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  1. If the matches were 45 minutes they'd be quite enjoyable and we'd much higher up the league.
  2. F*cks sake. JWP - why? Ralph - sh*t subs again Ref - Helping Brighton though that whole match with decisions and cards going their way. F*ck you.
  3. I love Romeu but he looks even slower than normal today.
  4. Why are heart attacks all the rage at the moment? Edit - They aren't normally reported on. My mates appendix basically burst at St Mary's a few years back. No one gave a fook.
  5. He shot one and the next one he killed was trying to stop him shooting people.
  6. If they aren't stealing from charities, they're screwing them over in some other way. https://www.indy100.com/tv/redknapp-who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire-b1961408
  7. If we'd won 0-2 we'd be 8th right now ffs
  8. These days I go on EplSite but even today there the Southampton links go to the Villa match.
  9. Take Tino off and switch KWP over?
  10. Looked like he rushed the last one to me.
  11. Why didn't we appeal that tackle?
  12. Snowflake triggered.
  13. Did alright but still did his classic easy misses and multiple offsides.
  14. As soon as Walcott stepped up I thought well he's got a crap shot on him. I reckon Tino and Valery would've been a better shout for pens 2 and 3.
  15. Shouldn't our two centre backs be on their two strikers?
  16. Our champions league form in 2020 was when him and Armstrong were fit if I remember rightly.
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