw him playing for Ex Saints at Gillingham Town on Friday night he played whole 90 mins, despite the heat and still has great touch and scored typical free kick, but had 2 pens saved afterwards he stayed out and did Autographs for at least 30mins and made most present evenings NB Ex Saints are playing at Lyndhurst on Friday night if anyone's interested in seeing the great man play Ex Lyndhurst Mgrs V Ex Saints Legends - Jackie White (jackie-white.co.uk)
  11. In case you haven’t noticed there is a pandemic in the country at the moment, as a result there are extra checks b4 you enter the ground and the club are trying to stop large crowds forming This is the same procedure that club used successfully for Sheff U and Man City, widely discussed on Saintsweb, so it was fairly obvious that it would be in place for Leeds game, although I think club should have made it clearer to supporters at the time of purchasing tickets However club did not exclude those turning up at wrong time for previous games so you should be ok, just don’t expect to g
  12. Just downloaded mine Purple gate for me and have to be at ground for 5.30pm
  13. if Sheff Utd or Man City games are anything to go by you might be required to be a ground by 4.30PM !
  14. Would imagine that would include likes of Gunn, Long, Elyounoussi, Valery
  15. reports talking of one Semi Final being used as a test event Fans could attend one of next month's FA Cup semi-finals at Wembley | Daily Mail Online Leicester City FA Cup semi-final being 'considered' for test event - Leicestershire Live (leicestermercury.co.uk)
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